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DJ Drama Feat. Wale X Tyga X Roscoe Dash – So Many Girls (Video)

i know, you see this line up and you think this song sucks…..its actually not half bad for a club record…

Iamsu! Feat. Wiz Khalifa X Blanco – Goin’ Up

heard this on the skee mix on hiphopnation a couple days ago…shit kinda goes….even though blanco steals tyga’s flow (why the fuck youd want to do that is beyond me)

DJ Drama Feat. Wale X Tyga Roscoe Dash


another shade 45 brainwash track…..of dj drama’s album quality street music

shouts to jazz…thsi shit is right up your alley

Tyga Feat. 2 Chainz – Do My Dance (Video)

new rule…..tyga is only allowed to played in gentleman’s clubs…


that is all…

Tyga Feat. DOM Kennedy – Crenshaw At Midnight (Prod. Olympiks)

y$ soldier and dopeitsdom

Game Feat. Chris Brown X Tyga X Wiz Khalifa X Lil’ Wayne – Celebration (Video)

even though this is a straight jack of the bone thugs classic, im still fucking with this….they also re enact that classic scene from “nuthin but a g thang” where they run up behind a big tittied bitch playing volleyball and expose them knockers

had a nigga like…..


Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape)


mixtape from the g.o.o.d music homie…..all original tracks….the soundcloud stream could only take the first 16 tracks, so if you want the 17th just youtube it or some shit….features from wale, wiz khalifa, french montana, king chip juciy j, j cole. and more….


downlad the whole shit HERE

Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne – Faded (Video)

i dont fuck with tyga’s album at all but i will admit hes got a couple gems on there….this is one of them…..and waynes verse doesnt sound like hes sober as fuck (aka like shit)

Tyga Feat. Wale X Fabolous XYoung Jeezy X Meek Mill X T.I. – Rack City (Remix) [Video]

we knew it was coming, posse remix video for rack city…..

Grandma Dances to “Rack City” (Video)

why he gotta point at his grandma when tyga says “got your grandma on my dick” smh lol

Tyga – Lob City

tyga tries to hop on the lob city (clippers) band wagon with a remix to his rack city track,…..this isnt bad, and if i was a clippers fan (A REAL ONE) id def be fucking with it….but im not, and i hope cp3 tears his mcl and acl and never wins shit, so i wont be posting a download link, if you want it you can go get it at some other site.


Drake Feat. Lil’ Wayne X Tyga – The Motto (Video)

they added a tyga verse because he’s from the west coast i guess? crazy part is, his verse ends up being WORSE than waynes (yea worse than, “money talks….and mr. ed”)…cameos from yay area niggas mistah f.a.b. and e-40

Tyga – Rack City (Video)

tyga sucks…like he’s lil twist bad…..but im fucking with this song…i know im a little late, but the video dropped and i forgot all about it…

Tyga – Make It Nasty (Video)

tyga sucks…this video  however, does not..



Big Sean Feat. Tyga – Fuck My Opponent

one of my favorite tracks off of big seans highly slept on (download it drewpee). when you listen to sean’s verse , you cant help but think back to that interview that i posted earlier this week.

“and he sound like…uhhhhhh…quit comparin me bitch/ fuck you with a ron jeremy dick/ hell yea im apparently pissed/ sonnin niggas i can give  a parenting tip….”

Bungee to download….


Tyga feat. Game X Maino – Drink the Night Away

This is going straight to jazz’s inno (yea she still rocks that shit heavy lol). Finally something Game is apart of that is a complete and utter failure.

Some solo cup music for yall niggas that go hard every weekend (young money im talking to you)

Bungee to download….


TheCensus ’10 – Top Five Remixes

5. Deuces (feat.  Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross & Andre 3000) – The internet went nuts when they saw the Andre 3K verse, but in my opinion ‘Ye had the best verse.


4. Window Seat (feat. Rick Ross) – This also was one of my top five videos. Rozay’s verse is superb.


Bungee for the rest of the list….


DrewPBalls first embedding. Let Us Rejoice (With Music).

Tyga Feat. Pharrell – First Time

This track is pretty coincidentally convenient right now. Finally gettin my Embed on (late as shit).

On a side note, Pharrell kills this shit, but Tyga I can do without. He’s worse at rapping than Chris Brown.


Deuces (Remixes) – Jay-Z X GreenLantern & T.I. X Chris Brown X Tyga X Fabolous X Drake X Andre 3000

First one is a blend/remix  of “Song Cry” and “Deuces” done by Greenlantern, I like it and I know pimp d does too..

next is the one that has the internet going nuts because of the dre 3k verse. official remix feraturing chris brown, ‘ye tyga, t.i., fabolous and drake. I’m pretty sure kanye is talking about amber…..talk about my baby again and its gonna be a problem, ‘ye.

*side note.

look, i think andre 3000 is nice, very very nice , but he has to be the most overrated rapper (and i use that term loosely with him now) in the game. this guy releases 3 to 5 verses (not even songs! verses!)  a year and the net will go nuts cuz the verse is nice as shit. where it gets outta hand is when i start seeing “greater than wayne, jay, em, cole, lamar etc…”. like if any of those artist i listed released 3 to 5 verses a year you think they wouldnt be incredibly good as well? this guy is leap frogging people with great songs as well as great verses because they release full length songs and projects? thats bullshit.

hit the bungee to download….


Chris Brown & Tyga feat. Kevin McCall – Deuces (Video)

Official video for one of drewpee’s favorite songs off his fave mixtape of the year.

Wiz Khalifa – The Statement (Video)

Not sure who BLKDMNDS are, but they have been affiliated with some pretty ill videos lately (Chris Brown & Tyga). Video for the track off of Kush & OJ shot in Hollywood. Hook takes a line from one of my favorite songs of ’09.

Chris Brown & Tyga – G S***

This kind of goes and you know I got love respect for C. Brown. Off the upcoming album from both of them Fan of a Fan.


Hit the bungee for the video for “Holla At Me” shit goes just as hard….

Shouts to Worldstar.