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Jet World Order 2 (Trailer)

late november release….

Young Roddy Feat. Smoke DZA – Russian Roulette

big man put work in like kendrick perkins….

JETS soliders roddy and dza……off the underwhelming good sense mixtape

Curren$y x Wale – What It Look Like (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the JETS general and MMG soldier link up for spittas first single off his upcoming the stoned immaculate album…when i posted the track a week ago i said it was a J.U.S.T.I.C.E League beat, but it was actually done by Bink!….

Spitta X JETS @ Cypress Hill Smoke Out Tour (Video)

#np “conference call” X “jekell n hyde”

The Making of #The1st28 (Video)

jets X dblock

Spitta Andretti X SP The Ghost – #The1st128

the dblock general and jets ceo link up for a quick 5 track ep….monsta beatz on the boards…

tracklist and download link after the bungee


Curren$y X The Jets – #JetLife Mardi Gras

some ill visuals of the side of mardi gras that im pretty sure gold didnt get to see….a couple tracks from curren$y’s here mixtape serve as the soundtrack….

Slim Thug Feat. Curren$y – Can’t Stop (Video)

dont know how i missed this track, but when i saw the video it was the first time id heard the song…..boss hogg X jets collabo….fucking with it

download HERE

Spitta Andretti (Curren$y) – Verde Terrace (Mixtape)

heres an alternate cover for those that dont like the official one that came with the tape

spitta going in on some memorbale beats, a couple original joints as well…ells, this is MUCH better than return to the winners circle…hosted by the legendary dj drama

bungee for tracklist and download….


Curren$y – This is the Life (Video)

my favorite shit off weekend at burnie’s gets a video….cameos from the jets and monsta beatz

Curren$y Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver X Young Roddy – Still (Video)

JETS nigguh…..off that weekend at burnies

Young Roddy – Blow (Video)

the JETS rep. shoots a video for his solo joint “blow”….. shot in miami (lucky fucks)

Pusha T – My God (Prod. Hit-Boy)


FINALLY some music worth posting….the past week or so has been brutal….

this is the first leak off of pusha t’s mixtape “Fear of God” …..the internets are going bonkers…yea its nice, but come on ‘nets, lets not get out of hand….

oh, and apparently consequence, feels like this whole song concept was jacked from him. but he lost the little credibility he had left after his Jets tribute abortion, so we’re just gonna ignore him.

bungee to download…


Consequence – J.E.T.S. (New York Version)

even the jets impressive win last weekend cant stop fans from brown bagging it after hearing this abortion....

be careful what you wish for drewpee, you just might get it! lol. im pretty sure when you were calling for  a Jets anthem, this wasnt what you meant.

my goodness this is so sooo soooooo bad lol. and its not just bad, its also gay.

even two hardcore steelers fans make the jets look better than this shit....

there will be no bungee to download because i am not gonna be personally responsible for anyone having this shit take up space on their hard drive….

Curren$y Feat. JETS (Young Roddy X Trademark Da SkyDiver X Street Wiz)- Jet Stars


jets nigguhhhh

bungee to download….


Bart Scott – “They can’t stop a nosebleed”

That’ some gangsta shit…..see rex, you dont have to do any trash talking… your players will do it for you…just fucking coach….

Chad Pennington X Eminem

Vodpod videos no longer available.

drewpee, your excellent IT team over there might mark this as pornography for you specifically, so im not sure if its safe to watch. Everyone else, enjoy Chad Pennington (ex Jets QB & drewpee’s bff) getting pumped while listening to Eminem (forever mancrush)

In typical Chad fashion, he only lasted a half this sunday due to a shoulder injury (of course) lol…

A Real Life “Greg Jennings” Moment


:40 seconds and on…..is literally Greg Jennings’ Madden Performance reincarnated.

Only thing that’s missing is Darren Sharpahh.

Trademark Da Skydiver – Dead Fool (Video)

Would this get posted if he wasn’t JETS affiliated? Probably not, but the Frankie sample gets the nod.

Curren$y – Twistin Stank (Video)

Spitta goes in on Waka’s joint….

Trademark the Skydiver – Super Villain (Video) AKA Niggas & Pakis Blueprint

Alright, here are more visuals from Trademark’s mixtape Issue 2. This was one of the better tracks off the mixtape but that’s not the reason why I posted this.

Ali Gold and I have been throwing around an idea called Niggas & Pakis (of course we can’t name it that but it’s a work in progress)….This video right here gives a rough look at what the concept is…. I would go into detail, but then I’m sure one of these would be popping up on U street in no time.

Trademark the Skydiver feat. Smoke DZA – Jets High Life

Visuals for my favorite track off of Tradmark’s mixtape Issue #2….And yes DZA murders him, but we already knew he was gonna do that right?

Curren$y feat. Trademark & Young Roddy – Roasted

Smooth ass track off Pilot Talk…..I know I said I wasnt going to post any shit till after it drops, but this is actually one of the singles on itunes and its been up for over 3 weeks….I’ll up the download later, but I’m feeling lazy as fuck….

Also, major props goes out to Def Jam, who seems to have found the solution to shit leaking so incredibly early. The past two releases (Roots and Big Boi) all leaked only 4 days before the actual release date….That’s pretty incredible given that this time last year, Fabolous’ whole album (Def Jam artist) had trickled out track by track a fucking month before its release date. Take notes Universal and Interscope…