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Snoop Dogg Feat. Drake X Cori B – No Guns Allowed (Video)

snoops come a long way from him almost being convicted of murder lol

im still not calling him snoop lion though….

50 Cent Feat. Snoop Dogg X Young Jeezy – Major Distribution (Video)

i wanted nothing to do with this track, until shade 45 got on their brainwash shit and played it every hour on the hour….now i fucks with it lol

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #2 (Big Boy, Rodney King & Suga Free 101) (Video)

lol at a handful of thing….

-andy milonakis’ cameo

-snoops rodney king story

– pac div and snoop quoting suga free

– the creepy ass nigga on the camera filming thunder claps

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #1 (Pac Div)

mibbs does an ill ass snoop dogg source awards impression

watch till the end….its worth it

Kendrick Lamar gets passed the torch by westcoast greats (Video)

the next handful post are gonna be dedicated to the homie kendrick lamar, for finally dropping his anticipated major label debut…..i know i already posted this a while ago, but i think its a good place to start……and for those that havent heard it yet….he doesnt disappoint…AT.ALL

i pride myself on being right before anyone else about artist blowing (khalifa, sean, drake etc…) and feel absolulte shame for being wrong (charles hamilton, asher roth…)

but with those five artist i mentioned, they all had a project, or a mini buzz and i checked them out and gave em a co sign…i hit the shit out of the park with the kid kendrick….

i randomly stumbled upon the “she needs me” video, liked it enough to download the kendrick lamar ep and just like that i thought he was hip hop’s new messiah and i was going to tell any and everyone that would listen…

“they said seven tracks, i said fifteeen, call it an ep, they said im trippin”

so congrats to kendrick for proving me so fucking right….if this doesnt verify that thecensus is gospel…i dont know what willll

ya bissshhhhh


Dr. Dre presents Kendrick Lamar ( good kid, m.A.A.d city ) [Trailer]

this is good promo….DAMN GOOD promo but a couple things rubbing me the wrong way…

1. the fuck is snoop at?!?!?!?! we just gonna forget him?

2. drew didnt find kendrick…he  was already an established artist before the interscope deal

3. no mention of tde, ANYWHERE…..he’s a tde artist, that just happens to be distributed by interscope, right???….i dont know how Anthony Tiffith (ceo of top dawg ent.) feels about the spot, but if that was dame dash, you already know he would spazz out (the look on dame’s face at the 2:10 mark is…PRICELESS lol)


GGN: Snoop Dogg & Action Bronson Talk Rap, Food, & More (Video)

lol i cant believe that “young eggs” story that snoop told on big sean’s detroit mixtape is real

bronson was SMACKED lol

Game Feat. Chris Brown X Tyga X Wiz Khalifa X Lil’ Wayne – Celebration (Video)

even though this is a straight jack of the bone thugs classic, im still fucking with this….they also re enact that classic scene from “nuthin but a g thang” where they run up behind a big tittied bitch playing volleyball and expose them knockers

had a nigga like…..


GGN Donnell Rawlings & Hits From The Street (Video)


lol @ no ocean & dick-fil-a

Nemo Hoes Saves A B*tch w/ Donnell Rawlings – GGN News (Video)


im so mad that they use that sarah mcLachlan commercial  for the 1-800-save-a-ho spot lol……

shouts to egs and the curiosity rover….EPISODE 2 PART II dropping later today!

Paris Hilton X Snoop Dogg sip 40’s (Video)


this has turned into one of my favorite web shows EVAR lol ….

the “yes” count his hilarious

Juicy J Feat. Snoop Dogg – Who The Neighbors (Video)

dont watch this at work humz, this could possibly result in something that would get you fired lol

snoop kinda murders his verse lol

Snoop Dogg Feat. Soopafly- I’m Threw With You

for my niggas…….

by far my favorite snoop album….if you dont have this shit, you need to do some research…

DPGC Feat. Dom Kennedy – Bouncin’ (Prod. Amplified)

dogg pound and dopeitsdom……had this on repeat for a minute now….

boosh to download…

Pac Live at Coachella (Video)

th is incredibly trippy lol….im going to have nightmares because of this shit lol

Snoop Dogg – Sitting By The Water (Video)

snoop and a whole rack of scantily clad bitches? dont mind if i do!

Snoop Dogg On The Price Is Right (Video)

this guy went from being on trial for murder to being in every 70+ year olds house hold……only in america lol

Snoop Dogg X Wiz Khalifa Feat. Juicy J – Smokin On (Prod. Drumma Boy)

are people ok with these guys blatantly stealing meth and red’s hip hop cheech and chong role?

bungge to download….


Snoop Dogg X Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (Live)

this never gets old….detox coming never…them singaporeans was kinda turned up for the shit too

Snoop Dogg x Wiz Khalifa Feat. Bruno Mars – Young, Wild and Free (Video)

If bruno mars died today….I’d golf clap

Thisis50 MTV VMA x BMI 2011 Takeover (Video)

jack the thriller of thisis50.com hits up the VMA’s and Snoop’s BMI’s red carpet for a whole bunch of fuckery…..from fucking around with khaled, asking miguel if he’s gay (damn, thats fucked up) etc…but the real reason i posted this is at the 5:45 mark….yes, thats jojo, yes, yes she is not accompanied by anyone so everyone step your game up (or down) for a shot at translucent brown sugar (she actually calls herself that)!!!!!

Dom Kennedy X Andy Milanokis On Snoop’s Double G Network Show

lol this shit is so bizarre, from andy milonakis to dom kennedy performing “grind’n” behind a green screen

Snoop Dogg Feat. Wiz Khalifa – This Weed Iz Mine (Video)

congrats on wiz’s engagement to my woman…..fucking bitch…..off that doggumentary

Snoop Dogg Feat. Wiz Khalifa – This Weed Iz Mine (Scoop DeVille)

off of snoops upcoming album the doggumentary …..those that havent downloaded wiz’ album yet and are expecting this type of shit when they do, are gonna get the rudest of awakenings lol…

boosh to donwload……