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Rick Ross feat Chrisette Michelle X Drake – Aston Martin Music (Video)

this is the jewstended version with drake’s (very good) verse

Dead @ the young Rozay’s “BAWSE”

From 2:52 -3:00 this niggas adlib game is on point “wooo….WOOOO….AWOOOOOO”

Smoke DZA and Mac Miller – Always Been (BTS)

I can’t avoid this herb…..track sounds nice though, I cant lie. RAUUUUIIIGHT

2 Dope Boyz Q-Tip x ?uestlove x Curren$y x Kid Sister – What Makes an Artist? (Video)

The artist above answer the question “what makes an artist?” . To my surprise and probably to ells delight, kid sister said the shit that stuck with me the most (and not just cuz that bitch puckered her lips and played the “piccolo”). What’s that song in the background?  The Roots  feat. Joanna Newsome & STS – Right On.

Hit the bungee to download the song.


Breaking News…Ron Burgundy Style

Fred’s back with some sports banter….ells youre gonna love this. gatsby? not so much.

Yes, I find myself feeling very much like Ron Burgundy this morning. Because I was, literally, just woken up by a startling revelation…

Dallas Cowboys fans are the most annoying motherfuckers in sports today.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Hold on a minute. We all know that Philadelphia fans (of all sports) are the biggest pieces of shit.”

See you’d think that, but here’s why Cowboys fans are even worse…


NBA Elite Failure (EA is Bullshitting)

I’ve been shitting on EA sports for their lazy way of doing things for years now but this is incredible. When 2K sports started making better NFL games, what did EA do about Madden? Make the game better? FUCK THAT! They’re the King Kong of that sports game shit, just cut a massive check for the exclusive rights to the NFL.

Now, that 2k has the NBA pretty much on lock, EA is just getting desperate. First they change the name from “Live” to “Elite” (Everyone knows you can’t just change the name of shit and think everythings gonna be better. For my DMV niggas, when club Dream changed its name to Love, did the stabbings, shootings and fuckery stop? NO.) Then J. Cole and 9th Wonder are suppossed to offer original music for the soundtrack. Finally, with 2k having Jordan on their next NBA game, EA had to one up them and go with Jesus Christ (check the video up top). Finally to fix all these glitches, instead of releaseing the game within a coupole weeks of the NBA season, it is nto scheduled to drop in March (what the fuck is this a hip hop album? ).

Pretty desperate if you ask me. None of these changes have anything to do with the actual game play, so I dont see much of an improvement at all.

Lil Wayne- I’m Single (Video)

“And my girl actin like a brat/ so when she call, I dont answer I just write her back / she hate it when i do that shit”

Yes, it’s old (Off of No Ceilings) but it’s pre thecensus so imma post this shit. The remix with Drarke was supposed to be on the I Am Not A Human Being but for whatever reason, it’s not on mine or anyone else’s version.

Few things:

1. Another sign that R&B is dead, when a rapper has the best R&B song out…sorry guys…..

2. That knife shit? Too familiar, shouts to red

3.  If I ever get married (which I’m not) this is the song me and my wife are dancing to. I know the two bitches females that check thecensus are like “fuck that!” but check it.  If im going to committ pussy suicide.  Then i should be able to have the illest funeral for my penis (no homo). And if that involves the father daughter dance being “Up” and our dance being “I’m Single” and a Bobby Brown impersonator as the entertainer for the evening, so be it. If you’re still saying “hell no!” think of it like this, I can do all this shit at my bachelor party or it can be at my wedding. The wedding ends with the bride and groom getting busy in the reception hall bathroom. The bacherlor party ends up with me getting a bitch named mercedes pregnant, the night before the wedding. You decide.

Camron x Vado – Soul Plane (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Next stop, start trouble inside the Waffle House”

This track is over a year old, but the track is smooth and the visuals are pretty hilarious…..

“See baby i can talk game to you…i can tell you how a female can fake a nut for a relationship…or a nigga can fake a relationship for a nut…how a smart nigga can play stupid….but a stupid nigga cant play smart” – Uncle Cam

Gunz and Butta drops? Slime Flu drops?

Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human (Internet Cop Shut Down)

This was first scheduled to be an EP, but  now it’s a LP (difference between the two here). Wayne is released from vacation Rikers today as well. My bad it’s his birthday today.

This was supposed to feature the “I’m Single” Remix, but when I listened, there were no jewish nasally vocals. I smell foul play. As soon as I get that track though, I’ll up it.

Not really excited about this project, because it looks like a bunch of Carter IV rejects. But Wayne’s throw aways are better than most peoples album catalogues.



Bungee for tracklist and download

Justice League Talks Making of Aston Martin Music

The way these guys can put together a classic sound from scratch is incredible. whenever I hear a beat from them I ask “what the fuck is that sample” and then when I find out it was made from scratch I’m even more impressed.

Shouts to ells for the heads up again….

Kanye West fat. Pusha T – Runaway (Tois de Noise Version)

Alot of people liked the version of this that ‘Ye performed at the VMA’s with him on the MPC. The TV rip of the shit was awful quality though. So Tois de Noise went in and added the MPC sound effects on top of the CDQ version. It turned out pretty good. bungee to download.

Shouts to ells for the heads up


Yo Gotti feat. J. Cole X Wiz Khalifa X Wale (Video)

Interesting ass lineup here. This is how things will probably turn out:

Yo Gotti will put  the letter ‘R’ on words that dont belong there

J. Cole will provide a killer verse

Wiz will have an ill ass hook/bridge

Wale will be forgotten (See Back to the Feature Mixtape)

Kanye West feat. RZA X Jay-Z X Pusha T X Cyhi The Prince X Swizz Beatz – So Appalled

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m def. feeling this artwork. Gotta nice Dateline/OJ/Ike Turner/ Can you control your hoe kinda feel to it.

Another “G.O.O.D Friday” offering from ‘Ye. Swizz only offers up the intro and outro to the song so the haters have been fairly quiet about his feature.

Oh, whose Cyhi The Prince? The newest G.O.O.D Music signee from Atlanta (not impressed)

Bungee to download…..

Wiz Khalifa on Features for his Upcoming Album

I don’t even know what a Cam and Wiz track would sound like, but I’m def. looking forward to it.

Hit the bungee to see Wiz yolk up some bitch ass security guard during one of his shows out in Ottowa.


Dipset Reunion with Angie Martinez (Video)

This is good to see. To get the full interview head on over to 2dopeboyz

Rick Ross X Nike Boom

Hit the bungee for the Rozay BOOM gif.


NBA 2K11 MVP JaVale McGee Has Minor Setback

Clearly 2K Sports did not see this. Ells can’t be happy about this, but I have a feeling he’s still well on his way to an MVP season. Is it just me or is this guy following us around? We see him in DC more than anyone (this time accompanied by a weed carrier and a bottle of rozay, no table).

Rick Ross In The Lab With Cool & Dre (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


L.E.$ – Blowing Smoke (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This didn’t make the final cut for The Beautiful Struggle but the shit is still nice…..

Kenny West – The Cleveland Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 The Cleveland Show is very very very bad. But the beat and ‘Ye’s verse is better then shit you hear on motherfuckers albums….

Kendrick Lamar – O.D. (Mixtape)


Kendrick finally drops the free download for you cheap jiggas (not a jay reference). It includes three tracks that had to be left off because of sample clearance issues.

bungee for tracklist and download….


Fred Gets Political

 If you know Fred Austin, then the following article shouldn’t suprise you. Never shy to speak his mind, Fred was gracious enough to drop this email off in my inbox this morning. Needless to say, he’s right, and as usual, funny as hell. Yea it’s long, but it’s a good read, and a nice switch up from the trivial shit I post on a daily basis.

Well, not exactly but here’s something on my mind. Careful, because the pilot just turned off the “no ranting” sign…
What the Fuck is wrong with our Senate? I mean, really? We are run by some of the biggest assholes I have ever seen or heard of, in my lifetime. I’m speaking, of course, of their failure to repeal our arcane “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the United States Military.

First off, this isn’t a partisan issue. The repeal of this highly offensive and discriminatory policy is overwhelmingly supported by Democrats, Republicans, and the general public. Yet, our asshole Congress did not see fit to repeal the law. I guess doing the bidding of the people is no longer part of their job description.

Normally, I would at least allow for an intelligent person to disagree with me. But this is just ridiculous, and I’m putting it out there. Anyone (and I do mean anyone…and everyone) who believes that this policy is okay is fucking asshole. They are a stupid…fucking…cock-sucking (which is ironic)…asshole. No exceptions.


Kool and the Gang – Summer Madness

With the last day of summer yesterday, it’s only right I post this.

The Black Great Gatsby

Wanted to give a birthday shout out to Gatsby and LLE Inc.

Mixtape/EP coming soon…..

Jay-Z Breaks Down Most Kingz Verse (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ve had this shit for a while and it’s pretty nice. Didn’t post due to laziness.  During an interview for his upcoming book “Decoded”, Jay breaks down the verses from the track that didnt make the Kingdom Come cut (It should have)…

Green Lantern on the origins of the track itself

““This is my version working with the acapella…I’ve had this since 2006 and it was supposed to be on the Presidential Invasion mixtape–that never came out. Then Hov rapped these lyrics over his HP commercial drums, and the acapella went to a few different producers in search of a beat for it. I heard a Timbaland version and I think Just Blaze and a few others had it too. But by the time they made Beach Chair, I think Jay was over trying to find a beat for Most Kingz. Then he went to Flex show and the rest is history…” – Green Lantern

Bungee to download….