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Mario Balotelli flexin’ on nazi’s (Video)

he took his shirt off (pause) and flexed on hitler……you cant hate on that…you just cant….

i dont know much abotu soccer, but this nigga is the first soccer player that i could say with confidence “im not sure if id fuck him up” everyone else, like that ronaldo fag or that messi bitch, id stomp out in less than thirty seconds…..europe, this is what it looks like when a guy whose built like a NBA PG or a NFL running back plays soccer….he shits….youre lucky we dont like your pussy ass sport and our “big star” is that soft as landon fucking donovan….

for those that want to know more about mario (trust me you do) check out this article HERE …

for you lazy motherfuckers, here’s a little excerpt:

“Mario was pulled over by the police and he had £25,000 cash on the passenger seat. They asked him why and he said, ‘Because I can’. He doesn’t care much for authority.”

maaaaaaaaaaah nigga

David Stern has that Vince McMahon swag (Video)


hes just better than your commissioner……period.

Tyler, The Creator X Domo Genesis – Sam Is Dead (Video)


his videos are ALWAYS better than the song itself….not sure if thats because the songs are usually incredibly mediocre or that his videos are always ill?


i think its safe to say tyler director >>>>>> tyler the rapper

Drake smoking that toy story….(Video)



he fucking with those lego blocks gold…the fuck is that?

listen, if you aint got that madagascar 3 or that gas in yo shit….do me on favor playboh……..dont show that bitch in yo shit no love!

Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross – Black Magic (Video)

more visuals off that self made vol. 2

Terrace Martin Feat. Dom Kennedy X Punch – How I Live

i dont usually fuck with terrace martin shit, but whne i saw the dom feature, i decided to give it a shot, i was not dissapointed….

off terrace’s upcoming project 3chordfold

bungee to download


YG – #Grindmode Feat. 2 Chainz X Nipsey Hussle (Video)


i ahve no idea what this project is off of…..

Rick Ross X Gunplay X Stalley X Wale X Meek Mill Feat. Kendrick Lamar – Power Circle (Video)

posse cut visuals…..drewpee knows gunplay’s verse by heart…..

Lana Del Ray – National Anthem (Video)


this video is kinda ill …….whose lana del ray? does anyone really give a fuck?


i love the first comment on youtube




Joey Bada$$ – Waves (Prod. Freddie Joachim)

this is one of a handful of standout tracks on joey bada$$ mixtape 1999 …ill admit i was initially shaky on dude but after a couple listens i like the project……im really really fucking with this one….if you like what you hear, hit the bungee where you can stream the whole mixtape and download if you like….


Rick Ross Feat. Meek Mill – So Sophisticated (Video)

oh my , rozay kinda bodied this one…



Beyonce going CraZy to JayZ …….SWAGGIE ! (Video)


lol thats the actual title to the youtube clip….i couldnt pass using that up

Buckwheat Groats – Million Dollar Menu (Video)

man this so so good on so many levels….it has something for everyone…

– fourth meal (blackson can appreciate that)

– iced out dick chain (drewpee can appreciate that pewn pewn pewn lol)

– lex luger rev up before the beat drops (humz can appreciate that)

– that horn them djs always use (thats my favorite part)

DOM KENNEDY – Yellow Album

you already know……features from gangsta gibbs, kendrick lamar, rick ross too $hort and more….

bungee to download…


NBA Champions – Miami Heat

first off, a couple thoughts:

– lebron earned this one, theres no way around it….he was the best player on both ends of the floor all series and hit numerous big shots…i will probably always root for the other team to win, but i have always recognized how great this nigga is….all it took was one and wa la, you’re a top ten player of all time

– another thing about lebron, the decision was fucking stupid as fuck (even though it was for charity) and that parade was one of the most brain deadly retarted shits I’ve ever witnessed (no pun)….and I’m cool with the criticism when it comes to that, but what i wasn’t cool with, was magic, bird and jordan coming out and saying, they wouldn’t team with niggas like that…..well thats because THEY DIDNT FUCKING HAVE TO….. lets check what these guys had…

jordan: scottie (best sm in the game at the time), roman (best defensive pf at the time and arguably, the best rebounder EVAR) and phil jackson tex winters (lol PEWN PEWN PEWN!)

magic: kareem (second leading scorer of all fucking time), james worthy (hall of famer), pat riley

bird: robert parish (hall of famer), kevin mcale (hall of famer), dennis johnson (hall of famer), and I’m not even gonna mention the year were bill fucking walton WAS COMING OFF THE BENCH lol

lets check back on lebron on the cavs…..mo williams, jamison………EXACTLY

Ok next, lets talk about where i was wrong and where i was right (yea that post didn’t quite make it up, but trust me lol)

Where i was right:

– the durant X westbrook V. wade X lebron match up will be a stale mate

– perkins X ibaka vs. bosh will be  stale mate

– brooks v. spoelstra will be a stale mate (neither one of them run a fucking offense lol)

– ANYONE ELSE vs. harden will be the deciding factor

Where i was wrong:

– theres no fucking way the thunder lose the ANYONE ELSE  vs. harden matchup…..harden shit the bed, theres no other way to put it than that…battier was historically accurate and chalmers (AMUTHAFUCKIN CHAWWWWWLMAHHSS) was HUGE (pause) in game 4..

– okc in 5

-okc in 6

-okc in 7 lol

Ok now for some fuckery

for you conspiracy theorist, you can see the ref give spoelstra a high five LOL

> Why is Dwyane Wade such a crybaby? (GIF) - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

wade…..youre a bitch, like one of the biggest bitches in nba history….i don’t know when this happened, but above is just one of about a billion examples i have of you of boo hooing to the fucking ref…..itd be different if you were actually fouled, but 8/10 you ARENT EVEN TOUCHED…..stop it slime….just fucking stop it

LOLLOLOLOL if you don’t know what brazzers is…look it up , BUT NOT AT WORK

a dejected westrbook leaves the stadium….

the commentary makes this one lol

and lastly………

an oldy with an amazing spin to it lol

imma miss my nba> Kevin Durant crying... (video) - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Game 5 Guarantee

ill admit, i was a little shaky on whether or not this would be the last nba game of the season…..but after seeing this pic, i know whats up lol….does that look like a nigga thats ready to be bounced?

Chevy Woods – Delonte West (Prod. Harry Fraud)

“motorcycle guns on em……delonte west….”

i posted a handful of months ago that this dude harry fraud was slowly becoming one of my favorite producers….well he’s leap frogged a gang of niggas since then….this white boy is silly on the boards…i mean chevy woods sounds like a legitimate rapper on this shit…..almost

bungee to download


DOM KENNEDY – My Type Of Party (Video)



I’m Back Bitch……

for those that thought i fell of….youre welcome…


Big K.R.I.T Feat. Slim Thug X Lil’ Keke (Tha Don) – Me and My Old School (Remix)

lil keke tha don??!?!?!?!?!? i havent heard from this dude since mike jones was running things over at swisha house….


Diddy’s Game 7 X Fight Party (Video)


smh at diddy commentating the game and then the “I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!” when the paqman got fucking robbed…

yo sometimes i be thinking diddy swing both ways…..



lol im just sayin….

Slaughterhouse Feat. Cee-Lo – My Life (Video)




thats all i got….

Wiz Khalfia Feat. 50 Cent – Telescope (Prod. Harry Fraud)

lol @ that pic…….its kinda weird that this feature is gonna do more for 50 than wiz musically ……. is 50 the ken caminity of rap (i only know of one two people who will get that LOL)

you know the drill


Action Bronson – Decisions Over Veal (Prod. Alchemist)

bronsons over some alc? dont mind if i do…..of alc’s upcoming russian roulette project

bungee to download