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Archive for August, 2012

Troy Ave. Feat. Weeknd – I Got You (Prod. Lando Beats)

sampling the weeknd>>>>>>> actual weeknd songs…..


Nas Feat. Guy – Bye Bye Baby (Video)

visuals for my favorite nas song since “hate me now”….yea its been that long

kinda been a summer anthem for thecensus population, shouts to humz, gold, tom brady, drewpee, me…..etc..etc…

2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West – Birthday Song (Video)


“she gotta big booty…..so i call ‘er big booty…”

this shit is trippy as hell

Kendrick Lamar does NOT talk about the ‘lati (Video)


he’s so spooked by the lati, that he wont even speak on it lol…..

A$AP Mob – Lord$ Never Worry (Mixtape)


features from a whole rack of people…..bawse gellar says hes 8 tracks in and it slaps….thats a good enough cosign for me…..

Troy Ave. Live from Kilofornia (Video)


dead @ the N.W.yAy hat lol


dry snitching on himself….only in america lol

13 year old Meek Mill (Video)


over that dipset anthem