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Pac Div Feat. Big Sik X Edbone – Savages (Video)

what the fuck is a big sik and edbone?


anyone actually get that project? ive yet to listen to it…

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #2 (Big Boy, Rodney King & Suga Free 101) (Video)

lol at a handful of thing….

-andy milonakis’ cameo

-snoops rodney king story

– pac div and snoop quoting suga free

– the creepy ass nigga on the camera filming thunder claps

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #1 (Pac Div)

mibbs does an ill ass snoop dogg source awards impression

watch till the end….its worth it

Pac Div – The Truth (Prod. Swiff D)

off the div’s upcoming sophomore independent effort gmb

Pac Div – Gimmie What You Got

the div is clearly cooking something…..and its sounding more church league champs then mania (thats a good thing…..)

bungee to download…

Pac Div – Bank (Prod. Scoop DeVille)

another pac div banger…..scoop on the boards…

bungee to download


Pac Div – Automatic (Prod. Swiff D)

oh my, them pac div boys have been hibernating since their last project the div dropped, but theyre back with some heat….this shit slaps mega hard….

pimp d, you gonna love this one…

gatsby, still no major label debut, i win, now pay up LOL

bungee to download