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Juicy J Feat. Pimp C X T.I. – Show Out (Remix)



stay trippy coming soon

T.I. Feat. Kendrick Lamar X B.O.B X Kris Stephens – Memories (Video)

off of T.I. upcoming mixtape G.D.O.D: The introduction

Robin Thicke Feat. Pharrell X T.I. – Blurred Lines (Video)

ok……so this single sounds like what JT’s single should have sounded like….im confused lol….robin’s definitely upgraded his hood pass with his role in real husbands of hollywood

T.I. – Adresses (Video)

short film from clifford

B.O.B Feat. T.I X Juicy J – We Still In This Bitch (Video)


T.I. – Ball (Live)

the roots kinda murder this beat and t.i. got energy like he did a scarface line or some shit…

T.I. – Trap Back Jumpin’ (Video)

off clifford’s upcoming album trouble man: heavy is the head

T.I. Feat. Lil’ Wayne – Ball (Video)


yes im late…i know….but its because i hated this shit until a few days ago….definitely has that super old school ‘nolia sound…..off trouble man

Rick Ross Feat. T.I. – Bury Me A G (Video)

off that self made vol. 2…..the homie ross NEVER stops working….

T.I. Feat. Travis Porter & Young Dro – Hot Wheels (Official Video)

i think this is off of T.I.’s fuck da city up mixtape…i still never actually sat down and listened to it (sorry rich forever dropped the same week and kind of took over for a while lol)…this shit is ill though…..shout out to drewpee’s new favorite group travis porter…..

Tyga Feat. Wale X Fabolous XYoung Jeezy X Meek Mill X T.I. – Rack City (Remix) [Video]

we knew it was coming, posse remix video for rack city…..

Future Feat. T.I. – Magic (Video)

a blackson favorite, and hip hop’s underwater artist of the year links up with TI for an aquarium anthem for the clubs…..


Loverance Feat. Young Jeezy X T.I. – Up! (Remix)

this joint got me getting my orchestra conductor on (shouts to blackson) anyone out there nice with manipulating mp3’s wanna add 50’s verse and cut out loverance’s verse? (thats fucked up right? it is loverance’s song and all…..)

bungee to download….

2 Chainz Feat. T.I. – Spend It (Remix) [Video]

off 2 chainz t.r.u realigion mixtape

Rick Ross Freestyles


rozay goes in on three more joints heating up the streets…

first up, future and his underwater flow (literally) gets a much needed lyrical upgrade from the boss




next is some shit called mirror? with wayne? was this off the carter iv, if it was that shows you how much i listened to that abortion of an album lol


Spend It

ricky goes IN on this one…



Nelly Feat. T.I. X 2 Chainz – Country Ass Nigga (Video)

this actually went up a couple weeks ago, but then the j-lati took it down even though nelly paid for it out of his own pockets? i think they do random shit like  that sometimes just to let people know whose in charge.

t.i.’s verse is cool, but he’s def calmed down since his little outburst (pause) before his verse on the spend it remix ……(cue the crazy, im so glad im not getting violated in jail laugh)

i def like this joint though….a Y$ favorite, nelly with the come back? we’ll see….

Rick Ross – Freestyles

with rozay’s album god forgive, i dont being pushed back, ross decided to drop a mixtape during that down time. it hasnt been released yet, but here are few freestyles that im assuming will be on it.

No Church In The Wild Freestyle Feat. Meek Mill


Talk That Talk Remix Feat. Jay-Z


I’m Flexin’ Freestyle


2 Chainz – T.R.U Realigion (Mixtape)

A 2 CHAINZ!!!! those who dont think they can take a full body of work, of just 2 chainz can breathe easy, this shit is FULL of features…

bungee for tracklist and download….


2 Chainz – Spend It (Video)

there are very few times where im late on shit….this happens to be one of those times….one half of the DTP duo playaz circle teta chico aka tity boi is heating up in atlanta….i heard this dude on dj envy’s show on sirius and he did an in studio performance of this shit and i was sold….hit the bungee to download the remix with TI

drumma boy on the boards….


T.I. talks prison fights on Howard Stern (Video)

t.i. talks about how he got cornered in the bathroom and raped by a bunch of 25 to life niggas and had to fight….shouts to the greatest interviewer of our time (frank grimes co sign) for the inside scoop (PAUSE) lol

Diddy loses it over Non Ciroc drinkers and T.I. REALLY doesnt want to go back to jail (Video)

so apparently, some guys at a table near diddy had ordered grey goose (or that “pee-pee” as diddy likes to call it) and were being real wreckless and spilling it all over the place, including getting some on puff….puff took exception to this and proceeded to berate these niggas….t.i. then serves as the peacemaker and calms everyone down….

can we tell whose been to jail and analy raped and who hasnt?

yea , someone REALLY doesnt want to go back lol….

Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross – I’m A Boss (Video)

off that self made mmg project….word on the streets is that diddy and jigga have already submitted verses for this remix (like almost 2 months ago) but he was waiting for t.i. asshole to stop throbbing from all the punishing that was going down in jail to get released from prison so he can get a verse from him as well…

and yes, jigga submitted a verse for a meek mill song before he had a verse ready for his own artist, j. cole lol how many l’s is that cole? how many?

Young Jeezy Feat. Lil’ Wayne – Ballin’

doesnt it sound like theyre sayin  “you think you ballin cuz you got a blooooggggg!” ? lol

sound like a lex luger beat right? nope. lil lodee (yea, me either?) on the boards…..ive actually lost count on how many “first singles” jeezy’s had for oft delayed TM 103 album. i dont know, this is ok i guess, but i dont think this is a good enough single to get an album that def jam clearly hates released. even with the help of weezy this album isnt going to see the light of day anytime soon.

whose fallen from hip hop grace harder in the last year?

–  Jeezy

– The Game

– T.I.

…im personally going with the game…jeezy’s shit isnt bad, its just forgettable. t.i. is having issues staying out of jail, so thats not really music related. But the game’s shit is just all around not good.

bungee to download…..


Rick Ross Feat. T.I. – 9 Piece

Rozay and T.I. go in over some typical ghetto circus music from Lex Luger. This one kind of goes even though it sounds like everything else he does.

This is off of Rozay’s mixtape that he’s dropping on the 24th Ashes To Ashes.

Ells & Gatsby, let’s hope he puts that king tut shit on there….it was a shame that didnt make the cut for teflon don in the first place

Hit the bungee to download and the tracklist