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Outlawz admit they smoked Pac’s ashes (Video)

lol nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniggas

DMX arrested…….again

humz, i win LOL

Law enforcement tells TMZ … the rapper was arrested again, after being pulled over last night in Arizona for driving 102 mph in a 65 zone. And for good measure, Mr. X was driving on a suspended license … so cops arrested


Jadakiss is a fucking pussy….

so one of the tracks i initially overlooked as being a standout off  the carter iv (one of the main reasons i dont like to review an album after only a couple listens) is a joint featuring drake and jada….its one of the few times on the album that wayne spits with any sense of urgency…in it he addresses the line that got baby all bent out of shape :

I’m like really half a billi n*gga…really you got baby money…. keep it real with n*ggas…. n*ggas aint got my lady money” – Jigga “H.A.M”

here’s wayne’s response:

Talkin’ bout baby money….I got ya baby money….Kidnap yo bitch….get that ‘how much you love yo lady’ money – Wayne “I’m Good”

this actually doesnt come to a surprise to many people becase wayne basically said he was going to respond to it in an interview with sway

the surprising part is jada getting so shook in his boots that jigga might put him in the “guilty by association” category for being on the track that literally only a couple hours after the album leaks, jada is ducking and running for cover lol….

whats that 50?

skip…..get your boy

Kendrick Lamar Feat. The Game – The City (Prod. Cool and Dre)

so when i posted the game album the other day, i put up a spot in p tone’s review of the album. this is the song he was talking about….yes i know in the title it says kendrick featuring the game, thats not a typo….thats because the way kendrick bodied this shit, game no longer has ownership of this record….if youre game , who in your camp thinks its a good idea to start the album off with some newbie destroying you ? shit, jay were in that situation, he’d do the smart thing, and just give the track away lol….he be like “nah kendrick you good, im just not feeliong it like that, its all yours” lol

boosh to download


Pusha T Feat. Kanye West X Young Jeezy – Amen (Prod. Shawty Redd)

im a little late on this one, because the first time i heard it i didnt fuck with it at all, but it came on my ipod earlier today, and the shit kinda knocks….gatsby’s favorite incarcerated producer is on the boards…..off pusha’s upcoming  fear of god 2 ep

bungee to download….


Phonte Feat. Elzhi – Not Here Anymore (Prod. 9th Wonder)

phonte elzi and produced by 9th wonder? isnt that just little brother? yea, thought so…. niggas are funny lol…whatever… that was all fucking wrong lol, thanks drewpee for the correction…

boosh to download….

shouts to nate , this is strictly for you….


Red Cafe Feat. Rick Ross X Ryan Leslie – Fly Together (Prod. Ryan Leslie)

i posted the making of this earlier and even with that impressive footage, i was skeptical of the final product….and for good reason, red cafe is gawd awful (i can see why diddy uses him as a ghostwriter though, when diddy spits verses that red cafe wrote for him you can almost believe that diddy wrote it himself because its so elementary and average)….this would be a very good song if we swapped out fabolous for red cafe…..rozay does his best to keep the shit from dropping below the line of mediocrity (which he does, just barely), but he cant do much  more than that, shit….hes only one man lol

boosh to download…..


Spitta Andretti (Curren$y) – Verde Terrace (Mixtape)

heres an alternate cover for those that dont like the official one that came with the tape

spitta going in on some memorbale beats, a couple original joints as well…ells, this is MUCH better than return to the winners circle…hosted by the legendary dj drama

bungee for tracklist and download….


Jewluminati 2…..

so heres the latest offering from you know who….i cant really speak too much on it (or even use the damn artwork), because the jewluminati has been on my ass (pause) and been taking down any and everything retail related within hours  of me posting it….so hit the bungee for the download as well as a brief review from ya boy…..


Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D (Video)

favorite track off section.80….not sure how i feel about the visuals though….. personally, a camera crew to following scHoolboy q for a day, indulging in as many vices he could possibly get a hold of probably would have been better, but eh?

thecensus survives an earthquake….





Smoke DZA Feat. ASAP Rocky – 4 Loko (Video)

off dza’s upcoming project rolling stoned out aug. 30th

young money anthem here

also if you check the very beginning of the video? youll see “joose” which is actually the OG of this shit, shouts to a train for putting me on that shit back in ’08

Kendrick Lamar In Hollywood (Live)

whole rack of cameos in this one….

theres a whole lotta dick sucking going on in this video (especially you game)…but its ill to a see a nigga that thecensus’ been supporting for years…congrats

so if i couldnt persuade you before to pick up the kendrick lamar ep or Overly Dedicated or section 80 this video alone should be enough to do that…..

Rick Ross X MMG meet Dan Marino

dan marino is one of the top 5 greatest qb’s to ever do it (number 1 on gold’s list) this just upped his stock…..im now waiting for rick ross to appear on dan lebatard’s radio show, you cant possibly get any bigger than that.

that meek milly track sounds kinda nice, imma have to give his mixtape a listen….

yo toth, did you ever end up listening to that pill mixtape? is it worth the download?


Rick Ross X Ton Draper – Bossumentary (Trailer)

lol @ “HUUUH!”

Troy Ave. Feat. Prodigy – Dirty Martini (Video)

bricks in my backpack 2: powder to the people (i couldnt make this shit up if i wanted to) coming soon….hit the bungee to download the mp3….prod. john scino…


ScHoolBoy Q – My Homies (Prod. Alchemist)

while out in ny schoolboy q took time off from xanny bars, weed and other narcotics (ok, probably not) to record this track….alchemist on the boards….this shit bangs..

bungee to download….


Nas X AZ in the studio……

Serious – Off AZ’s A.W.O.L album

those that know me, know im not the biggest nas fan (for various reasons musically and otherwise), but ive always been a fan of the work he did with AZ. whatever theyre working on im sure itll be good as shit….what kills me is that, when they were the most popular, people wanted a collab album, but with nas being the fucking prick that he is, the shit didnt it happen….if they came together with a full length project now, would it be ill? of course… but its taken so long, that the masses are kind of over the whole shit at this point(i.e. detox or OBFCL2)…

here’s a list of my top five favorite collab albums:

5. Curren$y X Wiz Khalifa – How Fly (yea its a mixtape so what)

4. Raekwon Feat. Ghostface Killah – Only Built For Cuban Linx (yea they say it was a solo album, but ghostface was featured on damn near every track)

3. Method Man X Redman – Blackout!

2. Jay-Z X R. Kelly – Best of Both Worlds (this actually could have been so much better)

1. Jay-Z X Kanye West – Watch the Throne

Juicy J Talks Recent Collabo Albums (Video)

thecensus comeback artist of the year talks about the recent collabo albums that have been released in ’11…..

i havent listened to the ferrari boyz album yet…anyone wanna let me know if its worth the download?

#Ism at its finest…. Chuuuuuuch


With all this #ism confusion amongst some of our fellow friends and followers, I figured I’d post this link as an example of some original G shit.  I’m not sayin its right or wrong, Im sayin this dude is an OG and is practicing #ism.  The boy @GLCTHEISM would be proud.

ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag X Peso (Video)

i dont know much about dude except he’s from harlem….you can sense the heavy houston influence in his shit, which is probably why i fucks with it so heavy…..and that white bitch? she can get it the same way jojo’s ass can get it….TOP SHELF!


oh and shouts to tall tee brian, im surprised that purple drank wasnt your go to narcotic given your affinity for lil’ troy and swisha house lol

The Weeknd – Thursday


yall been waiting for this one….shouts to gold, stan and toth.0

bungee for tracklist and download….

Game – The R.E.D Album (Review)


this leaked earlier this week so i gave it a listen, i was gonna give a little review, but the nigga P Tone over at big ghost chronicles pretty much summed everything i felt about the album.

“The City (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – This shit is jus way too dramatic yo. Son sounds like he was listenin to Nas’s One Mic for like a month straight before he went into the booth to spit this shit son. The nigga sounds like he swallowed Crooked I or Royce Da 5’9 or some shit. Not sure which one…but I swear he usin another niggas flow tho. Then the nigga got the nerve to say he Top 5 dead or alive. Son…. Niggas laugh at Jadakiss for sayin shit like that….n that nigga could actually spit at one point namsayin. But he aint done makin ridiculous claims son. Its like he tryin to test a niggas patience when he says some shit bout bein the black Slim Shady. But then son starts to REALLY lose his composure n says he “the best the West ever seen, no disrespect to Calvin”. Best what nigga? Son….you disrespectin a whole lot more niggas than jus Calvin nahmean. I wont go thru the WHOLE list son…but summa the niggas Im talmbout got names you mighta heard before…like Oshea n TUPAC….maybe even ANDRE. But thats a whole nother topic namsayin. Not to mention that the nigga doin the hook…who also hails from the West… ends the song by completely bodyin the beat. Im sayin the beat actually hid from the nigga n jus disappeared while son was spittin. So after all ya talk bout bein top 5 n bein the black Eminem you gon jus let Kendrick rape you on the track son? If I was you Jayceon…I woulda been told the nigga to get the fuck out the studio and dont come back til he could mediocre his shit up a little. “

couldnt have said that shit any better lol….fuck it ill give a mini review right now:

-the first half of the album isnt half bad, its actually pretty good

-the second half takes one of the biggest nosedives with bitch track after bitch track, look its cool if you got bitch tracks, but theyre all abortions

-the shit was way too long, its 20 tracks with something like 6 bonus tracks? look, you cut that down to 15 songs, you have yourself a solid album with little to no filler tracks

heres the rest of p tones review HERE

you can download the album HERE (theres no way im putting up an itunes link for this shit, but the first half is kinda good)

GLC Feat. Cory Mo – Get Paper Stack Change (Video)

Cory Mo is not only a cold producer/artist… he’s my mella! When me & my mella get together we exchange heavy game & ism! Here we laid down some pure proclamation for the player demonstration over this Blended Babies