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More Reks, More Primo – “Say Goodnight”

Jakes IDK why you reminded me about this guy. But this mother fucker goes in on these primo beats lol.

Chris Brown & Big Sean – Making of “Shit God Damn” and “Glitter”

Glitter is on some no homo shit. (Sean kills his verse)

This shits cool. And Shit God Damn goes. Jakes Cosigns.

McKenzie Eddy Feat. Curren$y X Wiz Khalifa – Silence

this was originally on spitta’s pilot talk 2 with a slightly different (not as good) beat….add wiz and this replaces the pilot talk 2 version on my itunes….whose mckenzie eddy? some emo, hippie white bitch that dame was yamming out and fell for then hired her as his “personal assistant”….i see what you did there…..

bungee to download…


Reks – 25th hour (Prod. DJ Premier)

drewpee youre gonna love this shit….preemo murders this one….remy ma and nas sample, dont know where the second one comes from though…..i dont know who reks is, but this nigga does this shit plenty justice…

Golden era shit…

bungee to download…


Kidz In The Hall ft. Curren$y & Mikkey Halsted – Pledge Allegiance To The Dope

Spittas stories >>>>>

The kidz from chicago team up with two ex cash money members for some nice shit…

pledge allegiance to the dope>>>>>>pledge allegiance to the swag (merlot in a parking garage)


Wiz Khalifa Feat. Too $hort – On My Level (Video)

wiz gets Mr. “i fucked two girls at the same tiiiiiime” on a track of wiz’s upcoming album Rolling Papers….

bungee to download


Pac Div – Anti-Freeze

the cali underdogs drop something off their upcoming mixtape Mania…i love how this is edited, like itd ever get play in the club and or radio (just saying)….

Still no release for Grown Kid’s Syndrome…..gatsby you nervous yet?


Lil’ B – Motivation (Video)

no we arent laughing at this nigga this time….i heard this shit and liked it, but initially thought i was tripping (its fucking lil b!)….so i forwarded it over to drewpee and he cosigned it as well. wish the sound quality was better though or id rip the mp3 for yall niggas….



ok back to making fun of him….i couldnt help it lol

Smoke Dza Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Mara Hruby – How Far We Go

“the last of a dying breed too many wak artists…so tell them parappa the rapper niggas to rap harder….”

i have no idea what/who a mara hruby is but you know i fucks with dza and lamar heavy. this is some real smooth shit. off of dza’s up coming project THC (The Hustlers Chronicle) dropping ???


Rick Ross – Devil in a New Dress (Video)

lack of post the past couple of days due to getting hit by a snow storm and being swamped with work….ill make up for it today with a bunch of post…. rozay gives visuals for his verse off of my favorite track off Kanye’s latest album…

untouchable maybach empire >>>>>>>

Wiz Khalifa- Roll Up

here’s a poppy ass track off (jv, youll prolly love this shit) wiz upcoming major label debut Rolling Papers which drops in late march. and by roll up he’s not talking abotu what he usually talks about…

bungee to download…get it quick cuz now that he’s major, them internet pigs are gonna confiscate the fuck outta this


The only reason you need to go to a Nets/Cavs game…..


click for the gif version

lol that nigga in the middle is drooling…..shit, if i had that view, id fuck around and get season tickets,…..

John Salley talks about his Sugar Momma (Video)

former (multiple) nba champion John Salley talks about when he had a sugar momma…..those that know me, know that this is the life ive been trying to lead for years…fucking bullshit….

Kendrick Lamar Signing (Video)

this is the same spot that they threw Ab-Souls listening party for Long Term 2. Kendrick previews two J. Cole collabos and one track he did with Gucci Mane (before you get all ‘this aint real hip hop on me’, watch the video and listen the song sounds kinda ill)

cameos from the whole black hippy crew, bj the chicago kid, sounwave  (tde in house producer), dj dave  and javonte (does the hook on “she needs me“)

Cam’ron & Freekey Zekey Talk About The Recent Mass Deaths Of Animals (Video)

“We some mammals…..”

illuminati, masons, and 2012 believers unite!!!!!!!

Big K.R.I.T. & Grillade – Hometown Hero (Live In Studio)

off K.R.I.T and Grillade’s Wuz Here Sessions EP, which is a remake of the critically acclaimed project K.R.I.T Wuz Here.

Beer filling up from the bottom….

 this is ill as hell and could eliminate long beer lines…only thing is all the dc sports teams are ass and it’s never crowded to the point where i need to wait more than a couple minutes for a beer. but cities that have successful sports teams, this shit is gonna change the game.  see more at bottomsupbeer.com

MTV First Date -Lil B (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Lol this guy is hilarious…..

Big Ben gets a taste of his own medicine…..(PAUSE)


Mendenhall, nigga youre def a champion (fantasy football) in my book, but that was uncalled for lol…..

Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow (Live @ AFC Championship Game)

first things first….condolences to drewpee for his loss, valiant effort in the 2nd half….

when this shit first came out, i had no fucking idea this was gonna be the nationwide hit it is now..(drewpee good call), crazy shit. that shit at the end when he got the whole crowd going crazy has to be the illest thing ever tho

Fly.Union, Schoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar in the Studio (Video)

cant wait to hear the the final product for this collabo….Fly. Union’s upcoming project The Greater Than Club drops March 1st.

Drew P – Come On (Rough)



im a little drunk, going through drew p’s playlist (i do that alot when im on that vo, and yes he has enough tracks to where i can make a decent length playist)  right now and some shit he did on garageband caught my ear….as much shit as i talk about homie, the dude can spit a little bit…..this was supposed to be the second verse off a track titled “They Wanna Know” on his e.p. Kicking the Habit (fyi that shits never coming out) but he never actually recorded the shit in the studio….frontier on the boards….

DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT lol (not a shameless plug i promise)

Troy Ave – Whole Lotta Base

lol OH SHIT!!?!?!….gatsby, this one knocks a little bit lol….

pimp d….he shouts out your drink tooo

….im on my ciroc and simply lemonade raspberry……

bungee to download….


Dom Kennedy – Locals Only (Extended Version)

this dropped a while back along with the video, i just never gave a download link.

so hit the bungee to download.