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Troy Ave. Feat. Weeknd – I Got You (Prod. Lando Beats)

sampling the weeknd>>>>>>> actual weeknd songs…..


Nas Feat. Guy – Bye Bye Baby (Video)

visuals for my favorite nas song since “hate me now”….yea its been that long

kinda been a summer anthem for thecensus population, shouts to humz, gold, tom brady, drewpee, me…..etc..etc…

2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West – Birthday Song (Video)


“she gotta big booty…..so i call ‘er big booty…”

this shit is trippy as hell

Kendrick Lamar does NOT talk about the ‘lati (Video)


he’s so spooked by the lati, that he wont even speak on it lol…..

A$AP Mob – Lord$ Never Worry (Mixtape)


features from a whole rack of people…..bawse gellar says hes 8 tracks in and it slaps….thats a good enough cosign for me…..

Troy Ave. Live from Kilofornia (Video)


dead @ the N.W.yAy hat lol


dry snitching on himself….only in america lol

13 year old Meek Mill (Video)


over that dipset anthem

Manny Fresh Interview (Video)


Whilst in New Orleans for Essence Festival 2012, SoulCulture TV sat down with DJ and prolific former-Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh at the House of Blues to discuss his hometown, commercial Hip Hop’s need to diversify, his thoughts on the Southern scene, what it’s been like working with Kanye West and the crew on Cruel Summer, and Lil Wayne’s work ethic. He had a lot to say. — SoulCulture

Rick Ross brings out David Copperfield (Video)

2 Chainz talks his boats and hoes performance (Video)

candy dishes of molly though?



Big Sean – Detroit Mixtape (Trailer)

sept. 5th

Major Lazer – Get Free Feat. Amber of the Dirty Projectors (Video)

diplo and switch shit

Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad (Video)

this shit is good…really good

Sir Michael Rocks – GED (Video)


rented bentleys……

off the mediocre lap of lux….spitta i think its time you link up with your label mate for a joint ep or something, get this nigga back on track

Bloke throws house party in IKEA (Video)


humz youll appreciate this one lol

Lil Wayne Hates NYC: Birdman Responds – NY Senator Demands Apology (Video)


lol is this real life?

A$AP Ferg – Work (Prod. Lex Luger) [Video]


im fucking with this heavy….off the upcoming lord$ never worry project that drops next week

you hear them hi hats humz? GHETTO CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!!


Rick Ross – Amsterdam (Video)

untouchable maybach empire

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Young Jeezy – Westside, Right On Time (Prod. Canei Finch)




and just like i predicted earlier, new kendrick ….featuring the snowman


black hippy soon?

Kanye West’s back up dancers flash mob on a plane (Video)

theyre wearing way too many clothes though….

Rozay plays ball…….again (Video)


rozay plays 21 against his jewler, his engineer and his reebok rep lol……i HAD to post this because i was talking about how surprised i was that rozay had a nice set shot and humz instantly hit me with that …..well id like to go on record and say that i stand corrected….. the boss is jewgawd awful lol

– his handles are almost as bad as drewpee’s……ALMOST

– if youre playing a game of 21, you should sweat a little bit right?

– if youre a reebok rep, you should be ALOT better than that no? or maybe he was just letting rozay win

– the olympic music had me in tears

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girl (Live @ S.O.B’s)







Every Given Sunday Podcast – 2.0 (Back For the First Time)


In this latest episode of the new EveryGivenSunday show, we are joined by DrewP and Nav to discuss a myriad of topics. Some of what we discuss: The Brooklyn Nets, Drew P & Jakes go to the Dominican Republic , Jakes meets iRobot, Gold’s birthday weekend, James Holmes, potential loss of your penis for $100 Million, a listener emails the EGS crew for relationship advice, Rick Ross plays basketball, Aaron Sorkin, Peter Parker, porn addiction, and much more.

thats right….the egs crew is back after a brief hiatus and we come back kinda hard lol….easily the most raw, grimiest episode we’ve done….before you skip out early for the weekend, throw this on and enjoy

and be sure to follow us @egspodcast

Action Bronson – Shiraz (Video)

woman: i havent had sex in twenty one years

bronso: wow….you ready ? you ready for tomorrow?


i know this is old but i aint posted it, and its a ill song and funny vid….

congrats to bronsolini for inking a deal with warner bros. (whose really doing their thing on the hip hop end)

shouts to nav the creator