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A$AP Ferg – Persian White (Video)

they are milking the hell out of that lord$ never worry project….as they should….

that “choppers on deck” part is ill….

no disrespect, but jim jones would smack the fuck outta that kufi

trap lord, not coming soon enough

Smoke DZA – The Ghost Of Dipset (Prod. King Thelonious)


if you didnt know…today marks the 10 year anniversary of the dipolomats dropping the street classic diplomatic immunity ….this is my favorite hip hop double album evar…..

smoke dza commemorates the day with a tribute track…..

Jim Jones Feat. Lil Wayne X T.W.O. – 60 Rackz (Remix) [Video]


this song sucks…but there’s tittays all over the place…treat this like a nicki minaj video…mute and enjoy….JUST DONT DO IT AT WORK lol

Jim Jones Refuses to Speak on Max B (Video)

Diplomats – Dipset Anthem (Live)


this shit throws me all the way back to the 4 runner days with a phat ass dutch bitch in my passenger seat…..meeeeeeeemorrrrriiiieeeeeessss lol

cam was so fucking nice back then….

A$AP Mob – Lord$ Never Worry (Mixtape)


features from a whole rack of people…..bawse gellar says hes 8 tracks in and it slaps….thats a good enough cosign for me…..

13 year old Meek Mill (Video)


over that dipset anthem

Max B’s Appeal Denied…..


my favorite mixtape rapper of all time (and one of nam’s friends lol)  just had his appeal denied, he will be behind bars till 2042…..as drewpee said “by then, i’ll be on a beach retired somewhere, and jakes? well, youll be dead”

those that dont know, max b is, was a hook genius, who wrote “we fly high” for jim jones as well as many other songs and hooks, gave french montana the co sign he needed to become relevant in the streets and released one of my favorite mixtapes of all time public domain 2: rise of the silver surfer

the game will miss you….


2 Chainz Feat. Jadakiss – One Day At A Time (Prod. Cash Hits) [Video]

tity boi and jada’s collab off t.r.u realigion gets some visuals…directed by jim jones

ASAP Rocky Talks Dipset (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the harlemite ASAP Rocky speaks on the influence that the diplomats had on them growing up……..

Diplomats Interview with Miss Info (Video)

the dips tells some stories about their days on roc-a-fella….. dead @ his jigga impersonation lol

hit the bungee for more of the interview….


Blackroc 2 (Trailer)


oh shit!

Jim Jones – Believe In Magic (Prod. Girl Talk)

ol' genuine lookin ass nigga lol

yes….that girl talk….and this shit bangs….theres a version with lloyd that he’s gonna release for radio play that isnt nearly as good, so we gonna keep it gutter, and up the hookless version….

shouts to those canadian bitches that wouldnt give me no pussy aye?

boosh to download….


Wiz Talks Best Ad-Libs and Cam’ron (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i actually cant argue with wiz’s list, but i added a couple sleepers to my top 5:

1. Too $hort (BIATCH!)

2. Rick Ross (BAWSE!, ROZAY!, UGH, WOOOO!)

3. Young Jeezy (YEEEEEEEEA!)

4. Jim Jones (JONES! BALLIN!)

5. Mark Morrison, number 1 on the r&b list (COME ON!, HERE….I….GO! etc…)

Kanye West feat. Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean – Christmas in Harlem

The first radio rip/unfinished version dropped about a week ago, but you know there was no way that low quality  bullshit was gonna see the light of day on this blog.

Yeezy enlist a whole rack of niggas for this one….even Killa and Jones, who fucking dissed him on a track “Toast” literally a couple months ago…im guessing those Dipset Reunion checks aren’t as big as they thought they’d be….*shrugs*

Bungee to download….


The Diplomats – Dipset Anthem, I Really Mean It & Santana’s Town (Video)

Shout to gatsby for the great dipset rap city post, got a nigga super nostalgic. I had to follow up with probably the best Hip Hop awards performance I’ve ever seen. This shit was like a ghetto opera with the acting an cinematography.

Where do i start?

– the fiends getting that work on the corner (classic)
-the big nigga choking the nigga off stage (classic)
-cam with the old school oozi (classic)
-if anyone can tell me waht zeeky was doing at 2:45 ill give you $20
-that “YEA YEA YEA YEA !” gave a nigga goosebumps

Jim Jones feat. Cam’ron X Vado X Yo Gotti – Gretzky (Remix) (prod. Lex Luger)


This is not good at all…..but i posted for a couple reasons:

1. I wanted to officially end lex luger’s fifteen minutes of fame. He has yet to top ,or come anywhere close to MC Hammer or B.M.F. All his production sounds the same, which is ok for maybe a couple tracks a year, but the ghetto circus sound will only get you so far. Hopefully artist pick up on this, sooner than later and let him gracefully bow out.

2. 4 niggas and only 3 references of actual hockey players, outside the hook and song title, all by Cam. (Ove, Crosby, Messier)

3.  jim jones clearly has a beef with sparklers on his bottles.

ok im not gonna lie…i kinda like this shit….


Dipset Reunion with Angie Martinez (Video)

This is good to see. To get the full interview head on over to 2dopeboyz

Ski Beatz feat. Jim Jones X Curren$y – Go

Was gonna post the artwork, but this is much more appropriate.


Sadly this is the only track worth downloading off of the late as hell 24 Hour Karate School. The other songs have either been leaked and posted before or just plain not good. Easily the most disspointing project of the year. 

Bungee to download whats left of this failure…. 


Curren$y, Smoke DZA Shiest Bubz, Johnny Shipes & Cuzzin Todd – Smokers Club

Yo, for real, Curren$y is one funny motherfucker, I need to find this interview he did on Shade45 (RIP 66 Raw shouts to Leo G) with Whoo Kid. The dude had me laughing hard as hell. Yes, that is BET Uncut Hall of Famer Shiest Bubz (Barker).

Cam’ron ft. Snoop Dogg & Red – Yo Momma On Ya

This video is incredible and I’ve been playing this shit all day. Cam’s two verses are gawd awful (there’s a version where Jim Jones gets a verse and it’s actually worse then Cam’s second verse) but Snoop’s verse and Red’s hook are great.

I am now convinced that Cam goes to worldstarhiphop daily, because this is the second time he’s turned an internet sensation into a song (See Epic Beard Man then see Amber Lamps).

Go to Miss Info’s chinky ass site for more details on how the song came about.

bungee to download….