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Troy Ave. – BABY KEYMiX (Video)

i need a troy ave. rNb EP…….ok no i dont lol

Troy Ave. X BSB Dope Boyz – Prize fighter



speechless lol

Troy Ave. – Lord As My Witness (Video)

more positive visuals to accompany the extra positive music from troy ave.




Pusha T – Wrath of Caine (Mixtape)

> Pusha T - Wrath Of Caine (2013) - Photo posted in New Album/Mixtape Ratings and Reviews | Sign in and leave a comment below!

pusha ton drops his highly anticipated mix tape, before his g.o.o.d music debut, my name is my name…..features from rozay, wale, montana and more….


Troy Ave. – Blanco (Video)

more positive black music from the conscious rapper troy ave…..common would be proud of this one….

P.A.P.I. AKA NORE Feat. French Montana X Pusha-T X 2 Chainz – Tadow (Video)

ladies and gentleman behold, the hip-hop career resurrection kit….

step 1. change your name

step 2. feature the hottest buzzing names in hip hop at the time

step 3. make sure the beat follows the trend of hits that have been coming out in the past year (hi hats are a must, piano’s are optional)

step 4. the video must have a gratuitous amount of cameos



Troy Ave. Feat. Pusha-T – Concreate Jungle (Prod. Reefa)



theres a shit ton of coke talk on this record…..


shouts to toth.0….woulda missed this one without your heads up (paws)

Troy Ave. Feat. Mac Miller – Chillin’ (Prod. Cy Fyre)


“still ridin’ in the backseat…listenin to max b…thousand dollar belt buckle holding up my khakis”


Fabolous – S.O.U.L Tape 2 (Mixtape)

sequel to the the first s.o.u.l tape dropped on thanksgiving again…

bungee for the tracklist and download

Troy Ave – Night mare on Fed Street (Video)


errrright eeeerrright

Troy Ave. – Thinking About You (KEYMiX)


Troy Ave – Red Cup (Video)


a couple things….

– that opening scene …..lol

– why are there as many real guns as water guns at this bbq lol


Troy Ave. Feat. Weeknd – I Got You (Prod. Lando Beats)

sampling the weeknd>>>>>>> actual weeknd songs…..


Troy Ave. Live from Kilofornia (Video)


dead @ the N.W.yAy hat lol


dry snitching on himself….only in america lol

Troy Ave – De FACTO (Video)

powder to the people!

Troy Ave. – Chiddy Chiddy Bang Ban (Video)

heres the description youtube gives

Heres the Latest video Release “CHIDDY CHIDDY BANG BANG” off the street & internet proclaimed “CLASSIC MIXTAPE” BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3



Troy Ave. Feat. Avon Blocksdale X Lucky Thompson – Lotus Powder Bomb


troy ave. and some other niggas with ridiculous names lol…question? what do you call the weed carriers of the weed carrier?

bungee to donwload


Troy Ave – Merlot (Video)

lol the screen shot below says enough…they used this sample on a wiz track off of kush & oj as well…


Troy Ave – “Nino Brown” (Video)

DrewPee on duty again.

Jakes would like me to let everyone know that he would love to see Future, Juicy J, and Troy Ave collab on a song and video, simply for its ignorance potential.


Troy Ave. Feat. Prodigy – Dirty Martini (Video)

bricks in my backpack 2: powder to the people (i couldnt make this shit up if i wanted to) coming soon….hit the bungee to download the mp3….prod. john scino…


Troy Ave- Swagger (Video)


this song sucks and the video is hilariously bad….hes the new tony yayo (in a terribly good way) , im sure gatbsy will cosign that…

Troy Ave – Whole Lotta Base

lol OH SHIT!!?!?!….gatsby, this one knocks a little bit lol….

pimp d….he shouts out your drink tooo

….im on my ciroc and simply lemonade raspberry……

bungee to download….


Fabolous (Starring Amber Jakes)- You’re Killing ‘Em (Video)

Drewpee likes this joint, im still pretty luke warm about it. Amber wheres a wig and gives niggas a glimpse what’d shed look like with long hair . Answer? mediocre. I told you that bitch needs to stay bald…..

Oh and  a Troy Ave cameo needs to happen…

Download here….

Troy Ave – Live @ SOB’s (Video)

In this video the BK Street Family (Fabolous) representative performs, then talks about why he’s nice (one of his answers is “i perform with a bottle of champagne in my hand” lol)

This nigga gatsby has been consigning this dude for a minute now. Every once and a while he asks me if i picked up his “Bricks in My Backpack” (no, really) mixtape lol. So i decided to do a little research to one, see if the nigga exist and two if the nigga is nice.

Answers? yes he does exist, no he is NOT nice lol.