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More Reks, More Primo – “Say Goodnight”

Jakes IDK why you reminded me about this guy. But this mother fucker goes in on these primo beats lol.

Chris Brown & Big Sean – Making of “Shit God Damn” and “Glitter”

Glitter is on some no homo shit. (Sean kills his verse)

This shits cool. And Shit God Damn goes. Jakes Cosigns.

McKenzie Eddy Feat. Curren$y X Wiz Khalifa – Silence

this was originally on spitta’s pilot talk 2 with a slightly different (not as good) beat….add wiz and this replaces the pilot talk 2 version on my itunes….whose mckenzie eddy? some emo, hippie white bitch that dame was yamming out and fell for then hired her as his “personal assistant”….i see what you did there…..

bungee to download…


Reks – 25th hour (Prod. DJ Premier)

drewpee youre gonna love this shit….preemo murders this one….remy ma and nas sample, dont know where the second one comes from though…..i dont know who reks is, but this nigga does this shit plenty justice…

Golden era shit…

bungee to download…


Kidz In The Hall ft. Curren$y & Mikkey Halsted – Pledge Allegiance To The Dope

Spittas stories >>>>>

The kidz from chicago team up with two ex cash money members for some nice shit…

pledge allegiance to the dope>>>>>>pledge allegiance to the swag (merlot in a parking garage)


Wiz Khalifa Feat. Too $hort – On My Level (Video)

wiz gets Mr. “i fucked two girls at the same tiiiiiime” on a track of wiz’s upcoming album Rolling Papers….

bungee to download


Pac Div – Anti-Freeze

the cali underdogs drop something off their upcoming mixtape Mania…i love how this is edited, like itd ever get play in the club and or radio (just saying)….

Still no release for Grown Kid’s Syndrome…..gatsby you nervous yet?