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Kendrick explains the acronym m.A.A.d (Video)


lol @ him hitting the wrong shit and geeking out like smokey in friday

“next thing i knew i was in deebo’s pigeon coup sweating like a slave” – smokey


French Montana Feat. Curren$y X Mac Miller – It Was A Good Year (Video)

first leak off MON-TANA’s third installment of the mac & cheese …..featuring the homie spitta and mac miller over some classic ice cube shit….excuse my french  drops in early 2013

Fox News – Ice T Vs. Ice Cube (Video)

im almost positive this isnt the dumbest argument papa bear’s ever gotten into , lol this shit is funny as hell lol…not really politically correct, but funny

sorry cube

John Wall Abusing Niggas (Video)

best athletes of the world craig…..THE WORLD CRAIG !!!!

so espn is doing the 5 on 5 thing where they rank the top five nba players by position…..but the shit requires a fucking insider account….if anyone is willing to let me log into their shit, or just give me the list itself, ill do a little indepth analysis on why they’re wrong and im right…..

i know i know football is back…blah blah blah….but with my raiders being the number one team over the salary cap AND them losing the best corner in the game (yea i said it) theres not much for me to talk about….shit,  i was almost hoping for a lockout (ok thats a lie….how else would i murk yall clowns in fantasy if there wasnt a season?)

NET Cypher – Father & Son (Video)

Rev Run’s parenting > Ice Cube’s parenting.

Ice Cube’s sons, OMG (come on man…) and Doughboy are fucking awful. How bad are they? Well they make JoJo look decent.

JoJo still takes an L here from Diggy though, who spit a nice 8.

Cube and Rev Run do their thing here and pretty much get their Mufasa on