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Big Sean get’s it poppin (Video)

lol i have no words…..and yes she was lil b’ cooking lol

Onra – High Hopes


Pardon the Youtube (Jakes especially), at work, bored, and don’t have an MP3 handy here…


Happy Friday people. Onra’s EP, Long Distance, is also dope as hell.

Whole shit is smooth as hell.

Cam’ron X Vado (U.N.) – Hey Muma (Video)

i had no idea, but this song is HUGE in ny clubs….dont get me wrong i like this shit alot, but its getting little to no play around these parts…..what does cam have against coach bags?

head over to nahright to listen to a good ass interview with cam and vado (fast forward to around the 20 minute mark, cam’s late)…they speak on cam’s basketball career (5th team all american and signed his letter of intent to university of miami) and why he quit, him riding around the bronx in big puns van during the winter time spraying crack heads with water guns, cam’s favorite artist growing up etc…..

Fabolous – The S.O.U.L Tape (Mixtape)


fabolous drops a mixtape consisting of  all “soul” samples….this has a handful of original tracks mixed in with some re-used beats, but fab does them justice….as much as i hate on this nigga, this mixtape is pretty solid….i recommend the shit.

guest spots from: wayne, vado, lloyd banks, trey songz, freck billionaire (who?), paul cain (remember him? fab and buddens were the “triangle offense” that used to run with clue back in the day), ryan leslie and ne-yo (BOOOOOOOO!)

hit the boosh for tracklist and download….


J.R. Smith ‘s Touchdown Shot (Video)

crazy shit…..this guy is so incredibly talented its a shame that he’s wasting his prime years being a stupid mother fucker….

just last night i had this convo with fred….

“Powder to the People”

Gatsby’s favorite artist, and Jake’s pal, Troy Ave., put on quite the performance at SXSW…apparently, according to thewellversed.com.  See the following quote…sounds like quite the character.

“During my stay at SXSW, I got to witness artists i had always wanted to see perform live, and each one successfully proved that no amount of video footage will ever quite capture the raw energy of the live show. However, the most memorable act for me was Brooklyn’s Troy Ave‘s set during the OnSmash showcase Thursday night. Donning a bulletproof vest, gaudy chain and a bottle of Grey Goose, “Harry Powder” proudly proclaimed to the audience, “All I do is sell grams!” before launching into a medley of coke-fueled raps. He pulled two random women on stage to “provide” backup dancing and lead the audience into a frenzied chant of “powder to the people!” while holding one fist up as if they were members of the narcotics blank panthers, finishing with one of the spectators to grab Troy’s microphone and ask him, “Can I have some cocaine?” It was ignorant brilliance, and i have to see this again.”

All I do is sell grams? lol…wow. “Powder to the People” Chants? White back up dancers?

When’s this guy coming to DC? or NY???

TheCensus Daily Links Update

Brooklyn’s Finest: Jay-Z’s Role With The Nets Is A Very Active One

Ive been bullshitting with my daily links lately but there hasnt been much newsworthy shit for me to link….

heres a few articles that were sent my way or i stumbled upon:

How These Two White Guys Wound Up In This Kendrick Perkins Family Photo (thanks humz)

Max B. Says He Could Be Home As Early As Summer


The Tens: 10 Non Hip-Hop Acts To Watch In 2011 (The Weeknd makes the list)

hit the boosh for a couple more links…..