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Polyester the Saint Feat. L.E.$ X Mann – Late Night Dippin’


amotherfuckingsigh…..this is when i know ive been slipping….polyester the saint (one of my three niggas to watch in ’13) dropped a tape, that ive been waiting for since november and im JUST finding out about it

sooooo goood

anyway here’s the second leak off of it…the first was 500 benz

stream below and download at the bottom


download here

L.E.$ – World Go Round



exquisite ep coming soon

L.E.$ – Real Nigga Flow (Video)

struggle continues

L.E.$ – The Struggle Continues (Mixtape)

the follow up to my favorite l.e.$ mixtape the beautiful struggle dropped this weekend…..production from the usual suspects (stunt n dozier dsf mr. rogers etc…..)…lets see if this lives up to the first one

bungee for track list and download


L.E.$- My Life (Video)

one of my favorite tracks from the homie gets the visual treatment.

L.E.$. Feat. Bun B – Mothership (Video)



l.e.$ is dropping ANOTHER mixtape soon, this one titled playa potna….his grind is impressive as fuck…

L.E.$ – Trilla (Freestyle) [Video]

l.e.$ is ON HIS GRIND……hes got another project coming out in july….like i said….GRIND.

L.E.$ – Smoke and Ride (Video)

more L.E. Dolla off that menace

L.E.$ – No Love (Video)

one of my favorite tracks off menace gets some visuals….

L.E.$ – Chasing Sunsets X Trilla (Freestyle)

the homie le$ has been on his grind heavy this first quarter…he just dropped the dope project menace last week…

Chasing Sunsets (Prod. Mr. Rogers) – some feel good, early spring time, riding around with the windows down, checking out the skirts shit

Trilla Freestyle – le$ murders this clams casino beat….

bungee to download….

L.E.$ – Menace (Mixtape)

the up and coming boss hogg outlaw has been on his grind lately….gatsby was talking to homies manager a while ago and was asking when he was gonna start to make that push, well it looks like 2012 is the year….this project is smooth as fuck as usual with a old school feel to it….

production from dsf, cardo mr.rogers and more……

bungee for tracklist and download…


L.E.$ Feat. Mac Miller X Slim Thug X Dom Kennedy – Doing My Thing (Prod. Mr. Rogers)

this kid mac miller is everywhere nowadays…..i aint hating though…smooth shit off l.e.$ ‘s upcoming project menace

mr. rogers on the boards….

bungee to download.


L.E.$ – Black Hoodie Rap (Video)

or “rob me a nigga rap” whichever you prefer….

l.e.$ still trying to make that late push for the xxl freshman cover (aint gonna happen)….off the upcoming project menace

L.E.$ – Cali (Video)

im fucking with the barrage of visuals lately from dude…..gatsby and i were talking about l.e.$ about a year ago around this time, and abouthow he needed to be making more of a push to get his name out there….too little too late (for 2012 at least)…the xxl freshman ballot is up and l.e.$ is no where to be see, but thats his own fault….lets hope he’s got more shit up his sleeve for 2012…..


L.E.$ – Havin’ Thangs (Video)

off that settle 4 l.e.$ vol 2

shouts to ells….

L.E.$ – Wanna Live (Video)

more boss hogg shit….from l.e.$ off that settle 4 l.e.$ vol. 2 mixtape

L.E.$ Feat. Slim Thug – Smoking On Exotic (Video)

i was going to post this track today, but then i saw that they just released a video for it….thats a 2 chainz sample and mr. rogers on the boards… for those scoring at home off that settle 4 l.e.$ vol. 2

bungee to download…


L.E.$ – The Flyest (Video)

this is NOT on l.e.$’s latest mixtape  settle 4 l.e.$ vol. 2…if you havent downloaded yet do yourself a favor and cop HERE. the production is silly….

L.E.$ Feat. Paul Wall X Killa Kyleon – 3rd Coastin’ (Video)

ive been late as hell on shit man, hopefully 2012, ill be able to get back on my grind… anyway, here’s the first visuals off of l.e.$ recent mixtape settle for l.e.$ vol. 2, featuring houston vets, killa kyleon (is he still a boss hogg outlaw?) and paul wall…cardo on the boards

like what you here? download the mixtape HERE.

L.E.$ – The Flyest (Freestyle)

apparently this is some classic nas beat (LOL i kid i kid! calm down drewpee)….this guys been way too quiet man, still bang that quiktape on the regular…off his upcoming project the collection check out the trailer HERE

boosh to download….


Dom Kennedy X Curren$y – Hennessy Beach (Prod. Mr. Rogers)

“you like how that drink tasted…mix it with some pre-cum….” lol

spitta and dom go in over  mr. roger’s (all of L.E.$’ s Beautiful Struggle and Dom’s “1997“) production….this was supposed to make from the westside with love ii but curren$y didnt submit his verse in time….ill just add it as a bonus track….

bungee to download…


L.E.$ – Roll One (Video)

ells favorite track off of L.E.$ Beautiful Struggle project gets some visuals….gatsby and i were talking about how this guy isnt getting nearly enough exposure/hype given the quality of work he puts out….

XXL Freshmen Class 2011 Vs. TheCensus Freshmen ’11

the list is not good….

and its not because mac miller, yelawolf or lil’ b made the list…..even though they arent my cup of tea, i can recognize that they earned their spot on the list. meek mill? ehhhhh, cyhi da prynce? ehhhhh, fred the godson? WHO??!?!, lil twist? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! YG? now they’ve officially disrespected my intelligence….

how does vado not make this list? im actually floored that dom kennedy didnt get on this cover….gatsby, drewpee and i were 100% sure he’d make the list.

congrats on losing all credibility with this list, XXL. youre beginning to look more and more like the fucking source.

hit the bungee to see thecensus freshman list

Fuck XXL

DJ Quik Feat. Gift Reynolds – Luv of My Life

the westcoast legend’s Book Of David drops soon….L.E.$ better get a feature….im just sayin.

bungee to download….