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Big Sean Feat. Lil’ Wayne X Jhene’ Aiko – Beware



off that hall of fame album that’ll be dropping in august???

DJ Khaled Feat. Drake X Rick Ross X Lil’ Wayne – No New Friends (Video)

let me make this clear….this is still one of the dumbest songs of all time….

but  that hook is catchy as fuck.

and this old school video is ill

so ill let it slide

shouts to bsb

Birdman X Lil’ Wayne X Nicki Minaj X Future X Mack Maine – Tap Out (Video)

can someone please tell me what the fuck a rich gang is????

2 Chainz Feat. Lil’ Wayne – Yuck! (Video)



DJ Khaled Feat. Drake X Rick Ross X Lil’ Wayne – No New Friends (Prod. Boi-1da & Noah “40” Shebib) [Video]

dead@ NO………NEW……..FRIENDS…..please dont let this be the new “YOLO”


i just cant…..

isnt vado a new friend though?????

Lil’ Wayne Feat. 2 Chainz – Rich As Fuck (Video)

you notice his last two singles he’s had everyone on hook duty? is someone worried about getting bodied on his own shit?

lets hope wayne recorded at least an EP amounts worth of music during his little codeine binge

Lil Wayne Feat. Future X Drake – Love Me (Good Kush X Alcohol) [Video]

i am not a human being ii

Will.I.Am Feat. Diddy X Britney Spears X Waka Flocka Flame X Hit-Boy X Lil’ Wayne (Video)

imma be real, if i still went to the club id love this shit…its got shit for everyone (first future, then riff raff, now this? i must be going deaf (no jam))

diddy – pimp d

britney – ever since you went bald, i knew you was a bitch id always love

waka – jas…..lol….i know this isnt saying much, but this is the best waka verse EVAR lol

hit-boy – humz

wayne – young  $ nigga (this nigga loves to end verses with top shelf lines lol)

will.i.am – for the niggas that want music to die

Future Feat. Lil’ Wayne – Karate Chop (Remix)


when i heard the original i listened to it all day……the remix has done the exact same thing lol

also, thank you future for making wayne think its ok to bring auto tune back


Fabolous – So NY (Video)

shouts to fabolous’ career….whether you like him or not, you gotta respect his grind and longevity….justin blaze on the boards.

P.A.P.I. AKA NORE Feat. French Montana X Pusha-T X 2 Chainz – Tadow (Video)

ladies and gentleman behold, the hip-hop career resurrection kit….

step 1. change your name

step 2. feature the hottest buzzing names in hip hop at the time

step 3. make sure the beat follows the trend of hits that have been coming out in the past year (hi hats are a must, piano’s are optional)

step 4. the video must have a gratuitous amount of cameos



Lil’ Wayne Feat. 2 Chainz – Rich As Fuck (Prod. T-Minus)



second official single off of waynes lowly anticipated i am not a human being ii ….this shit aint half bad either…he might fuck around and make a nigga illegally download this shit

Lil’ Wayne – Good Kush & Alcohol Feat. Future X Drake (Bitches Love Me) [Prod. Mike Will]

wayne gets struggle falsetto and drake for hook duty ONLY….

so not only can we thank future for being the spokesperson for all aquatic animals, he also made it ok for people to use auto-tune again….sigh….

i actually like this one though


2 Chainz in Miami (Video)

lebron and wayne make an appearance during tity boi’s show in mia

Lil’ Wayne Feat. Detail – No Worries (Video)


visuals inspired by the johnny depp starring film, fear and loathing in las vegas

who the fuck is detail?

T.I. Feat. Lil’ Wayne – Ball (Video)


yes im late…i know….but its because i hated this shit until a few days ago….definitely has that super old school ‘nolia sound…..off trouble man

Paris Hilton Feat. Lil Wayne – ?????



this is not nearly as bad as i thought…..real talk….waynes part is the worst LOL

Jim Jones Feat. Lil Wayne X T.W.O. – 60 Rackz (Remix) [Video]


this song sucks…but there’s tittays all over the place…treat this like a nicki minaj video…mute and enjoy….JUST DONT DO IT AT WORK lol

Lil’ Wayne’s Deposition (Video)

“that man cant save you in the real world”

long story short, wayne is suing quincy jones iii for the rights of music from the carter 4 that was used in a documentary filmed of wanye’s life…wayne doesnt approve, so he took it to the courts…here’s the deposition lol

shouts to toth.0 for the exclusive

Juicy J Feat. Lil’ Wayne X 2 Chainz – Bandz A Make Her Dance (Video)


why the fuck are their actual marching bands in this video??? lol

2 Chainz “B.O.A.T.S.” [Episode #3] (Video)

where are these white girls parents? lololol

list of rappers white girls inexplicably LOVE

1. wayne

2. a$ap rocky

3. 2 chainz

and kid at the end gets bodied off that tour bust lol

Game Feat. Chris Brown X Tyga X Wiz Khalifa X Lil’ Wayne – Celebration (Video)

even though this is a straight jack of the bone thugs classic, im still fucking with this….they also re enact that classic scene from “nuthin but a g thang” where they run up behind a big tittied bitch playing volleyball and expose them knockers

had a nigga like…..


Lil’ Wayne – Dedication 4 (Mixtape)


after a couple delays, wayne drops the 4th installment of his dedication mixtape…..

features from j. cole nicki minaj, birdman, jeezy and mas

Manny Fresh Interview (Video)


Whilst in New Orleans for Essence Festival 2012, SoulCulture TV sat down with DJ and prolific former-Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh at the House of Blues to discuss his hometown, commercial Hip Hop’s need to diversify, his thoughts on the Southern scene, what it’s been like working with Kanye West and the crew on Cruel Summer, and Lil Wayne’s work ethic. He had a lot to say. — SoulCulture