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2 Chainz in Miami (Video)

lebron and wayne make an appearance during tity boi’s show in mia

Rick Ross – 100 Black Coffins


pretty morbid shit…off that django soundtrack

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Camron – Call My Bluff (Video)


jak3s:  cam is like AI to me i kinda want him to just gracefully bow out lol

 Humz:  ha, arent strictly features just that?
off that o.n.i.f.c

Jalen Rose made late night CVS runs for Dikembe Mutombo as a rookie (Video)

dead @ the mutombo voice

PTImeline: LeBron James (Video)


couple things

– ill admit i was on the melo bandwagon more than the lebron one

– that parade BEFORE the heat even won a chip STILL pisses me off

– those that dont know…the celtics were the main reason that lebron went to miami

– how does EVERY scout mess up on darko? EVERYONE whiffed on him

Lil’ Poopy – Pop That (Remix) [Coke Ain’t A Bad Word]


couple questions

1. why is this the number one downloaded artist today on datpiff?

2. why are his basketball references so good

3. why is he in the front seat of a car when hes at least 9 years away from being able to legally drive one

4. whose idea was it to name him poopy?

5. who is that grown ass man with him in the video? how much would you have to be paid to be an 8 year olds hypeman/weed carrier?

6. coke aint a bad word is the name of your mixtape???

7. what are the chances that poopy writes his own rhymes??? (0%? -50%?)

8. what are the chances that poopy writes mgk’s rhymes? (100%? 350%????)

9. why is he signed to bad boy???

10. ?????????

Fabolous – S.O.U.L Tape 2 (Mixtape)

sequel to the the first s.o.u.l tape dropped on thanksgiving again…

bungee for the tracklist and download