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This shit always makes me laugh……..

Vince Carter choking ? uuuuuuhhhh DONT MIND IF I DO!!!


I hope you Magic fans who thought Vince was the answer with the departure of Lee and Hedo learn the ills of relying on a certified bitch nigga.

Vigilanti Season – Coming Soon

Long story short, Max B is no longer contractually obligated to Byrdgang and Jim Jones and Vigilante Season will be released FINALLY. OWWWWW.

Trademark Da Skydiver – Oxygen (Video)

Off the upcoming mixtape Issue 2


Wiz Khalifa – Goodbye (Video)

Off Deal or No Deal …..

Rick Ross – MC Hammer

I know I posted the whole mixtape earlier.. but this track deserves its own post alone. The hook isnt fair and the beat goes so hoooard (shouts to a-train).

Do yourself a favor and hit the bungee to download….


Mr. Rose feat. Dwele – Power

First single off of Mr. (Amber) Rose’ much anticipated G.A.J. Sorry for all the code words, but the last time I posted some shit from a high profile artist, the alphabet boys came knocking and locked the shit down for a few days. Let’s see if I can get away with this one. Not mad at this at all btw.

Hit the bungee to download….shhhhhhh


Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Video)

Technoed out the original and unfortunately took Big Sean off…..regardless this shit goes….and those bitches were singing “Drug Dealer Girl” loud as hell in the beginning of this video.

Hit the bungee for the video for “Drug Dealer Girl” starring Rosa Acosta

For the record, I’m taking Amber over her any day….