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Outlawz admit they smoked Pac’s ashes (Video)

lol nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniggas

DMX arrested…….again

humz, i win LOL

Law enforcement tells TMZ … the rapper was arrested again, after being pulled over last night in Arizona for driving 102 mph in a 65 zone. And for good measure, Mr. X was driving on a suspended license … so cops arrested


Jadakiss is a fucking pussy….

so one of the tracks i initially overlooked as being a standout off  the carter iv (one of the main reasons i dont like to review an album after only a couple listens) is a joint featuring drake and jada….its one of the few times on the album that wayne spits with any sense of urgency…in it he addresses the line that got baby all bent out of shape :

I’m like really half a billi n*gga…really you got baby money…. keep it real with n*ggas…. n*ggas aint got my lady money” – Jigga “H.A.M”

here’s wayne’s response:

Talkin’ bout baby money….I got ya baby money….Kidnap yo bitch….get that ‘how much you love yo lady’ money – Wayne “I’m Good”

this actually doesnt come to a surprise to many people becase wayne basically said he was going to respond to it in an interview with sway

the surprising part is jada getting so shook in his boots that jigga might put him in the “guilty by association” category for being on the track that literally only a couple hours after the album leaks, jada is ducking and running for cover lol….

whats that 50?

skip…..get your boy

Kendrick Lamar Feat. The Game – The City (Prod. Cool and Dre)

so when i posted the game album the other day, i put up a spot in p tone’s review of the album. this is the song he was talking about….yes i know in the title it says kendrick featuring the game, thats not a typo….thats because the way kendrick bodied this shit, game no longer has ownership of this record….if youre game , who in your camp thinks its a good idea to start the album off with some newbie destroying you ? shit, jay were in that situation, he’d do the smart thing, and just give the track away lol….he be like “nah kendrick you good, im just not feeliong it like that, its all yours” lol

boosh to download


Pusha T Feat. Kanye West X Young Jeezy – Amen (Prod. Shawty Redd)

im a little late on this one, because the first time i heard it i didnt fuck with it at all, but it came on my ipod earlier today, and the shit kinda knocks….gatsby’s favorite incarcerated producer is on the boards…..off pusha’s upcoming  fear of god 2 ep

bungee to download….


Phonte Feat. Elzhi – Not Here Anymore (Prod. 9th Wonder)

phonte elzi and produced by 9th wonder? isnt that just little brother? yea, thought so…. niggas are funny lol…whatever… that was all fucking wrong lol, thanks drewpee for the correction…

boosh to download….

shouts to nate , this is strictly for you….


Red Cafe Feat. Rick Ross X Ryan Leslie – Fly Together (Prod. Ryan Leslie)

i posted the making of this earlier and even with that impressive footage, i was skeptical of the final product….and for good reason, red cafe is gawd awful (i can see why diddy uses him as a ghostwriter though, when diddy spits verses that red cafe wrote for him you can almost believe that diddy wrote it himself because its so elementary and average)….this would be a very good song if we swapped out fabolous for red cafe…..rozay does his best to keep the shit from dropping below the line of mediocrity (which he does, just barely), but he cant do much  more than that, shit….hes only one man lol

boosh to download…..