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Big Sean speaks on “Control” (Video)

1. thats real that sean didnt go back and re-write his verse when he heard kendrick’s

2. as nice as i think sean is even on his best day, if kendrick is spitting like that, he cant reach that level, so it woulda been an exercise in futility

3. “New York is maaaaaad” lol

Big Sean Feat. Kendrick Lamar X Jay Electronica – Control (Prod. No I.D.)


update: for the clown ass snowden ass nigga in russia throwing rocks at the blogging throne….



this will not make sean’s sophomore hall of fame due to sampling issues (priks)…..kendrick murders his verse of course and jay electronica comes out of “i retired from rap before actually rapping” retirement to spit some bars as well…..that billionaire pussy must be nice my nigga

Big Sean – Fire (Video)

























Drake Feat. 2 Chainz X Big Sean – All Me (Prod. KeYWane)




for drake’s next single off his upcoming project nothing was the same he gets 2 chainz and yea…big sean? i could have sworn on sean don’s latest mixtape detroit (so cold in the mutha fuckin D) he was taking shots at him on the track “rwt”?

just read the lyrics:


I made a mil before twenty-five, man and I ain’t even no lie
Bitch I ain’t sayin’ that shit to brag neither, I’m sayin’ that to inspire
I’m like, damn boy, fuck you sayin’ boy?
Hatin’ on me, knowin’ that you is a fan boy
When I’m around you call me Cuz like we fam boy?
Rappin’ like me let’s me know that I’m the man boy

hmmmm? well im glad they patched it up….or drake just straight ignored the jabs….


Big Sean Feat. Lil’ Wayne X Jhene’ Aiko – Beware



off that hall of fame album that’ll be dropping in august???

Big Sean Feat. Common – Switch Up (Prod. Mano X No I.D.)


hall of fame

Big Sean Feat. French Montana – Mula (Video)



Big Sean – Guap (Video)


this goes out to my old hoes……

hall of fame in 2013

Rick Ross – Clique Freestyle (Video)


brought to you by the untouchable maybach empire

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MAYBACH MUSIC

Story Time With Jalen Rose: Jalen Rose Steals Patrick Ewing’s TV (Video)

lol @ jalen carrying a bat….nigga is so detroit…..he shoulda had a skit on big seans detroit mixtape….

Kendrick Lamar gets passed the torch by westcoast greats (Video)

the next handful post are gonna be dedicated to the homie kendrick lamar, for finally dropping his anticipated major label debut…..i know i already posted this a while ago, but i think its a good place to start……and for those that havent heard it yet….he doesnt disappoint…AT.ALL

i pride myself on being right before anyone else about artist blowing (khalifa, sean, drake etc…) and feel absolulte shame for being wrong (charles hamilton, asher roth…)

but with those five artist i mentioned, they all had a project, or a mini buzz and i checked them out and gave em a co sign…i hit the shit out of the park with the kid kendrick….

i randomly stumbled upon the “she needs me” video, liked it enough to download the kendrick lamar ep and just like that i thought he was hip hop’s new messiah and i was going to tell any and everyone that would listen…

“they said seven tracks, i said fifteeen, call it an ep, they said im trippin”

so congrats to kendrick for proving me so fucking right….if this doesnt verify that thecensus is gospel…i dont know what willll

ya bissshhhhh


Rick Ross – I Don’t Like (Freestyle) [Video]

the black bar mitzvah

Meek Mill Feat. Big Sean – Burn (Video)


dreams and nightmares drops at the end of this month….

GGN: Snoop Dogg & Action Bronson Talk Rap, Food, & More (Video)

lol i cant believe that “young eggs” story that snoop told on big sean’s detroit mixtape is real

bronson was SMACKED lol

Big Sean X Jay-Z X Kanye West – Clique (Prod. Hit-Boy)

“My girl a superstar all from a home movie”

yea im fucking with this one heavy…..

Big Sean – RWT (Roll Weed Time) [Video]


off that detroit mixtape which drops TODAY…..

shouts to heltah skeltah and bawse gellar…..

Big Sean – Detroit Mixtape (Trailer)

sept. 5th

Lil’ Wayne Feat. Big Sean – My Homies Still (Video)


well this video is rather trippy, is it not?…..off wayne’s upcmoming i am not a human being ii ……so much for that g.0.0.d Music and young money beef alot of people were waiting on?

Dusty McFly Feat. Big Sean X DOM KENNEDY – I’m On It (Remix) [Prod. D Elliott]

i have no idea waht the fuck a dusty mcfly is, but he got dom and sean for the remix, and the beat kinda bangs, so he gets a post, consider yourself lucky, dusty….

bungee to download…


Meek Mill Feat. Big Sean – Burn (Prod. Jahlil Beats)

this is late i know i know, but this is for the homie drewpee, you don’t like that, suck a fucking dick faggot ….and i don’t even post on weekends so what the fuck you here for anyway?

bungee to download


Kanye West X Pusha T X Big Sean X 2 Chainz – Mercy (Video)

now THIS is a fucking music video….damn

Kanye West Feat. Big Sean XPusha T X 2 Chainz – Mercy (Prod. Lifted)

first single of the highly anticipated g.o.o.d music compilation album….

big sean, pusha titty 2 chainz and yeezy…..produced by lifted (never heard of homie)

bungeee to shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Big Sean Feat. 2 Chainz – Keep It Gee

[audio http://ia700802.us.archive.org/10/items/keepitgee/BigSeanFt2Chainz-keepItGee.mp3]

this dropped a few days ago, but it was tagged the fuck up, here’s the tag less cdq version….off sean’s upcoming FFOE mixtape …both these niggas rhymes be making me laugh lol

bungee to download…

Voyer Presents: Kanye West – Church (Video)

this video shows some behind the scenes of the wtt tour (very illuminati-esque), highlights big sean and kanye’s relationship (pause) and even gives props to one of the most underrated hip hop producers EVAR, mannie fresh….

drewpee you’re right though, yeezy’s twitter is weird as fuck..