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Asher Roth & Nottz Raw – Enforce The Law

I dont know who hates Asher more, drewpee or gatsby, but I think dude can spit. This is off the upcoming project that him and Nottz are doing.

I’ll admit that Asher is in the same boat as Wale, their Sophomore LP better be up to par or they’re careers are pretty much done.


Rick Ross – Hard In The Paint Freestyle (Video)

Some of the shots were downright disturbing in this one……Untouchable Maybach Empire of course…

Justin Bieber feat. Kanye West & Raekwon – Runaway Love (Remix)

Diddy gave his Lambo to Bieber for his 16th birthday (yes that's Sean Kingston in the passenger seat)


Updated with the tagless cdq version for you bieber boyz – zshare 

No this is not a joke, and no this is not a mash up. This shit is real. I would post the twitter comments between these three going back and forth about this but I ain’t a twitter head like that (ali gold screenshots please?)….Bieber fever is no joke and it’s officially reached the hood. Even Nipsey Hu$$le was impressed when he walked into the studio one day and saw Biebs (no homo) playing the tune of Pac’s Thugz Mansion on his guitar. 

I don’t understand this phenomenon at all… 

bungee to download… 


Ski Beatz Presents: 24 Hour Karate School (Tracklist)

Updated with an explanation from Ski himself

Well didn’t this turn out to be a massive fail. This has been pushed back since March, more than half the songs have leaked already and due to label issues, Mos Def’s tracks (verse on “Prowler” , “24 Hour Karate School”, “Cream of the Planet” & “Taxi”) will not be on the album at all. Click the picture to get a larger shot.




Album Out September 14th…

Big Sean (Finally) Finally Famous Vol. 3 (Mixtape) – Hosted By Don Cannon

Why when i saw the link for this shit I closed my office door and did the following…..

Hosted by mixtape GOAT Don Cannon (no shots Drama)

bungee for tracklist and download….



Kendrick Lamar – Average Joe

More Kendrick? Why not? O.D. 09/15


Nipsey Hu$$le Featuring Lloyd – Feeling Myself (I’m So Fresh) (Video)

I’ll admit at first I wasn’t feeling this shit, it’s def. grown on me. Nispey is supposed to drop October 13th but I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.

bung to download….


Kendrick Lamar – Monster (Freestyle)

Yea, he goes in on this….Thaaaa bloooog sites are starting to catch on to this dude finally.

O.D.  drops September 15th


Rick Ross – White Sand II (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More visuals from the Albert Anastasia EP. This track samples one of the few non Marshall Mathers LP tracks that I enjoy from Em. Brought to us by the Untouchable Maybach Empire.

Dan Lebatard X B. Pumper X Sir Michael Rocks X Mos Def

I'm pretty sure this bitches name is "South Beach"

I'm pretty sure this bitches name is "South Beach"

For those that wanted the audio for these videos…..

Dan Lebatard – South Beach Open Your Legs-video


Dan Lebatard – Sex In October-video


B. Pumper – Oh And It’s Shave-video


Mikey Rocks – Foreign Features-video


Ski Beatz feat. Mos Def – Cream of the Planet-video


You’re Welcome

Jay & Kanye feat. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver – Monster

So this is not going to be on ‘Ye’s upcoming album, but instead on a ten (at least) track joint album he’s doing with Jay titled Lyrically Killing My “Big Brother” Watch the Throne.

Rozay is barely on this and Nicki actually holds her own against the two “kings”.

bungee to download….


Cam’ron ft. Snoop Dogg & Red – Yo Momma On Ya

This video is incredible and I’ve been playing this shit all day. Cam’s two verses are gawd awful (there’s a version where Jim Jones gets a verse and it’s actually worse then Cam’s second verse) but Snoop’s verse and Red’s hook are great.

I am now convinced that Cam goes to worldstarhiphop daily, because this is the second time he’s turned an internet sensation into a song (See Epic Beard Man then see Amber Lamps).

Go to Miss Info’s chinky ass site for more details on how the song came about.

bungee to download….


“Bat! Bat!” Vol. 2 – RIP Lil Flip’s Career (Video)

This…..Shit…..Is……Sad.  The funeral starts at the 2:40 mark. How do you go from “I Can Do That” to that shit?

RIP to one of the the first people to put the Houston music scene on the map nationally…..

Dan Lebatard – The Sequel : Sex In October

How in the hell does Scott Van Pelt get that 11-2 spot on ESPN radio?

shouts to ali gold

U-N-I – Black Sky

Off of A Love Supreme 2.0 There will be a T.A.N post for these guys shortly. People are sleeping on them like crazy. So much talent coming out of Cali……..

Aaliyah – One and A Million

Aaliyah passed nine years today. One of my favorite songs from her. I was told that I’m scaring all the white people because when they scroll down Kendrick is staring them down with a big ass gun. Fair enough. Hopefully this softens things up a little bit.

Strong Arm Steady feat. Planet Asia – Chittlins & Pepsi

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This track is smooth….produced by Madlib off of the In Search of Stoney Jackson Mixtape.

Don’t know too much about Strong Arm Steady except, they have an albino nigga in the trio, they’re from Cali, theyre signed to Talib’s label and had one of my favorite songs last year.

Mikey Rocks – Foreign Features

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One half of the Cool Kids duo goes in about imported shit.

Wale – More About Nothing (MTV Interview)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Drewpee…..we’re waiting…..

download More About Nothing

Kendrick Lamar Binge – New Joint – “Growing Apart” feat Jhene Aiko

I apologize for the youtube quality, but I couldn’t find a download at work. I dig this track, and this chicks voice is nice as hell. K. Lamar is fucking nice.

Hit the Jump for some behind the scenes footage from K Lamar. Thanks to T Jakes, I’m on my Lamar shit all day, nullus.


Kendrick Lamar – Ignorance Is Bliss (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Damn I ain’t a banger and I ain’t from Cali but this is some powerful shit…..September 15th Kendrick drops his new project O.D.. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that he gets signed shortly after its release.

BluRoc Records Presents: Live at The Brooklyn Bowl (Mixtape)

On June 21st Curren$y, Stalley, Big K.R.I.T, Smoke Dza, Trademark Da Skydiver, Nesby Phips and a few other niggas that hang out at Dame Dash’ DD172 studio got together at the Brooklyn Bowl for the first annual BluRoc Music Festival. I was supposed to go, but drewpee was bleeding from his vagina that day and stranded a nigga. Luckily for me they released a live recording of the whole show. Shit is very well done and I’ve been listening to it since it was released a couple months ago.

Ski Beatz & The Sensei’s served as the in house band for every artist and you get to hear some of thecensus’ favorite artist get the live band treatment. The sound quality is great (not on some I recorded it from my first generation iphone shit) so I highly recommend you download the shit.

hit the bungee for the tracklist and download…..


“…………..Mount up”

Awww man….no words

“You can’t be any geek off the street”

Nipsey Hu$$le – Change Tomorrow (Commercial X Video)

New video/commercial from Neighborhood Nip.

Steps to be like Nip:

Step 1. Grab some Conjure Cognac

Step 2. Get your gear at Slauson Ave.

Step 3. Be the next hottest nigga with your cellphone watch ala’ James Bond.  (bet you this awful shit blows)

Incredibly blatant attempt at marketing, but I have a feeling it’ll work.