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Canders this is for you…..


you already know what this is no need for the bungee just download this shit and youre good….


Danny, you better be fucking right……

thats all i have to say……for now……

Cool Kids – Bundle Up

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Mountain Dew’s green label sound will be releasing the cool kids oft delayed project when fish ride bicycles soon…..

bungee to download

Rick Ross NBA All-Star L.A. Blog #4

where the fuck is the footage at the actual game?

Swizz Beatz >>>>> Nas, Lyrically….

Nas Version

Swizzy Version

an unreleased version of the song “Top Down” off of Swizz’s One Man Band was released today. this version has three verses from nas and swizz on the hook…..if you compare the two versions, its not even close as to which one his better…..

here’s what swizz had to say about the song:

“The record was originally for Nas,” he explained. “I got Nas’ vocals already. But I can’t do Nas, and his energy is not right on there. It would be dead weight. No disrespect, but it can’t be dead weight if I can’t make it feel like reality. I need the sh– crazy. I need to shoot a video! It’s gotta be another ‘It’s Me B—hes,’ but bigger. I could easily pull a Nas card and have people be like, ‘Nas is spazzing on the verse.’ But it has to be a movie. I got it. It just gotta make sense. I can get Nas, [Jay-Z] and [Jadakiss] on that. I can do that. It’s light work, but it’s gotta make sense.”

Nas Lost…..

S.A.S Vs. Ali Gold

congrats on S.A.S breaking this melo to the knicks deal, months before bitch ass broussard did…
ali gold, good move by your knicks, but their still only the 5th to 4th best team in the east…..good luck getting cp3 in ’12

XXL Freshmen Class 2011 Vs. TheCensus Freshmen ’11

the list is not good….

and its not because mac miller, yelawolf or lil’ b made the list…..even though they arent my cup of tea, i can recognize that they earned their spot on the list. meek mill? ehhhhh, cyhi da prynce? ehhhhh, fred the godson? WHO??!?!, lil twist? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! YG? now they’ve officially disrespected my intelligence….

how does vado not make this list? im actually floored that dom kennedy didnt get on this cover….gatsby, drewpee and i were 100% sure he’d make the list.

congrats on losing all credibility with this list, XXL. youre beginning to look more and more like the fucking source.

hit the bungee to see thecensus freshman list

Fuck XXL