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Greg Jennings = MVP w/ a limp

T Jakes, I know you hate Madden, and I’ll admit, the shit is pretty awful, but this shit right here? This shit right here?????

Hilarious lol. Lisp and all.

“Let me go into the mind of Greg Jennings…put the TEAM ON MY BACK!”

Awwwww man this shit is superb.


SF Giants Fans Love Their Weed

TJakes would certainly enjoy baseball more in the San Fran area. #1 there are a lot more gays there, and #2, by the looks of things, they know how to chief up.

This shits funny. Newy Scruggs??? Word? Your name is Newy Scruggs? HAHAHA

 “That’s not cigarrettes, thats weed!”

Scruggs – “And if they can’t get in, I guess they’ll just stay out here, and smoke weed!”

Bitch Commentator – “Well its a beautiful place to do that”

Ah, Cali > rest of USA

Pilot Talk 2 Trailer (Video)

[VIMEO vimeo.com/16232474]


Kurupt – Intro (Video)

Terrace Martin on the boards. Off that Streetlights . The infamous Boondocks soapbox makes a cameo….

nothing like some smooth cali shit…..

Sha Money XL Interview

Here’s an interview done by the guys over at allindstrom with Sha Money XL. Like Young Guru, Sha speaks on the current issues with the industry (more specifically def jam).

I like his way of working things out a little bit more than Young Guru’s malcom xesque “fuck the majors, the end is near” mentality, but I definitely understand both perspectives.

There has got to be a way where actual talent (not just that ringtone shit) is signed, developed (see wayne, see kanye) and given a shot without raping them or taking a massive loss on the balance sheet.

People like Sha and Guru are the people who need to usher in this new era. They share the unique perspective of knowing what it’s like to be an artist (but not raped like one) as well as what it’s like to be an exec and make decisions on what’s hot or not (i.e. A/r). Jay-Z is not the answer, neither is Lyor and definitely not fuck boy LA Reid (Shyne? seven figures? really?)

Yeezy – G.O.O.D Friday (thecensus mix)


This is for all the people who have missed a couple (or all) G.O.O.D Friday post….

So far there have been nine official G.O.O.D Friday tracks (Not including Runaway)…


I added some bonus joints as well, including,Power Remix (Awful), See Me Now (Grown on me, shouts to JV), a high quality rip of the G.O.O.D Music Cypher from the NET Awards etc….

Hit the bungee for tracklist and download link….

Shouts to big brother nate


Allen Iverson – “The Answer”

Problem: I stole this highlight mix from some dude named wetunga. The highlights are great but the music doesn’t quite fit in my book.

Solution: Put the youtube shit on mute and enjoy that CNN “Invincible” instead….When the songs over just press play again….

This will be the first NBA season since 1995 that the Allen Iverson will not be on a NBA roster. He was always one to electrify fans, defy odds, terrorize defenders and coaches (sometimes his own). Love him or hate him you can’t deny his heart and his ability to score.

G’town great, Sixer legend, NBA MVP and pound for pound the greatest scorer ever…..

You won’t find a bigger AI fan on the planet (seriously try and find one, it’s not possible), but when no team picked him up, I couldn’t have been anymore happier. His legacy has been taking serious hits the past couple of years….

Shouts to the commish..