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Chinx Drugz Feat. Rick Ross X Diddy X French Montana – I’m A Coke Boy (Video)

off of chinx drugz latest project cocaine riot 3

French Montana Feat. Diddy X MGK X Los X Red Café – Ocho Cinco (Video)

this is a jas favorite……sigh lol

Will.I.Am Feat. Diddy X Britney Spears X Waka Flocka Flame X Hit-Boy X Lil’ Wayne (Video)

imma be real, if i still went to the club id love this shit…its got shit for everyone (first future, then riff raff, now this? i must be going deaf (no jam))

diddy – pimp d

britney – ever since you went bald, i knew you was a bitch id always love

waka – jas…..lol….i know this isnt saying much, but this is the best waka verse EVAR lol

hit-boy – humz

wayne – young  $ nigga (this nigga loves to end verses with top shelf lines lol)

will.i.am – for the niggas that want music to die

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #1 (Pac Div)

mibbs does an ill ass snoop dogg source awards impression

watch till the end….its worth it

P.A.P.I. AKA NORE Feat. French Montana X Pusha-T X 2 Chainz – Tadow (Video)

ladies and gentleman behold, the hip-hop career resurrection kit….

step 1. change your name

step 2. feature the hottest buzzing names in hip hop at the time

step 3. make sure the beat follows the trend of hits that have been coming out in the past year (hi hats are a must, piano’s are optional)

step 4. the video must have a gratuitous amount of cameos



French Montana Feat. Diddy X MGK X King Los X Red Cafe – Ocho Cinco (Video)

jazz loves this song……lol

is the intro track to this mixtape really a florence + the machine sample….sometimes i hate you hip hop lol


Lil’ Poopy – Pop That (Remix) [Coke Ain’t A Bad Word]


couple questions

1. why is this the number one downloaded artist today on datpiff?

2. why are his basketball references so good

3. why is he in the front seat of a car when hes at least 9 years away from being able to legally drive one

4. whose idea was it to name him poopy?

5. who is that grown ass man with him in the video? how much would you have to be paid to be an 8 year olds hypeman/weed carrier?

6. coke aint a bad word is the name of your mixtape???

7. what are the chances that poopy writes his own rhymes??? (0%? -50%?)

8. what are the chances that poopy writes mgk’s rhymes? (100%? 350%????)

9. why is he signed to bad boy???

10. ?????????

Nipsey Hussle – Tell Me What You Want (Freestyle)

victory lap  drops this december,……yes thats that ma$e and total throwback he’s spitting over….

Diddy & Bad Boy 2.0 Takeover BET Hip Hop Awards (Video)

i know diddy’s under jimmy iovine’s empire and all, but bad boy 2.0? lol way to be original

mgk, fuck you


Shyne Po hates EVERYONE


how is this real life?

Machine Gun Kelly at Microsoft (Video)

“man fuck these computers”

lol this is funny as shit….but i gotta be real…i cant stand MGK….it has nothing to do with his music (its bleeeh), the guy is just a prik, and not on some dame dash prik, where he makes being an asshole look fun as hell, its on some “little brother annoy the fuck out of you by putting his finger in your face and saying ‘IM NOT TOUCHING YOU, IM NOT TOUCHING YOU IM NOT TOUCHING'” shit….

i really do hope his debut flops and i never have to hear from him again….sorry diddy, usually im pulling for you, but this kid has got to go…


shouts to bawse gellar

Nas – Hate Me Now (Live)





nas fans get mad lol

Juicy J – Can’t Stop Me (Prod. Crazy Mike)

well this slaps doesnt it?….a little “who shot ya” for you old heads (us…smh)….

bungee to download….


French Montana Fea.t Rick Ross X Drake Lil’ Wayne – Pop That (Video)

they made a hookah out of a moet bottle….yall win…..

is anyone else surprised as fuck that diddy wasnt at this shoot spraying bitches with champagne?

drake kinda murders his verse

Diddy’s Game 7 X Fight Party (Video)


smh at diddy commentating the game and then the “I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!” when the paqman got fucking robbed…

yo sometimes i be thinking diddy swing both ways…..



lol im just sayin….

48 Hours With Diddy (Video)

cant stop wont stop…

French Montana Feat. Diddy X Rick Ross – Shot Caller (Remix) [Video]

bad boy’s newest signee drops the video remix for his new york hit……

French Montana signed with Bad Boy instead of G.O.O.D Music because……..

so we all know french is alittle off , right? i mean he slurs his words like hes drunk and talks……..really……..slow lol…

well i found out a few months ago that he was shot in the head (yes…the HEAD), so im like ok ill give this nigga a pass….then i read this article with him on why he decided to sign with diddy and bad boy instead of kanye and g.o.o.d music … go head and guess:

a. bad boy offered more money

b. diddy offered him his own imprint under bad boy

c. french montana doesnt know how to use email

d. being more of a priority at bad boy, than at g.o.o.d music

heres your answer :

“Kanye doesn’t have a phone. If you need to get in contact with Kanye, you have to email him,” said the 27-year-old. “You can’t tell me how to do that. I don’t know how to use an email, so I guess me and you is never gonna talk, and I’ma put my career in your hands? He’s definitely talented and I felt like if I went there, we would have definitely made history.”‘

[via The Angie Martinez Show]

i got nothing …………

French Montana X Rick Ross Talk Bad Boy/MMG Joint Deal (Video)

french (whose apparently huge in ny ? who knew?) talks about rozay and puff executive producing his debut album excuse my french…

French Montana Feat. Charlie Rock – Shot Caller (Video)

im a little late on this song, but i kinda fucks with it low key….go HERE for the remix feat diddy and rozay….the remix is cool, but  they switch the beat up for a biggie beat when rozay starts spitting…i dont know but the shit  kinda turns me off (pause)  to the whole song …

in related news, french is now a bad boy artist, which is actually a real good look for diddy….you can say what you want about french, but he is actually the hottest artist out in NY right now (i know, thats not saying much, but still), lets hope this partnership works out….

shouts to gatsby for having the inside scoop on this weeks ago…..

Mac Miller- First date with Rya Backer (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ells, i know you hate mac miller but i HAD to post this for various reasons

1.  that jewish bitch is bad as hell, (kinda remind me of becca at modern without the gonzoesque nose )

2. theyre eating at katz delicatecant aka mexicans make the sandwiches, the asians handle the registers, the niggas are the bouncers and the jews are no where to be found (if you dont have your ticket, they not only will not let you out, but also  try to yolk you up)…shouts to canders, who was more than ready to throw down over a 10 dollar sandwich…

3. this kid mac miller’s debut album blue slide park  is being released on indie label rostrum records, and this shit already has 100K PREORDERS lol absurd…this kid has really tapped into that young as hell – 20 demographic….i dont like homies music, but every interview he comes off as a cool kid, unlike that mgk prik that diddy signed….everytime he opesn his mouth i wannaa choke him out

Diddy loses it over Non Ciroc drinkers and T.I. REALLY doesnt want to go back to jail (Video)

so apparently, some guys at a table near diddy had ordered grey goose (or that “pee-pee” as diddy likes to call it) and were being real wreckless and spilling it all over the place, including getting some on puff….puff took exception to this and proceeded to berate these niggas….t.i. then serves as the peacemaker and calms everyone down….

can we tell whose been to jail and analy raped and who hasnt?

yea , someone REALLY doesnt want to go back lol….

Ray J vs. Fab

i have no idea what happened, but someone (ray j) think’s their pac….last time some rapper was involved in an altercation after a high profile boxing fight in vegas what happend? yea….you can get shot like pac too….

i dont know how deep ray j’s “goons” run, but i personally saw fab rolling with an army, and that was when he was in miami, not new york…im just sayin….

Pusha T – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

[audio http://ia600707.us.archive.org/2/items/funkmasterflexfreestyle/FunkmasterFlexFreestyle.mp3]

pusha has gotta be one of the best one dimensional rappers of our era lol….funkflex with the adlibs….LOVE this beat selection (mc lyte did it first, then diddy)

boosh to download……