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Artists Favorite Organized Noise Tracks (Video)

most underrated producers in hip hop? dont believe me? check out the mixtape below…..


Kendrick Lamar gets passed the torch by westcoast greats (Video)

the next handful post are gonna be dedicated to the homie kendrick lamar, for finally dropping his anticipated major label debut…..i know i already posted this a while ago, but i think its a good place to start……and for those that havent heard it yet….he doesnt disappoint…AT.ALL

i pride myself on being right before anyone else about artist blowing (khalifa, sean, drake etc…) and feel absolulte shame for being wrong (charles hamilton, asher roth…)

but with those five artist i mentioned, they all had a project, or a mini buzz and i checked them out and gave em a co sign…i hit the shit out of the park with the kid kendrick….

i randomly stumbled upon the “she needs me” video, liked it enough to download the kendrick lamar ep and just like that i thought he was hip hop’s new messiah and i was going to tell any and everyone that would listen…

“they said seven tracks, i said fifteeen, call it an ep, they said im trippin”

so congrats to kendrick for proving me so fucking right….if this doesnt verify that thecensus is gospel…i dont know what willll

ya bissshhhhh


DPGC Feat. Dom Kennedy – Bouncin’ (Prod. Amplified)

dogg pound and dopeitsdom……had this on repeat for a minute now….

boosh to download…

Kendrick Lamar In Hollywood (Live)

whole rack of cameos in this one….

theres a whole lotta dick sucking going on in this video (especially you game)…but its ill to a see a nigga that thecensus’ been supporting for years…congrats

so if i couldnt persuade you before to pick up the kendrick lamar ep or Overly Dedicated or section 80 this video alone should be enough to do that…..

R.I.P Nate Dogg

warren g tweeted earlier this week that nate dogg was going into therapy, hopefully this wasnt some self inflicted shit…the past few years have been pretty tough for nate, 2 strokes in your early 40’s? not whats up….

this guy was the go to man for a hit back in his day, and is one of the few artist, if not the only, that made a career soley off singing hooks and bridges.

shouts to dj humz for dropping the breaking news……

Kurupt – Intro (Video)

Terrace Martin on the boards. Off that Streetlights . The infamous Boondocks soapbox makes a cameo….

nothing like some smooth cali shit…..

Kurupt – Yessir (prod. Pete Rock)

Visuals for a smooth ass track that originally leaked way back in 2008 off of Street Lights.

“Gangsta!” (repeat 20 + times)

Hit the bungee for the full track…