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Maury & Colin

Two people that are at the top of their respective industries (Daytime TV & Radio) collaborate in a segment on SportsNation.

Jay Electronica feat. Diddy – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace

Jay Elec goes in and Diddy ends with a whole lot of shit talking about ashy niggas and other nonsense….gotta love it.

NMC shouts

Bungee to download

Jay Electronica feat. Diddy – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace – zshare

Chris Brown & Tyga – G S***

This kind of goes and you know I got love respect for C. Brown. Off the upcoming album from both of them Fan of a Fan.


Hit the bungee for the video for “Holla At Me” shit goes just as hard….

Shouts to Worldstar.


The Greater Than Club Vol. 2 – Eminem Edition

Back for Vol. 2 of  The Greater Than Club. I don’t think that DrewPee will argue with this weeks choice, but he probably won’t be so lucky next week.

Here we have the bloggers favorite (and most overrated) artist’s first single off his upcoming album Relapse 2 Recovery, “I’m Afraid”  (Updated with CDQ). Boi-1da on the boards.

Personally, this shit is incredibly forgettable. But thank goodness he’s done using that horrid Irish Marshall McMathers accent that he used throughout Relapse. Honestly, since MMLP this guy has been on a Nas-eqsue free fall in quality of music, yet his relevancy is up there with Wayne . I’m not advocating drug use……but Eminem needs to abuse them substances again, cuz this sober shit is….well…sobering.

With that being said he’s still light years ahead of DrewPee in all aspects of music, so he gets the nod in this post.

Hit the bungee for a freestyle from Em that dropped earlier this week….


Jay-Z – Maybach Music II (Un-Released Verse)

Unreleased verse from Maybach Music II off of Ross’ Deeper Than Rap. This verse is pretty nice, but I’m guessing he heard ‘Ye’s ridiculous verse and was like:“Nah Ross, I’m good, I’ll pass on that shit….”

you know the drill…..


J. Cole – Who Dat

First single off of J.Cole’s debut The Blow Up Cole World. Co-produced by himself and his boy Elite. Shit goes.

Now who else wanna fuck wit Hollywood Cole

Bungee to download….


Pac Div – Don’t Mention It (Mixtape)

The Church League Champs drop their latest project Don’t Mention It. Guest spots from Dom Kennedy, Carter, Chip the Ripper, Pill and more…..

bungee for the tracklist and download….


Trey Songz – Unplugged

Ripped audio from the MTV special over at the NMC. Retail should be coming soon, but I know you want this shit now.

Hit the bungee to download


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

Video for Lupe’s first single off of L.A.S.E.R.S

I had no problems with the cardboard cut out themed videos until Cudi & Snoop. From now on every time I see cardboard cut outs in a music video I’m going to flash back to that trippy ass shit.

Video – Jeezy feat. Plies – Lose My Mind

Pretty damn good video for one of my favorite tracks this year. TM 103 coming soon.


Still laugh every time I hear that line…..

T.I. – Welcome Back To The Trap

Second leak off of T.I.’s upcoming project with DJ Drama F*#@ Mixtape. The first leak, I’m Back, was pretty lackluster in my opinion and the reason why it wasn’t posted.

TANGENT: That’s the purpose of this site, I’ll sift through the R.B. material, and only post what I feel is worth it so you don’t have to. (Sorry, R&B, given that outside a few artist this genre is all but dead, you’re not gonna get a lot of love over here at The Census)

Download and trailer for F*#$ A Mixtape after the bungee


Cam’ron & Vado feat. Kid Cudi – You’re Killing Me

This track is supposedly on the upcoming mixtape Boss of All Bosses 2.5 (DJ Drama). Alchemist with the production Cudi on the hook.


Hit the bungee to download…


Curren$y – King Kong aka Fisher Price: My First iTunes Purchase

This is a monumental day. Thanks to a very passionate (nullus) conversation, with blackgatsby, about my love for music but me neglecting to actually purchase an artists music (three album purchases since 2003), I am trying to turn over a new leaf.  Today I made my very first itunes purchase. The fact that I stumbled through the itunes store is pretty pathetic but what the hell, better late then never. Check out the link to support Curren$y’s first single off of his upcoming project Pilot Talk.

Hit the bungee for more amazing screenshots from my iPhone as well as a promo video for Pilot Talk and a track that Spitta released this morning from a session with (YAAAAAAAAAAA) Ski Beatz. (more…)

Cam’ron (As DMX for a sec) feat. Vado – Speakin’ Tungs


His X impersonation was so on point lol.

“I DO WHAT I DO WHAT I DOES!!!!…..I DO WHAT I WANT….love is love….”

Hit the bungee to download.

DMX Cam’ron feat. Vado – Speakin’ Tungs – zshare

Lebron > Cal Ripken Jr.

Lebron hit the most ridiculous shot yesterday in the blowout win over the Bulls.

This shot will get overlooked because :

1. It was in a blowout win and whether he makes or misses the shot the Cavs still win by 20+.

2. It wasn’t some disrespectful dunk where his nuts are placed on someones forehead.

But to me, this is probably the most impressive shot I’ve seen in recent memory. It shows you how inhumane he is. Check out the first thirty seconds of this video below.

Just a regular pull up jumper with a hand in the face right?

Now check out the next shot from yesterday:

Notice anything different in the shot (besides where he was shooting it from). This guy can casually stutter step into a pull up jump shot at half court as if he was taking the same shot from the elbow.

If you ever watch any other player in the league shoot a half court shot, its some awkward desperation heave off of one foot or somehthing. Half court shots are so easy for Lebron that his motion is no different whether he’s at half or at the foul line. Unfair.

Big K.R.I.T feat. Devin the Dude – Moon & Stars

Off of Big K.R.I.T ‘s upcoming project K.R.I.T Wuz Here dropping May 3nd.

jump to download….


Jay West – Summer Nights

Don’t know who Jay West is but this is off his upcoming project Drugs + Candy. Def feeling this shit.

Hit the bungee for the visuals and download.


Brand Nubian V. Juelz Santana

Some old school v. new school for your Friday….

What you are is a slut girlllllll…..

The Greater Than Club

I’m going to keep this simple. DrewPee aka N.A.B (New Age Bullshitter) is was an aspiring artist. Staying true to his name he’s pretty much bullshitted the past 6 months by either, making excuses on why he’s bullshitting or makign wak ass songs about holding his bitches hand. So because I’m in a hateful mood I’ll be posting artist who are better than him, in a section called “The Greater Than Club”.

First Up:

Lyric the Cal Ripken Jr. God

Ciroc Star

In celebration of my bro, Pimp D, going down to Radford for “Quadfest” (Annual shitshow), with all of his “Diddy Bopulars”, I’m posting the Ciroc Star video (feat. Chester French, Jadakiss and of course Diddy).

After the jump check  a public service announcement on drinking Ciroc responsibly (I’m sure these will be totally ignored this weekend)…Enjoy my nigga.


How to Make it in America – Renewed

Much to Drewpee’s delight Entourage: NY (sans Ari) How to Make it in America  is being picked up for a second season. Personally the show didnt do much for me, but given Drewpee and Ben’s (main character) striking similarities when it comes to pursuing their dreams, I can see why he might gravitate towards it. Full story seen at TVGuide.com

BK Mimosas FTW

Not Only is this Ad disrespectful, but equally amazing and irrelevant to this post, well…sort of.

Burger King is now serving Brunch. Yes, you heard me right, as if that Rosie O’Donnel of a sandwich “the double down” wasn’t enough, now they are offering the trendy brunch menu to the wallet (not health) conscious consumer.

The Brunch Menu will include: BK Mimosas (non alcoholic, boooo), Egg bowls (similar to KFCs chicken bowls but with Eggs…???) lol, and of course, the Double Whopper. Now I dont know about you, but my morning is not complete without a Mimosa and a fucking Double Whopper.

Burger King is officially the reason why your girlfriend is fat.

What’s next? We’re gonna have dudes in the hood running around talkin about Jadakiss, Weed, and brunch. Not bad at all…My how the world turns.

Wade’s Dilema: Wet Willies or Winning

I was watching Game 1 of the Celtics V. Heat series the other day and it was incredibly apparent that Wade is ghost after this season. The only thing that could keep him in town is Wet Willies. I know if I were him my affinity for “Call-A-Cab’s” would definitely carry alot of weight when making the decision on whether to leave town or not.