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2 Chainz in Miami (Video)

lebron and wayne make an appearance during tity boi’s show in mia

On The Road with T.D.E (Video)


good kid, m.A.A.d city


Lebron practicing the skyhook (Video)

awesome….the unstoppable player is adding an unguardable move to his arsenal lol

TDE’s BET Music Matters Tour vlog: Eat (Video)



My thoughts on Ray

there were alot of rumors going on about ray and why he made his decision to go to the miami heat…i held back on reacting to them until i heard it from the guy himself…well, he finally came out and spoke on some of those things…..ray being the professional he is sugar coats alot of shit, but i think everyone hears him loud and clear….i give my thoughts on each answer given

hit the judas for the interview and commentary


NBA Finals shit



if jon barry sucks, what the fuck does he think about magic and broussard? im just saying….


its amazing how thirsty bitches are …..shit is disgustin *in killa cam voice

Mike Tyson’s Inspriation Song for Lebron (Video)


this is only a quarter funny lol……but im pretty sure this just adds to the enormous pressure that lebron already has (and ultimately will succumb to)