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Big Sean speaks on “Control” (Video)

1. thats real that sean didnt go back and re-write his verse when he heard kendrick’s

2. as nice as i think sean is even on his best day, if kendrick is spitting like that, he cant reach that level, so it woulda been an exercise in futility

3. “New York is maaaaaad” lol

The Dream Sessions: (Part 1 & 2) [Video]

part 1 “iv play”

“tender tendencies”

this album is expected to sell like 15-20k first week….sigh…..the shit is damn good fellas….please support this…



DECODED: Fabolous “Breathe” (Video)

probably my favorite fab song evar, and one of my top five just blaze beats…..

Kid CuDi Speaks On Cruel Summer & Leaving G.O.O.D Music (Video)

if you havent heard indicud make sure you do….the shit is good….and when it drops ont he 16th SUPPORT.

Kobe would have “smacked the hell out of Mike Rice” (Video)




nigga please….you wouldnt have done shit…..

remember when shaq asked you how “his ass taste”???? what happened there?



oh and -1 jim rome, just cuz i cant stand your ass


ScHoolboy Q teaches us how to cheat (Video)

first he gave some lucky callers love advice….how he teaches us how to cheat on a test …….and on the streets lol

A$AP Ferg Breaks Down “Trap Lord” Mixtape (Video)

fergenstein breaks down his favorite tracks (“work”, “kissing pink” “ghetto symphony”)

my anticipation for this mixtape is way too high lol

Tha Bizness talks the making of Kendrick’s “Sherane” (Video)

i thought that ghooly sounding voice was a sample….

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #2 (Big Boy, Rodney King & Suga Free 101) (Video)

lol at a handful of thing….

-andy milonakis’ cameo

-snoops rodney king story

– pac div and snoop quoting suga free

– the creepy ass nigga on the camera filming thunder claps

Terrace Martin speaks on the making of Kendrick Lamar’s “Real” (Video)


the cali producer sits down and explains the making of kendrick’s “real”….

part 2 below, he talks about dre and ali’s contributions to the final product….



DECODED: Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly “Hardknock” (Video)

off that 1999

crazy double entendres in this one

Decoded: Kendrick Lamar “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst” (Video)

more kendrick….more classic shit…

T.R.U love with 2 Chainz (Video)



Artists Favorite Organized Noise Tracks (Video)

most underrated producers in hip hop? dont believe me? check out the mixtape below…..


Jalen Rose made late night CVS runs for Dikembe Mutombo as a rookie (Video)

dead @ the mutombo voice

Behind The Beat: Scoop Deville talks “Poetic Justice” and “The Recipe” beat (Video)

the upstart producer talks about the first and third singles off of kendrick’s classic (not yet) good kid m.A.A.d city

ScHoolboy Q 2Dopeboyz Interview (Video)


shots at shyne an blu…….pewn pewn pewn

Kendrick Lamar Breaks Down His Favorite Cartoons and Cereals (Video)

i gotta go with waffle crisp/ cinnamon toast crunch and x-men


cop here

complex interview

Kendrick plays good kid m.A.A.d city for Andre 3000 (Video)

maybe this will inspire dre 3k to focus on making music instead of complaining about “sixteen bars not being enough” ….well maybe if you laid off the gillette commercials, youd have more time to record more than 16 bars???

also, check out an interview where kendrick talks about the listening session with andre as well as lofty comparisons to illmatic here


Kendrick explains the acronym m.A.A.d (Video)


lol @ him hitting the wrong shit and geeking out like smokey in friday

“next thing i knew i was in deebo’s pigeon coup sweating like a slave” – smokey


Q-Tip Talks Cold Winter (Video)

shouldnt they call the album hot winter?

DJ Paul talks about recording “Sippin’ on Syrup” and “Player’s Anthem” (Video)

funny ass story….ill how two underground legends each produced beats for each other for their first number one singles……

Shyne Po hates EVERYONE


how is this real life?

GGN: Snoop Dogg & Action Bronson Talk Rap, Food, & More (Video)

lol i cant believe that “young eggs” story that snoop told on big sean’s detroit mixtape is real

bronson was SMACKED lol