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Black Babies and White Babies

How Black babies communicate

How white babies communicate

JAkes if you dont enjoy this you’re gay.

Rolling Papers projected to sell 190-210 first week….


goodness make a nigga wanna sing a horrible song......"i roll up....i roll up....shorty when i roll up" lol..

“The projections are in. Wiz Khalifa’s major label debut, Rolling Papers, is reportedly on track to sell around 190,00 to 210,000 copies come next week.

According to the one-day sales estimates by the industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com, the 2010 XXL Freshman will pick up the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top 200 albums charts. Pop queen Britney Spears on her way to earning the No. 1 seat. “- XXL

look, ill be the first to say that rolling papers  was a huge dissapointment and absolute garbage….but ill also say, he knew what the fuck he was doing with all that poppy bullshit he was releasing….and anyone yamming out that bitch above is gonna get little to no hate from me…..congrats wiz

hit the bungee for more pics of ms. khalifa….



I know none of ya’ll give a fuck, but do I care? No.

Favorite time of the year: Basketball winds down, NHL playoffs begin, weather warms, and Baseball starts. 

Yo Big Papi, who’s the realest mother fucker on this site even if he posts the least?

You Right…You Right. Hey Yo Wally, why’s Taylor such a bitch dog?

Yea IDK either man….

Go Sox. Fuck with me.

E-40 – Me and My B*tch (Video)

this is a damn good video…..and fuck that warning in the beginning, sometimes a bitch needs to be smacked up….

Droop-E Feat. E-40 – I’m Loaded (Video)

alright, come to find out Droop-E is actually E-40’s son. Droop-E also executive produced 40 water’s last album and his upcoming album Revenue Retrievin’: Overtime Shift which is out now and has a couple bangers.

this track is off of a short mixtape he did,  BLVCK Diamond Life Mixtape (AKA the Sade One) unless youre an idiot, you can tell from the title that all tracks have a sade sample, and its not half bad, there are a couple keepers on there.  good thing about it, is its an EP length and its a short enjoyable listen. bottom line, its worth the download, unlike that hipster bullshit below this post….

hit the boosh for tracklist artwork and download…..


The Weeknd – House of Balloons (Mixtape)

Didnt know about this dude until my boy Steve, keyed me on them.  Supposedly dude has been cosigned the fuck out of by Drake, and it makes sense…one listen, and they literally sound like they took the same drugs when they recorded their albums.  Sonically, its similar to Drake’s RnB tracks. They’re both Toronto boys as well.

Anyway, this guys very talented, and the mixtape is really good IMO.

Download it for free from their website

Hit the Bungee for My favorite track off the shit:


Pac Div – Anti Freeze (Video)

one of my favorite joints out right now….

Troy Ave- Swagger (Video)


this song sucks and the video is hilariously bad….hes the new tony yayo (in a terribly good way) , im sure gatbsy will cosign that…

Cam’ron X Vado – Girls Cry (Video)

[vimeo vimeo.com/21581963]

visuals for a track of cam and vado’s U.N. project Gunz ‘n Butta…..ells X gatsby, we been on that polo bear shit for years….yeeeeeears.


Wiz Khalifa X Young Jeezy X Chevy Woods – Homicide (Remix)

[audio http://ia600403.us.archive.org/12/items/homicideremix/WizKhalifaFt.YoungJeezyChevyWoods-Homicide.mp3]

jeezy adds a verse to the final track on cabin fever , video coming soon….

boosh to download….

Rick Ross – RetroSuperFuture II Feat. Wale X Wiz Khalifa (Video)

brought to us by the untouchable maybach empire…….hit the boosh to download the cdq mp3.

self made drops may 24th




I mean I’m glad ya’ll beat Duke…but………

Jakes, this type of shit can not go without consequence, that shit is gay as hell lol.

Droop-E Feat. E-40 – I’m Loaded

“im outta my mind….me and all my partners mayne we heavy on the grind…in the studio sippin’ on yellowtail wine……”-e-40

[audio http://ia600403.us.archive.org/30/items/imloaded/ImLoadedFeat.E-40.mp3]

ells, this one is right up your alley (pause), some yay area shit,  featuring 40 water over a smooth ass sade sample…..

who is droop-e? i have no idea but i just downloaded his mixtape, ill be back with the verdict…. drewpee, looks like youre gonna have to find another stage name….

shouts to jazz, i have no idea how you find gems like this but this shit is great….

hit the boosh to download….

Tony Allen – “I’m a Celtic” (Video)

tony and leon both did work on my boys last night and got a win in boston…..we miss yall niggas too….goodluck the rest of the way

Snoop Dogg Feat. Wiz Khalifa – This Weed Iz Mine (Scoop DeVille)

off of snoops upcoming album the doggumentary …..those that havent downloaded wiz’ album yet and are expecting this type of shit when they do, are gonna get the rudest of awakenings lol…

boosh to donwload……


JaVale McGee Owns Blake Griffin (Video)

those chants are getting louder………….




Canadian reporter cant read…..

lol awww man….for those scoring at home, that was:

Now defence minister McCain, Mcloud did confirm today that more than sifty four 18 figther jets are spending about as much as 20 and ready to assist the 600, 100 deployed over the amount needed, now it didn’t depend that how the Nolan re-emerges are and while the university or the UN mer mission as whore received support from all patteries in the hues of the gardens of today. Excuse me, I’ll hand it back to you.

shout out to the bitch mark passed it back to, she is the ULTIMATE professional, how she didnt even crack a smile is beyond me lol

Nardwuar vs. Curren$y

the illest interviewer in the game catches up with curren$y at sxsw…..hilarious shit.

Sir Michael Rocks – I See

i had no idea what a t top was....thanks drewpee

“so lebron tryna shine with the heat huh? ….i guess we on collins with the t tops……”

this is off SMR’s very solid solo mixtape the rocks report (download here), but i know alot of thecensus readers (by alot i mean like (3 out of the 5 that frequent the spot) are ADD and just want to cop the best tracks. so imma post one of my favorite joints off of the tape…..nice rhymes, smooth ass beat, catchy hook, couldnt ask for anything more…

boosh to download…..


Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Video)

alright so yea i dont get this adele craze…..and before you stop reading YES,  i watched her performance on snl (or whatever late night show it was),  YES, I watched the chelsea lately interview (but only cuz i want to yam chelsea out), YES, I even heard the album in its entirety in a bitches car (extremly depressing shit btw.  but think about it she wrote the shit when she was 21. and at age whatever she is right now,  she is not that cute  and fat, and shes this way with a stylist and make up expert.  think about what she looked like when she was broke, fatter and without a stylist or makeup artist?  yea, im pretty sure when she wasnt getting ignored by guys, she was getting played the fuck out…..which is pretty sad, but also really good material to write about), not even being number one on itunes got my attention.

but when drewpee told me that adele tickets were going for $360 a POP and that he was actually contemplating making the purchase is when i was like “what the fuck is going on here?!?!?”…..drewpees the same guy who said paying a hundo for a yeezy concert is overpaying, but $360 to see a fat british bitch sit on  a stool and sing (sometimes im sure she gets up) is worth three and a half bills?


i feel you 50 and bert…..i personally dont get it. if im going to a concert, im going to see a show….sitting on a stool and singing isnt a show, its youre fucking cd. and i can get that free. so ill pass on that shit.  

anyways this is my favorite song off the shit, its pretty good, but in all honest im waitin for deadmau5 or dj humz to remix this motherfucker into a skinnny tie classic….

Lil’ Wayne Feat. Rick Ross – I’m STILL Not a Star (Prod. Polow Da Don)

shouts to microsoft paint

second single off of wayne’s carter iv…i actually like this shit, but i dont see this being anything more than a mixtape track? ….i was listening to it, then headed over to nahright where they called it “im not a star pt.2”, which is SPOT on, so i decided to just change the title (originally,  “if i die tonight”)….they even borrow some of the lyrics from the original …..sounds like a lex luger beat right? well its not…just polow da don carbon copying someone else’s style…..

bungee to download..

bungee to download…

Big Sean MTV RapFix Freestyle

Vodpod videos no longer available.

lol this nigga got bars for real…i swear i cant think of a song where sean spits a verse and i dont laugh at some line of his…..they also show a behind the scenes to his single with chris brown “my last” produced by no i.d (it’s poppy as hell but it’s actually a good ass song)…..you can download that track after the bungeeee


Big K.R.I.T – Dreamin’ (Video)

visuals for krits first single off his upcoming mixtape returnof4va, which has been pushed back to monday the 28th…

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Curren$y – Rooftops

ill ass cover, awful ass album...download after the bungee


another cut from wiz’s debut album featuring his how fly bretheren,  spitta…..just listened to wiz’s album and my goodness its pretty fucking bad, like almost bad as lupe’s lasers abortion bad.

download the song AND the album (if you dare) after the bungee