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Rick Ross feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – Super High (Remix)


Man I’m feelin this shit……

I think I’m Paul Pierce….I think I’m Rondo…




Curren$y feat. Stalley – Address (Video)

Bear with me while I’m in the process of moving and in the middle of month end bullshit at my JO. I wont have internet till early next week. Thank you Verizon, yes your product is better but my goodness the customer service you provide is so fucking bad. If you havent seen this video yet kys for real. Still my favorite song 0f  ’10 and the visuals are nice as well….

Also, I know there have been a few tracks leaked off that Pilot Talk, but I’ll be waiting till I get the shit in its entirety so yea….look elsewhere for that shit….

Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids) – (Happy) Birthday (Jazz) (prod. Ski Beatz)

Up top is the video session between Mikey Rocks and Ski Beatz. Down Bottom is the result of it.

Shouts the jazz who turns 21 today…..She’s a fan of The Cool Kids, the songs called “Birthday” and they even shout out her name on the damn song, I couldnt NOT post it today….we are now ushering a whole new era of f$%ckery….im sure of it lol….

bungee to download


Big K.R.I.T – Now or Neva X Def Jam Signing

Shouts to Big K.R.I.T for getting that look on his face when it seemed like he was signing his life away (Had that same look when I closed on that mortgage…shouts to World Wide Wes).

Also, huge shouts to Sha Money XL for signing talent. Hopefully his label mate old ass LA Reid can take note and realize wasting money on signing Shyne aka Retarted Fonzi (a rumored SEVEN FIGURES!) is not what’s going to save Def Jam. Good music will.

Hit the bungee to download Now or Neva.


New AZ visuals – “Feel My Pain” off Doe or Die 2

Kinda feelin this, but what’s with the bootleg Premo beat? Statik Selektah can definitely spin, and cut…but just do something original instead of attempting to carbon copy Preem…Moving on…  AZ has been one of those artists in the game that hasn’t changed his flow for shit since 1995 (Cam’Ron I’m also looking at you).  I’m pretty sure DoD2 will have me interested at first, but will die out like all his other albums. He’s just TOO consistent, it gets boring. Anyway, lyrically he’s always been a monster.

Yo Gotti feat. Bun B – M Town Summer

M Town Summer – zshare

Big Sean – High Rise (Video)

Video for this single off the upcoming Finally Famous 3 mixtape hosted by Don Cannon (GOAT).

spotted @unknowbigsean.com


Kendrick Lamar (feat. Dom Kennedy) – She Needs Me (Remix)

My two favorite upcoming artists from the west coast link up on the remix to “She Needs Me” (the very track that put me on to Kendrick)

If you aint heard of Dom…catch up.

If you aint heard of Kendrick…catch up.

bungee to download….


Smoke DZA feat. Big K.R.I.T (prod. Ski Beatz)

Smoke DZA and Def Jam’s new signee Big K.R.I.T (nigga can spit) get together for a track from this studio session. People are seriously sleeping on DZA. Hit the bungee to download another smooth ass track from DZA and Ski Beatz. Both are off the upcoming project from DZA George Kush The Button.



Waka Flocka Flame – Hard in the Pain Remix (feat. Gucci Mane)

Shit Slaps……shouts to Jazz

[AUDIO http://ia360704.us.archive.org/21/items/gucciwaka/HardInThePaintrmxF.GucciMane.mp3%5D




Vado – Funk Flex Freestyle (feat. Killa)

Dude was stumblin a bit but you cant deny that  this guy can go. I’m telling you this guy flow like its ’99-’00 or something. Killa and Funk Flex with adlibs galore…..UPDATED with the visuals….



Drake – You Know, You Know X Still Got It X Greatness

Three tracks that didn’t make TML. Hit the bungee to download

You Know, You Know

Still Got It




J. Cole – Who Dat

Video for J. Cole’s first single off his still untitled debut album (Cole World ???)…hey Jay! try not to screw this one up, k? thanks…

Lil Boosie – Top to the Bottom (Video)

With the news of Lil Boosie being indicted on first degree murder (details), I decided to post the latest and probably last music video Lil Boosie will ever be in.

I’m not exactly sure of the details of the case but when this rumor first came out, it was said that Boosie had ordered a hit on a local rapper. Who did he hire to do the job? A 14 year old kid. Of course, after the deed was done, the kid was either bragging or guilty or whatever the case may be and started yapping his mouth to a whole bunch of people he shouldn’t have. Who can blame him though, hes FOURTEEN!

Now I’m not gangster, never have and never will be. But I’m pretty sure murder for hire is not that uncommon in the hood. Where Boosie probably went wrong? Well skimping on murder for hire isn’t too smart. I mean Boosie, youre a damn hood star you really cant fork over the extra cash for a trained professional killer? Really?! To all you so called gangsters, you get what you pay for, this includes murder of hire. SMH

If you want the song go download it somewhere else….

The Dream – Love King (Deluxe)

Been waiting for this one. You know I’m not going to tell you where to get this. Especially since Terius works for the FEDs. I wonder if he’s still getting at Nick Cannon and Dre’s (Cool and Dre) leftovers?

Bungee for tracklist……


Kurupt – Yessir (prod. Pete Rock)

Visuals for a smooth ass track that originally leaked way back in 2008 off of Street Lights.

“Gangsta!” (repeat 20 + times)

Hit the bungee for the full track…


French Montana feat. Curren$y – So High (BTS Video)

Behind the scene visuals for the best track by far on French Montana’s (The Hottest Nigga in the Streets …AH!) Gawd Awful Mac & Cheese mixtape.

Hit the bungee to download the track….


Mr. Rose in the studio

Guessing this is a clip of one of his many sessions out in Hawaii that people have been talking about. Don’t know what this beat is for but apparently that’s a sample from the Broadway show Wicked. I’m also sure whoever recorded this shit, then posted it on youtube did so without ‘Ye’s approval, so yea, thanks to whoever for the clip even though it probably caused you to burn a pretty big ass bridge in the process.

School of Hard Knock, I’m all valued in the principle

These niggas got no morals, values or principles (MVP) –Vado

Cameo by Amber

Spotted @ onsmash

Vado – Polo

I been talking about dudes Polo game for a minute. Alright Smoke DZA, the balls in your court now. Either hop on this track or create your own song that shows your affinity for Polo.


SLIME FLU Coming soon….



Young Chris – Moon & Stars (Video)

There are a handful of projects on my Pod that I have yet to give a full listen to. Young Chris’  “Network 2: Hosted by Don Cannon (GOAT….nah for real, I’m sorry Drama)” is one of those projects. The first tape from dude was pretty solid and I recommend yall picking it up. Chris could always spit but I really think the similarities between him and Hov have hurt his solo career (luckily NOE came in and smashed the “Carbon Copy Jigga” competition).

Hit the bungee to download the track…..


John Wall – Wizards Workout

What’s with Kentucky producing these freakish athlete PG’s who cant hit the broad side of the barn? Let me stop, we all know nigga is going to be nice….

This shit still gives a brova chills…

Arguably Nas’ illest song to date….

And as expected….from before 2002. LoL. Looks like he did his thing at Bonnaroo 2010, but still..Nas Lost(Dead)

The Power of Drake (Nullus)

Lets just say…I’m pretty glad I made up as many excuses as possible to not go to Drake’s “free” concert at the seaport.  I could have left paying for medical bills…. Seconds 37 forward are quite ridiculous.

Hit the Jump for more examples… (more…)

Marble Music – Episode 1

This shit is nice. Lyrically mehhhh, pretty smooth though. Don’t know much about  G-Side. But, I do know I at least like this track…enjoy