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DJ Khaled Feat. Drake X Rick Ross X Lil’ Wayne – No New Friends (Prod. Boi-1da & Noah “40” Shebib) [Video]

dead@ NO………NEW……..FRIENDS…..please dont let this be the new “YOLO”


i just cant…..

isnt vado a new friend though?????

Vado – Right Now (Video)

remember vado was supposed to drop slime flu 3? well it came, and went….this is the only track that didnt hit the bin, at least he picked the right song to shoot visuals for ….

oh and hes now signed to dj khaled’s label along with ace “the rapper with 9 lives” hood

Smoke DZA – K.O.N.Y (Mixtape)


dza drops off a surprise mixtape featuring the likes of big k.r.i.t, vado, a$ap twelvyy, king chip, joey bada$$ and more….production from harry fraud, ski beatz, lee bannon, kenny beats and more…

bungee for the tracklist and download…


Vado Feat. Fabolous – Okay Y’all (Video)

just skip to fabs verse (yuk)…..sorry vado

Cam’ron jumps iTunes employee (Video)


iTunes bitch: yes

cam: YOU DONT KNOW MY FACE?!!?!?!??!

iTunes bitch: no


LOL awww man this is great shit….im copping this shit off this video alone….pick up boss of all bosses 3 HERE 

Vado – Cosmic Kev Freestyle (Video)

slime flu 2 came out a few days ago….you can cop HERE

Cam’ron X Vado X Weed Carrier X Couple Video Hoes (Video)

lol so many things wrong with thsi video…

-cam getting his own photoshoot on with his iphone (kinda creepy)

– vado trying to swipe cam’s hoe

– and that chick saying she wouldnt let cam bust in her face?

……i agree cam, i agree

Vado Feat. Fabolous – Okay Y’all (Prod. AraabMUZIK)

oh my… fabolous’ verse?   filthy lol….yuck

brooklyn and harlem

bungee to download…


Vado – Celebration (Video)

my favorite cut off vado’s slime flu gets a video

Cam’ron X Vado (U.N.) – Hey Muma (Video)

i had no idea, but this song is HUGE in ny clubs….dont get me wrong i like this shit alot, but its getting little to no play around these parts…..what does cam have against coach bags?

head over to nahright to listen to a good ass interview with cam and vado (fast forward to around the 20 minute mark, cam’s late)…they speak on cam’s basketball career (5th team all american and signed his letter of intent to university of miami) and why he quit, him riding around the bronx in big puns van during the winter time spraying crack heads with water guns, cam’s favorite artist growing up etc…..

Fabolous – The S.O.U.L Tape (Mixtape)


fabolous drops a mixtape consisting of  all “soul” samples….this has a handful of original tracks mixed in with some re-used beats, but fab does them justice….as much as i hate on this nigga, this mixtape is pretty solid….i recommend the shit.

guest spots from: wayne, vado, lloyd banks, trey songz, freck billionaire (who?), paul cain (remember him? fab and buddens were the “triangle offense” that used to run with clue back in the day), ryan leslie and ne-yo (BOOOOOOOO!)

hit the boosh for tracklist and download….


Cam’ron X Vado – Hey Muma

what the fuck is a “muma”? definition here (lol ONLY harlem niggas would come up with shit like this). ok ive been holding back on this one for a while for a while….i was on the fence for a long ass time with this one, but then i realized everytime the shit came on i was bobbing my head (pause) like a motherfucker…so yea this shit goes bungee to download….


Cam’ron X Vado – Girls Cry (Video)

[vimeo vimeo.com/21581963]

visuals for a track of cam and vado’s U.N. project Gunz ‘n Butta…..ells X gatsby, we been on that polo bear shit for years….yeeeeeears.


XXL Freshmen Class 2011 Vs. TheCensus Freshmen ’11

the list is not good….

and its not because mac miller, yelawolf or lil’ b made the list…..even though they arent my cup of tea, i can recognize that they earned their spot on the list. meek mill? ehhhhh, cyhi da prynce? ehhhhh, fred the godson? WHO??!?!, lil twist? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! YG? now they’ve officially disrespected my intelligence….

how does vado not make this list? im actually floored that dom kennedy didnt get on this cover….gatsby, drewpee and i were 100% sure he’d make the list.

congrats on losing all credibility with this list, XXL. youre beginning to look more and more like the fucking source.

hit the bungee to see thecensus freshman list

Fuck XXL

Kanye West feat. Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean – Christmas in Harlem

The first radio rip/unfinished version dropped about a week ago, but you know there was no way that low quality  bullshit was gonna see the light of day on this blog.

Yeezy enlist a whole rack of niggas for this one….even Killa and Jones, who fucking dissed him on a track “Toast” literally a couple months ago…im guessing those Dipset Reunion checks aren’t as big as they thought they’d be….*shrugs*

Bungee to download….


Greater Than Club – Justin Bieber – Speakin’ In Tongues Freestyle

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Biebs (PAUSE) goes in on Vado and Cam’s Miami banger ….I’m pretty sure Bieber’s rap solo is coming out before Gatby’s EP, Drewpee’s Kicking The Habit Project or Tagg’s Lucky 7 …..NO SHOTS!!!!!! This only boosts this nigga’s streak cred….


When I read the interview for this over at rapfix, the anticipation to hear this project went down signifigantly. Just a whole bunch of cutting and pasting due to cheap album budgets and sample clearance fuckery. “Large on the Streets” didn’t even make the fucking cut! I guess that’s what happens when you ink a deal with E1 (the artist formerlly known as KOCH) instead of an actual “major” label.

Bungee for footage of Vado going to buy Slime Flu @ Best Buy (which i dont recommend. download and pick out the 4 or 5 tracks you like), also hit the bungee for the tracklist and download link…..


Camron x Vado – Soul Plane (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Next stop, start trouble inside the Waffle House”

This track is over a year old, but the track is smooth and the visuals are pretty hilarious…..

“See baby i can talk game to you…i can tell you how a female can fake a nut for a relationship…or a nigga can fake a relationship for a nut…how a smart nigga can play stupid….but a stupid nigga cant play smart” – Uncle Cam

Gunz and Butta drops? Slime Flu drops?

Vado – Celebration

Off of Slime Flu , drops Oct. 12.

Bungee to download and for Slime Flu artwork

Cam’ron & Vado (U.N.) – Speakin’ Tongues

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If this doesn’t make you go to Miami I dont know what does?….Lebron? you right….you right….

Gunz n’ Butta August 31st

Vado – Funk Flex Freestyle (feat. Killa)

Dude was stumblin a bit but you cant deny that  this guy can go. I’m telling you this guy flow like its ’99-’00 or something. Killa and Funk Flex with adlibs galore…..UPDATED with the visuals….



Mr. Rose in the studio

Guessing this is a clip of one of his many sessions out in Hawaii that people have been talking about. Don’t know what this beat is for but apparently that’s a sample from the Broadway show Wicked. I’m also sure whoever recorded this shit, then posted it on youtube did so without ‘Ye’s approval, so yea, thanks to whoever for the clip even though it probably caused you to burn a pretty big ass bridge in the process.

School of Hard Knock, I’m all valued in the principle

These niggas got no morals, values or principles (MVP) –Vado

Cameo by Amber

Spotted @ onsmash

Vado – Large on the Streets (Video)

Look, I don’t agree with Jae Millz not calling out the people who he felt shouldn’t have made the list (just say the names and let the petty beef commence) (interview), but I really can’t argue with him co-signing Vado, I’m really feeling what this guy is bringing to the table and if anything it looks as though he’s got Uncle Cam interested in music again. No one can be mad at that.


Show Tufli with the cameo…..

One last thing, between him and Smoke DZA this nigga’s Polo game is something serious.

Cam’ron & Vado feat. Kid Cudi – You’re Killing Me

This track is supposedly on the upcoming mixtape Boss of All Bosses 2.5 (DJ Drama). Alchemist with the production Cudi on the hook.


Hit the bungee to download…