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Canders this is for you…..


you already know what this is no need for the bungee just download this shit and youre good….


Danny, you better be fucking right……

thats all i have to say……for now……

Cool Kids – Bundle Up

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Mountain Dew’s green label sound will be releasing the cool kids oft delayed project when fish ride bicycles soon…..

bungee to download

Rick Ross NBA All-Star L.A. Blog #4

where the fuck is the footage at the actual game?

Swizz Beatz >>>>> Nas, Lyrically….

Nas Version

Swizzy Version

an unreleased version of the song “Top Down” off of Swizz’s One Man Band was released today. this version has three verses from nas and swizz on the hook…..if you compare the two versions, its not even close as to which one his better…..

here’s what swizz had to say about the song:

“The record was originally for Nas,” he explained. “I got Nas’ vocals already. But I can’t do Nas, and his energy is not right on there. It would be dead weight. No disrespect, but it can’t be dead weight if I can’t make it feel like reality. I need the sh– crazy. I need to shoot a video! It’s gotta be another ‘It’s Me B—hes,’ but bigger. I could easily pull a Nas card and have people be like, ‘Nas is spazzing on the verse.’ But it has to be a movie. I got it. It just gotta make sense. I can get Nas, [Jay-Z] and [Jadakiss] on that. I can do that. It’s light work, but it’s gotta make sense.”

Nas Lost…..

S.A.S Vs. Ali Gold

congrats on S.A.S breaking this melo to the knicks deal, months before bitch ass broussard did…
ali gold, good move by your knicks, but their still only the 5th to 4th best team in the east…..good luck getting cp3 in ’12

XXL Freshmen Class 2011 Vs. TheCensus Freshmen ’11

the list is not good….

and its not because mac miller, yelawolf or lil’ b made the list…..even though they arent my cup of tea, i can recognize that they earned their spot on the list. meek mill? ehhhhh, cyhi da prynce? ehhhhh, fred the godson? WHO??!?!, lil twist? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! YG? now they’ve officially disrespected my intelligence….

how does vado not make this list? im actually floored that dom kennedy didnt get on this cover….gatsby, drewpee and i were 100% sure he’d make the list.

congrats on losing all credibility with this list, XXL. youre beginning to look more and more like the fucking source.

hit the bungee to see thecensus freshman list

Fuck XXL

Ab-Soul Feat. Kendrick Lamar- Moscato (Prod. Tae Beast)

ab-soul and kendrick spit about jazz’s favorite beverage…off ab’s upcoming #LTM project

black hippy

black hippy

black hippy

bungee to download….


Kanye West Feat. Rihanna X Kid CuDi – All of The Lights

drewpee’s favorite cut off of kanye’s album get’s some visual treatment, directed by the legendary (and overrated) Hype Williams…

Shout to ross g….

rih rih? shits not fair…..

thats disgusting brett……but completely warranted

Waka Flocka – Bill Russell (Prod. Prince N Purps)

this shit goes hard…..regardless of the lyrical ineptness (the video shows this) that is waka flocka flame…..and you know i love celtic references…

Shout out to Jazz an original B.G. for the video



Part 3 of Rozay’s vlog during Black Thanksgiving in L.A. busta’s old ass makes a cameo. and apparently Rozay is now signed to warner? gatsby, when the fuck did that happen?

Kendrick Lamar – P X P Live in Houston (Video)

kendrick one of my favorite songs from him in houston….

NBA 2011 All Star-Game Halftime Show: Rihanna, Drake and Kanye West Perform


this is how a halftime show should go….well done nba, nfl, please take notes, black eyed peas is not the answer….

and ive said it once and ill say it again, rihanna’s lower half>>>>>>>>


i feel you mr president, i feel you…

Gucci Mane Feat. Wiz Khalifa – 2 Timez (Prod. Drumma Boy)

this is not as bad as i first thought itd be…..and yes im blogging on the weekends.

bungee to download….



more from rozay in L.A. for all star weekend…..

CNN: Black Thanksgiving aka NBA All Star Weekend

> CNN calls NBA all star weekend "Black Thanksgiving" - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!


lol…….but are they wrong? ……i think not….

id expect this from papa bear o’reilly over at fox news but not CNN.


I didnt post the amazing footage of Rozay at the SuperBowl but you can catch it on worldstar or wherever….here rozay gears up for the NBA All-Star Weekend out in L.A.

i need the mp3 for that make it rain freestyle though….

Schoolboy Q Feat. JHene Aiko – Fantasy (Video)

now all we need is some visuals for his cut with BJ The Chicago Kid…..


Curren$y – Muscle Car Chronicles (Artwork X Tracklist)

Artwork and tracklist for curren$y’s movie/soundtrack project, which drops on march 15th.

Tony Yayo Feat. Maino – O.J. Gloves (Prod. Havoc)

im posting this off the title alone…lol

back in the day, gatsby swore up and down that yayo was going to have the best g unit debut between him, buck and banks……yea i know…..lol


Yayo sings the hook! lol

bungee to download….


Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever (Mixtape)

out of fucking no where, wiz lets loose of a mixtape, that i honestly forgot all about…..this is supposed to be the alter ego to his critically thecensus acclaimed  kush and oj.  im only on the first track with Trae and Big Sean, and this shit goes, hopefully it keeps at this pace.

for those wondering, yes its this Cabin Fever

i see you pigpen….

bungee for tracklist and download……


(Introducing) Odd Future Feat. Tyler, the Creator X Hodgy Beatz – Sandwitches (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

while i was looking up stuff on Casey Veggies (download “Ridin’ Roun Town” here) i kept seeing references to “ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL!” and “OFWGKTA!!!!!” in the comments section, so i did a little research (i.e. wikipedia). basically, theyre an up and coming group (9 niggas, casey veggies is not apart of this group, but is affiliated) out of cali with a cult like following. coincidentally, they happend to be making their network television premier on jimmy fallon last night, so i decided to check the shit out.

If you liked that performance download the mp3 shit here.

if that performance garnered a little interest check out another track i stumbled over, “Assmilk” feat. Tyler, the Creator and (Free) Earl Sweatshirt, this shit is pretty wreckless, think Marshall Mathers LP wreckless (not that emo-poppy Recovery bullshit).

download here.

is the shit different? is it weird/sick? is it entertaining ?

yes, yes and yes.

even mos def co signs these guys.

Snoop Dogg Feat. Devin The Dude Kobe – I Don’t Need No Bitch (Prod. DJ Khalil)

snoops, been doing some shit called puffpuffpasstuesdays, which is another attempt to mimic what kanye did with g.o.o.d fridays. like swizz beatz, and timbalands attempts, theyve been pretty fucking lackluster, save this cut, which i find particularly enjoyable.

devin def. does his thing here….

bungee to download….


Complex Presents: The Making of The Game’s “The Documentary”

since game’s upcoming album R.E.D. is never going to see the light of day (no big name rappers or producers are going to save that abortion), i thought id link yall to a really well done article on the making of Jayceon’s best album to date, The Documentary (gatsby tries to argue that Dr.’s Advocate is a better album…….yea i know, its so blatantly wrong that you cant even argue it. like, try arguing with someone that thinks oliver miller is a better basketball player than mike jordan. right? where do you even start? thats exactly how i feel with that topic) . they interview alot of people who had important roles in the album (no 50 or dre, sorry guys).

Here’s a little excerpt…

By 2005, it had literally been over a decade since a new West Coast rapper had made a huge national impact. If Jayceon “The Game” Taylor was going to break the dry spell, he’d need help. Luckily for the Compton Blood with a Yonkers flow and a G-Unit affiliation, he had Dr. Dre beats, 50 Cent hooks, and an Eminem feature for his debut album, The Documentary. In addition, with production from a diverse array of A-list beatmakers like Buckwild, Havoc, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Hi-Tek, and Cool & Dre, the album’s geographical ambiguity only increased its appeal. Game also continued G-Unit’s tradition of making gangsta-ass albums that had big pop smashes with “How We Do” and “Hate It or Love It.”

my thoughts on the game? he’s a MUCH  less talented Jay-Rock, who happend to be at the right place (Interscope) at the right time (GRODT was killing shit) with the right team (G-Unit, Dre, etc…). the product was an exceptional album. I always said on his own he’d fizzle and even though it took a little bit longer than i thought it would, his career is on life support.

*****NOSTALGIA ALERT*** i rememeber hearing “This is How We Do” a good three to four months before it hit the radio (shouts to bcburke and mirc) on my way to class, in drewpee’s accord and even drewpee (who at the time, swore new york was making a comeback….yea they never did. did they?) knew this shit was a mega hit.

Here’s the link : Complex Presents: The Making of The Game’s “The Documentary”

Dr.s Advocate? really gatsby?