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Fabolous – S.O.U.L Tape 2 (Mixtape)

sequel to the the first s.o.u.l tape dropped on thanksgiving again…

bungee for the tracklist and download

Slaughterhouse – Truth or Truth (Marathonstyle)

them slaughterhouse boys go in for a long time (like racks on racks on racks remix long time) over rozays “tears of joy”

on the house mixtape dropping soon





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Slaughterhouse Feat. Cee-Lo – My Life (Video)




thats all i got….

Joe Budden performs “No Ordinary Love Part 3” on Sway in the morning (Video)

man this song, i shake my head everytime i hear this shit…..

Joe Budden – Stay Schemin’ (Freestyle)

new joe budden! *babyvoice*

“when its normal for you, you aint gotta play to win, im more concerned with how melo’s gonna play with lin…..”


lol bungee to download…


Joe Budden – No Church In The Wild

“new joe budden” *in little kids voice*

fuck slaughterhouse….we need more of that solo joey….

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Slaughterhouse Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Part 2 (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

funkflex’s warning to others that want to come and “freestyle” on hot 97 is so real….this shit alone probably saved him from having to listen to 5-10 wak ass rappers claiming they can spit in 2012…well done slaughter, well done…

Slaughterhouse Funk Flex Freestyle Part 1. (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i know im posting alot of shit today, and some of it may get ignored, but if you have the time, treat yourself and watch 4 guys get after it….slaughterhouse may not make the best songs, but bar for bar, there really isnt anyone fucking with these guys….the next post will be part 2….yes theres a part 2 lol

Joe Budden on First Take (Video)

drew p faovrite, joe budden was on espn’s popular first take to verbally spar (pause?) against skip bayless, with the GREAT SAS in his corner….

with this whole cp3 fiasco going down, its been pretty quiet over here at thecensus, because i wanted to see how things played out….trade talks are still in the works so im not gonna say much YET….but i do want to point out what SAS says at the beginning during the first half of this video……i agree 100% and couldnt have said it better myself…stern doesnt get NEARLY the amount of credit he deserves for the nba being where it is today….

Summer Leather Vest Feat. Joe Budden – Unison (Video)


alright, joey said that he’s coming out with an rnb album and honestly? why not ? singers are rapping (not that well) and rappers are singing (making better music than actual rnb artist)…but that’s not why i posted this…not only did they steal the passwords / the commish rnb group name but that pool party lis almost a carbon copy to the family cutz joints we usually be throwing (cept that ratio favors the niggas a tad bit more lol)

this songs alright i guess…if you wanna download…look somewhere else

Kendrick Lamar On Jay Electronica, Joe Budden, Curren$y, etc..(Video)

pay attention to what kendrick has to say at the end of the interview…..

rap snobs suck a dick…im talking to you drewpee

Joe Budden – Why Would I (Prod. Klassix)

NEW JOE BUDDEN *baby voice*

boosh to download….


2011 BET Awards Cypher: Shady 2.0 (Video)


a little late with this one but its worth the wait….yella is cool, slaughterhouse murders the shit, but em steals the show….i may not like his new age christian rap stuff he’s been putting out recently, but theres no denying he can spit with the best of them…

hit the bungee for the mp3


Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra (Mixtape)


some r&b shit endorsed by thecensus? why not…….of course im months late on this project, but its pretty damn good….pimp d has been talking about dude for over a month now, but i ignored him for two reasons : one, he’s an r&b artist ….two, he’s an odd future member (when you listen to him youll be like, “um ? this doesnt sound like a black ICP like i thought it would”)

what sold me?  i heard “novacane” out @ an ny hookah spot (shouts to ells and drewpee)

recognize the beat? ha! here my hip hop ass was thinking this was a joe budden beat but its actually one of the more popular tracks off nostalgia, ultra

like what you heard? hit the bungee and download the project….


Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Shit Part 3 (Closure)

joe budden goes in on his ex gf Esther Baxter (she’s bad as shit, google image says so) on the last installment of his ordinary love mini series (no sade sample this time around)…..is it just me or do i wish for bad things to happen to joey? everytime hes going through some fucked up shit, his music is exponentially better….

if drewpee’s “situation” happens to deteriorate, not only is this what some of his shit would sound like, but we’d actually get that EP he’s been promising since 2008. being a  friend i wouldnt wish that on him, but the blogger and a music fanatic in me would be pretty hyped lol

if you wanna know why he’s so broken up (gossip shit, right up your alley gatsby) head over to nahright for details from mr. budden himself…*hint it involves pregnancies and flings with nfl stars* ….go ahead gatsby, i know you wanna know all about this shit, but knowing you, you probably knew about this shit a month and a half ago, with your mediatakeout ass

bungee to download…..


Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Pt. 1


Budden over some classic Sade? Don’t mind if i do

bungee to download…


Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst (Mixtape)


Everyone eat your cyanide applesauce on three…..

This guy is so nice….

tracklist and download after the jump


The Making of Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 4 (Video)

This leaked on saturday….imma post as soon as i get my noose and pills situation straight…..

Mood Muzik 4 (Trailer #4)

Out for free Oct. 26th. In stores sample free Nov. 11th.

Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 4 (Trailer #4) X Black Cloud

A depressing trailer for a depressing mixtape. Down bottom is his first leak off of it.

Black Cloud

Bungee to download….

Joe Budden – MM4 (Tracklist)

get ready to commit that on Oct. 26th

MM4 Trailer

This is gonna be some depressing ass shit…..He had a release date before (October 26th), but now it just says “Coming Soon”, typical rapper shit….

Joe Budden – Broken Wings Freestyle (Live)

This came out right after Mood Muzik 3 and is a pretty damn good song….

Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst

I know I shouldn’t but I’m looking forward to this. Suicide music for niggas (and drewpee) coming October 26th…

I’m glad this cover wasn’t used lol…