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Cam’ron – Golden Friends (Prod. Kinsmuv)


this has that vintage cam sound to it….maybe off of killa season 2???

Smoke DZA – The Ghost Of Dipset (Prod. King Thelonious)


if you didnt know…today marks the 10 year anniversary of the dipolomats dropping the street classic diplomatic immunity ….this is my favorite hip hop double album evar…..

smoke dza commemorates the day with a tribute track…..

Cam’ron Live in Philly (Live)


killa performs some classics……he still got it (paws)

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Camron – Call My Bluff (Video)


jak3s:  cam is like AI to me i kinda want him to just gracefully bow out lol

 Humz:  ha, arent strictly features just that?
off that o.n.i.f.c

Diplomats – Dipset Anthem (Live)


this shit throws me all the way back to the 4 runner days with a phat ass dutch bitch in my passenger seat…..meeeeeeeemorrrrriiiieeeeeessss lol

cam was so fucking nice back then….

13 year old Meek Mill (Video)


over that dipset anthem

Mac Miller – Macadellic (Mixtape)

i know, i know, about a year back ells, threatened to ban me from blogging if i ever posted anything related to mac miller again…. but when i saw this tracklist, the features alone make it worth a listen….well ive been listening to this shit for about a week now and i can honestly say i kinda fuck with it….it seems like the homie mac is all growed up…..no more preemie raps, and the production is pretty damn good as well….ive streamed it below for you to give a listen, if you like it, hit the bungee to download….

01 Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds)
02 Desperado (prod. ID Labs)
03 Loud (prod. ID Labs)
04 Thoughts From A Balcony (prod. Sap)
05 Aliens Fighting Robots f. Sir Michael Rocks (prod. Brandun Deshay)
06 Vitamins (prod. ID Labs)
07 Fight The Feeling f. Kendrick Lamar & Iman Omari (prod. Iman Omari)
08 Lucky Ass Bitch f. Juicy J (prod. Lex Luger)
09 The Mourning After (prod. Two Fresh)
10 1 Threw 8 (prod. Black Diamond)
11 Ignorant f. Cam’ron (prod. Cardo)
12 The Question f. Lil Wayne (prod. Wally West & ID Labs)
13 Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes) (prod. Clams Casino)
14 Sunlight f. Iman Omari (prod. Teddy Roxpin)
15 Clarity (prod. ID Labs & Ritz Reynolds)
16 America f. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$ (prod. Hannibal King)
17 Fuck ‘Em All (prod. ID Labs)


Cam’ron X Mac Miller – Dig That (Prod. Big Jerm)

“Me and Cam are actually talking about doing a project together. We don’t know when we’re gonna do it. We have three or four songs recorded already. We’re working on more at this point.

We’re two funny guys. We cut up a lot in the studio, and have a good time and make some dope music. I think the cool thing is that it’s an unexpected collaboration that actually turned out dope. We wanna do some soulful hip-hop sh*t, while also making some hard sh*t and some fun music. [We’re] making sure that we do it in a way that’s different than other people who have done projects together. It’s still in the brainstorming stage, but we definitely have some dope records done. He’s got a lot of knowledge in that he’s schooling me on.”

wow this lil jew cant fucking lose can he?

this shit kinda goes though

bungee to download

Cam’ron Love Rihanna (Video)

speaking of rihanna again…..lol while driving around in his bent…camron expresses his love for a rihanna song…i heard he has one of the most ratchet twitter accounts, i need to follow homie asap.

Cam’ron jumps iTunes employee (Video)


iTunes bitch: yes

cam: YOU DONT KNOW MY FACE?!!?!?!??!

iTunes bitch: no


LOL awww man this is great shit….im copping this shit off this video alone….pick up boss of all bosses 3 HERE 

Cam’ron X Vado X Weed Carrier X Couple Video Hoes (Video)

lol so many things wrong with thsi video…

-cam getting his own photoshoot on with his iphone (kinda creepy)

– vado trying to swipe cam’s hoe

– and that chick saying she wouldnt let cam bust in her face?

……i agree cam, i agree

Road to Wet Willies: Cam’ron – Leave Me Alone Part 2

in about a month or so imma head down to the good ol’ 305 for some sun, wet willies and hopefully fuckery….this is one of my favorite times of the year because not only am i on my way to oceans drive and collins ave, but i’m actually motivated to get back in the fucking gym on a serious tip (not on some “as long as i dont look like chris christie im good” shit)….

i know youre probably asking “what the fuck does jakes get hard body (pause) to?” ….well for the next month, every weekday, imma post my favorite tracks from my “work” playlist…

by the end of next week youll see a trend….but fuck it, its good fucking music and shit you can work out to. so get ready to add some good shit to your workout playlist OR for fuckers like drewpee whove never worked out a day in their lives, create a playlist and add the songs daily, because by this time next month, youll have a playlist that you can get right to.

with our first installment we’re going with a cut off of cam’ron’s best album purple haze produced by skitzo….shit bangs

hit the R2WW to download….


ASAP Rocky Talks Dipset (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the harlemite ASAP Rocky speaks on the influence that the diplomats had on them growing up……..

Cam’ron – “What typa ass is dat?” (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

complex did a pretty amazing list of the top ten most ignorant cam’ron moments ….he has alot to choose from, and i cant argue with their selection at all, but this one was by far the most hilarious.

im not sure if this is compeltely NSFW but jsut to be safe imma tag it as such (just ass, no titties lol)

check the rest of complex’s list HERE

Diplomats Interview with Miss Info (Video)

the dips tells some stories about their days on roc-a-fella….. dead @ his jigga impersonation lol

hit the bungee for more of the interview….


Wiz Talks Best Ad-Libs and Cam’ron (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i actually cant argue with wiz’s list, but i added a couple sleepers to my top 5:

1. Too $hort (BIATCH!)

2. Rick Ross (BAWSE!, ROZAY!, UGH, WOOOO!)

3. Young Jeezy (YEEEEEEEEA!)

4. Jim Jones (JONES! BALLIN!)

5. Mark Morrison, number 1 on the r&b list (COME ON!, HERE….I….GO! etc…)

Cam’ron X Vado (U.N.) – Hey Muma (Video)

i had no idea, but this song is HUGE in ny clubs….dont get me wrong i like this shit alot, but its getting little to no play around these parts…..what does cam have against coach bags?

head over to nahright to listen to a good ass interview with cam and vado (fast forward to around the 20 minute mark, cam’s late)…they speak on cam’s basketball career (5th team all american and signed his letter of intent to university of miami) and why he quit, him riding around the bronx in big puns van during the winter time spraying crack heads with water guns, cam’s favorite artist growing up etc…..

Cam’ron X Vado – Hey Muma

what the fuck is a “muma”? definition here (lol ONLY harlem niggas would come up with shit like this). ok ive been holding back on this one for a while for a while….i was on the fence for a long ass time with this one, but then i realized everytime the shit came on i was bobbing my head (pause) like a motherfucker…so yea this shit goes bungee to download….


Cam’ron X Vado – Girls Cry (Video)

[vimeo vimeo.com/21581963]

visuals for a track of cam and vado’s U.N. project Gunz ‘n Butta…..ells X gatsby, we been on that polo bear shit for years….yeeeeeears.


Cam’ron & Freekey Zekey Talk About The Recent Mass Deaths Of Animals (Video)

“We some mammals…..”

illuminati, masons, and 2012 believers unite!!!!!!!

Shottas (Movie Trailer)

Jazz considers herself a  horror film buff. she prides herself on seeing the scariest movies out. im not really a movie guy, so i assume she knows what she’s talking about. this isnt a horror movie, but she says this movie is a must see, so yea everyone fire up the hookah (or….) grab a drink and check out the movie people are calling, belly meets miami vice (ok, no ones calling that).

I cant help but think of this song when i see the movie title.

Kanye West feat. Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean – Christmas in Harlem

The first radio rip/unfinished version dropped about a week ago, but you know there was no way that low quality  bullshit was gonna see the light of day on this blog.

Yeezy enlist a whole rack of niggas for this one….even Killa and Jones, who fucking dissed him on a track “Toast” literally a couple months ago…im guessing those Dipset Reunion checks aren’t as big as they thought they’d be….*shrugs*

Bungee to download….


The Diplomats – Dipset Anthem, I Really Mean It & Santana’s Town (Video)

Shout to gatsby for the great dipset rap city post, got a nigga super nostalgic. I had to follow up with probably the best Hip Hop awards performance I’ve ever seen. This shit was like a ghetto opera with the acting an cinematography.

Where do i start?

– the fiends getting that work on the corner (classic)
-the big nigga choking the nigga off stage (classic)
-cam with the old school oozi (classic)
-if anyone can tell me waht zeeky was doing at 2:45 ill give you $20
-that “YEA YEA YEA YEA !” gave a nigga goosebumps

Kanye West feat. Pusha T X CyHi Da Prynce X Big Sean & J. Cole – Looking For Trouble

Another G.O.O.D Friday offering from ‘Ye. J. Cole murders this shit.

Sample from Steel Pulse’s “Blue Dance Raid”.

This shit is nice but Killa’s “Bubble Music” >>> “Looking For Trouble”


Bungee to download…