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2 Chainz in Miami (Video)

lebron and wayne make an appearance during tity boi’s show in mia

On The Road with T.D.E (Video)


good kid, m.A.A.d city


Lebron practicing the skyhook (Video)

awesome….the unstoppable player is adding an unguardable move to his arsenal lol

TDE’s BET Music Matters Tour vlog: Eat (Video)



My thoughts on Ray

there were alot of rumors going on about ray and why he made his decision to go to the miami heat…i held back on reacting to them until i heard it from the guy himself…well, he finally came out and spoke on some of those things…..ray being the professional he is sugar coats alot of shit, but i think everyone hears him loud and clear….i give my thoughts on each answer given

hit the judas for the interview and commentary


NBA Finals shit



if jon barry sucks, what the fuck does he think about magic and broussard? im just saying….


its amazing how thirsty bitches are …..shit is disgustin *in killa cam voice

Mike Tyson’s Inspriation Song for Lebron (Video)


this is only a quarter funny lol……but im pretty sure this just adds to the enormous pressure that lebron already has (and ultimately will succumb to)



Miami Heat Interview Bombing (Video)

lol ….these guys are clowns…


Norris Cole is introduced to Jay-Z (Video)

after king james dropped 17 straight to pull away from the nets, he introduces heat rookie norris cole to jay-z….is he the new “cole world”???


Lebron James “The Decision” (Video)

“thats too far LOL”


TNT Crew going in on Lebron’s hairline (Video)

this shit is just too funny…. tnt crew>>>>>any broadcasting team EVAR lol

Lebron jumps over John Lucas III (Video)

this >>>> anything the nhl all star weekend had to offer….


LeBron James’ Headband Timeline (Video)

lol shout out to drewpee for the find….

What the fuck is going on in Jersey???

shit is getting crazy in jersey:

1. NBA insider Jermaine Dupri??!??!?!??!

lol what? the tweet by mr. dupri is dated january 2nd, so that means a deal is going to be done today (HA!) ????? maybe he knows something we dont, that russian owner should look into this….

this type of shit though is all possible because of chris boussard …..everyone knows he’s a fraud and no one ever believes his “sources close to the league” , and because of this, people think they can do his job, because, well, all he does is make shit up.

2. Deron hints at leaving NJ

deron williams is really not hyped about staying in jersey (sorry fred) peep these quotes:

“I’m not Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant or LeBron James,” Williams told the Daily News before scoring 16 points in Sunday’s 98-82 loss to the Cavaliers. “(Marketing value) depends on who you are, No. 1. I don’t think it’ll make a difference for me, which is why I don’t really care about big market, small market.”

“I’m sure I could make a couple more hundreds of thousands or something like that a year (on endorsements), or maybe a $1 million per year,” said the 27-year-old, who is married with four children. “But you could go somewhere in Florida or Texas and you’re not losing 8% state tax, plus you don’t have a city tax, plus the cost of living isn’t two times higher than anywhere else.”

check the rest of the article out HERE. dont really know how to react to those quotes….

3. Nets front office will do ANYTHING to keep deron

apparently the nets front office is in pure panic mode right now after seeing those quotes, because rumors are circulating that the nets are interested in trading for one of the more emotionally unstable players in proffesional sports, demarcus cousins…

um….if you want to keep deron around, trading for a nut job, whose physically fought other players for taking shots that he didnt agree with, is not the solution….im just saying

LeBron James dunks on child……


whats disturbing is not that he dunked on a kid, its that he missed both jump shots (and the second one pretty fucking badly)….


NBA Finals

shouts to boxden lol hilarious caption

quick thoughts on how these two teams got here… who would have thought: 

– dirk would shake the choke tag he was given….

-chris bosh’s gay ass would actually show up..

– a team with three former wizards (2 actually playing) could actually make a contribution to a championship contending team….wait….take that back wasnt that 2006 detroit team full of ex wizards! lol *SHOTS FIRED!*

– the awful fourth quarter fade away contested/double teamed shots that wade and bron were misssing in the regular season would actually start to fall (of course against my c’s and former assitant coach thib’s bulls)

-pau gasol’s a simp…kobe’s wife is ruthless….and shannon brown likes other niggas bitches (who doesnt?)

– that id be so fucking wrong with my lakers v. c’s rubber match finals prediction …HA! 

alright….got that out the way.

this series is gonna come down to a few things: 

starters: dallas’ starting unit is clearly not up to par with miami’s….but if they can keep it close, those bench players can come in and step up in crucial moments 

bosh: if this fucking fag stops diving for loose balls then assuming the “prison position” along with other  gay things (i.e. waging your tounge as a sign you want an alley oop, wearing zoot suits to post game press conferences etc….) and plays ball, theres no way miami loses this series…. thats a big if , though

fourth quarter shot making: notice i didnt say execution, because there will be no actual plays to be executed…. the offense will be stagnantand highly contested shots will be put up by wade and lebron….its just a matter of whether they make them (c’s & bulls series) or miss them (the whole regular season) 


i got miami in 6,even after that fourth quarter collapse the heat displayed last night, which fred accurately stated was spolestra’s  fault as well as the players: 

” Look the players play. It’s basically always the player’s fault. But having a Coach would have been nice. How do you run out of timeouts, when you’re sitting on the lead? Even Carlilse had one, and his team made the comeback. They could’ve …used one at the end, as all teams usually could. The shots they got? Not his fault Lebron & Wade are taking fadeaway threes necessarily, but what the hell were they talking about in all those timeouts? Didn’t look like they were drawing up any plays. Bosh on Dirk, at the end? What’s the point of having LeBron, if you’re gonna have him on Terry? I could understand if they’d had, Joel Anthony on him, but Bosh? Booo. Look, the Heat have themselves to blame…but it would’ve helped to have a coach in the 4th” – Fred

 *last thing…..gatsby, this is officially the time where you take your L like a man and acknowledge the error in your thoughts….tmac is not, never has been and never will be as good as dirk,….so to compare the two in any way shape or form outside that they both play basketball is absolutly ridiculous…dirks final 5 minutes of game 2 trump tmac’s whole fucking abortion of a career…you should be ashamed of your self…..

lol *dead* ....another boxden win

Not So Breaking News: Black Players in MLB down

look man i love your game...but no kid is looking up to your ass


everytime he bats he should come out to this song….

Espn reports that less then 10% of MLB players are black (rest of the article here). Surprising? Not at all. The streets, sponsors and all of black america have spoken on what appeals to them. yes this game is extremly difficult….hitting a baseball is probably the most difficult skill in sports….but its just that, its a skill. theres only so many ways you can catch and throw a baseball and being in the best shape doesnt automatically put you @ an advantage (see prince fielder, big papi, etc….).

other major sports where african american’s niggas are prevelant showcase speed, leaping ability and strength consistenly, not just once ever 4 or 5 innings like baseball…..

we’re niggas and contrary to popular belief we like to run, jump and do athletic shit.

america’s past time (which is code for old white motherfuckers love this shit) is probably the best representation of america (fat, out of shape and overpaid) but that doesnt mean lil darius wants to play it…

i mean who would you rather be? lebron, reggie bush or matt kemp (and he was fucking rihanna!) ?


NBA vs. College Ball = BlowJob vs. HandJob (Video)

lebron’s absurd 360 layup

d. rose’s equally absurd block….

Fred said it best….

“Saying you like college ball more than pro ball is like saying you’d take a handjob over a blowjob. I mean, it’s something. But come on, step your game up.”

Sir Michael Rocks – I See

i had no idea what a t top was....thanks drewpee

“so lebron tryna shine with the heat huh? ….i guess we on collins with the t tops……”

this is off SMR’s very solid solo mixtape the rocks report (download here), but i know alot of thecensus readers (by alot i mean like (3 out of the 5 that frequent the spot) are ADD and just want to cop the best tracks. so imma post one of my favorite joints off of the tape…..nice rhymes, smooth ass beat, catchy hook, couldnt ask for anything more…

boosh to download…..


Chris Bosh and Man Hugging


looks like these niggas is “doing the home-ay”

Cleveland Cavalier’s 2.0?


back when lebron said he was going to “bring his talents to south beach” along with bosh and wade, to create a new big three in the nba, as a celtic’s fan i was worried. not panick mode worried, but i raised an eyebrow for sure.

then they stumbled out the gate and people wanted spoelstra’s head on a fucking platter (silly media, you really think that they wanted pat “drill fucking sergeant” riley to run those wind sprint filled practices?)….i sat back and watched and did my best not to overreact like all the media outlets were…but what was just a couple missteps early in the season has turned into a trend…they are looking more and more like cleveland cavs 2.0…


Wade Hail Mary TD Pass to Lebron

“…..oh no…..OH NO!”

come on now….thats just silly…..heres another view

Bugatti Boyz enjoying the Heat (Video)

im glad when im swamped with work, drewpee and gatsby got my back and make sure thecensus doesnt go without post for days at a time *sarcasm….

oh and shout out to 2008 nba champion eddie house and mama jakes favorite c for bringing back the sam cassel “big balls” dance….he was promptly fined 25 k by jew gawd stern

Bron D-Wade…what do you have to say about that?

my thoughts exactly………

Cavs….Yall Some Bitches…. – What Should Have Gone Down Last Night

Why is the coach saying shut the fuck up? and JJ Bitchson laughing?

Look man I am by no means from the old school. I’m not that nigga that talks about how the league was better back then or is praying for larry bird (one fo the greatest) to walk through the door. But some things need to be like old times. Players are too fucking nice to each other. Nasty angry assholes like the Celtics are rare in the NBA now and it’s not a good thing.

The fans came out and did their fucking job. They chanted, they booed, they created a hostile situation for Lebron.

What did the Cavs players do? The negated everything the fans did by being bitches. Not only did they get beat while Lebron went off (which was expected, the cavs have zero talent), but they let Lebron was come over to the Cavs bench and yuk it up with former teammates. Former teammates that he basically said “you arent fucking good enough, see yall niggas at wet willies”.

This is how things should have gone down:

– Lebron comes over starts laughing and talking shit.

– instead of players engaging in playful talk, they tell that nigga to “shut the fuck up before they make him shut the fuck up”.

– if it continues, byron scott looks at the end of his bench, calls in a goon (shout out to John Chaney). and instructs that motherfucker to foul lebron as hard as he fucking can the next time down the fucking floor.

– goon comes in flagrant 2’s the fuck out of lebron. and then proceeds to tell the nigga about being disrespectful.

-david stern comes down hard on the player and organization and  fines and suspends niggas.

– dan gilbert (owner of the cavs) gladly picks up the whole tab


There’s a reason yall are always the victims cleveland…..its cuz yall are bitches.