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If this was 2000……

fonzworth bentley? slimm cutta calhoun? backbone? where…have…..you….been?

Juicy J – Money Balls X Workout (Video)

the first video is pure comedy…man theres gotta be a way that i can paly all these juicy j videos through my apple tv? itd be excellent drinking material ….

Wiz Khalifa X Chevy Woods – Taylor Gang (Live)

@ merriweather pavilion… drewpee with the iphone shot…..

Not to beat a dead horse but……


how does casey fucking veggies hear wtt before j.cole???????

Cole racking up L’s like he nas or something smh….

Young Jeezy Speaks On Taking His Fans Back In Time (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

Jeeey did two legendary shows this week to celebrate the anniversary of his TM101…..(one in Atlanta and one in NY) …back in ’05 when this shit came out and we’d go to club H20, theyd play a fucking 20 minute set of nothing but jeezy and that fucking hardwood floor would literally bounce up and down like you was on a boat or some shit….hit the bungee for some NSFW shit (its been a while since i posted some ass and titties on thecensus) with him and fab at club perfection for the after party…


Wiz Khalifa Talks About His Mixtape With Big Sean X Curren$y (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

that still doesnt answer the fucking question wiz lol….is a full length mixtape coming or what?

Big Sean Vs. J. Cole

first up is a pretty good interview with angela yee (black and asian bitch that could get yammed on) and some other niggas…they speak on the supergroup (no real answer) amber rose (wiz being a simp) and other shit….

also over at billboard.com’s juiceblog big sean talks about how the hit “marvin gaye and chardonnay” came about

“His second single, “Marvin and Chardonnay,” featuring Kanye West and Roscoe Dash, climbs fifteen notches to No. 21 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs this week. “It was all Kanye’s creation. He gave me the beat, Roscoe was already on it,” Big Sean told Billboard.com’s The Juice of “Marvin and Chardonnay.” “He was in Paris, I was in LA and he hit me and was like like, ‘yo, you should put this on your album.’ It was perfect. It was a key necessity for it. We wrote our verses over the phone and just knocked it out.”

interesting…..lets get a j.cole perspective…

its a long ass interview so let me sum it up for you….j. cole has 5 days to turn in his album, and jay hasnt even fucking turned in his verse yet lol……

so let me get this straight….the very first rap signee to rocnation has to hunt his boss down (publicly) for a measly verse for his debut fucking album…. while fucking big sean gets calls out of the blue with alley oop hits from his boss….you can even tell in the interview that he’s fucking frustrated….thats the difference between having a rapper as your boss and a producer though…i feel for him, but it just aint right…..cole world is slated to drop sept. 27th….