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SZA Feat. 50 Cent – Teen Spirit (Remix) [Prod. WondaGurl] (Video)

I’ll be honest, when I saw that TDE signed a female act I just ignored the shit because I assumed she’d be a rapper. My bad TDE I think your earned a better reputation for me to think you’d do some dumb shit like that….I want to say I have a crush on this chick, but she’s black and probably 16. Whoops.

That guy that did “Get Rich Or Die Trying” Feat. Kendrick Lamar – We Up (Video)

more top dawg? more kendrick? why the fuck not?

off of…..nevermind, no one gives a shit


50 Cent Feat. Snoop Dogg X Young Jeezy – Major Distribution (Video)

i wanted nothing to do with this track, until shade 45 got on their brainwash shit and played it every hour on the hour….now i fucks with it lol

50 Cent X Parappa The Rapper on Robot Chicken (Video)

did i have parappa the rapper on playstation? yes….did i beat it? yes….am i ashamed? maybe

50 Cent Feat. Dr. Dre X Alicia Keys – New Day

i didnt like this shit either for whatever reason, but shade45 plays it every fucking hour….the power of persistence

off the 50 cent album that no one gives a fuck about…

bungee to download


50 Cent Feat. ScHoolboy Q – Can I Speak To You (Prod. DJ Pain)



a dream come true for scHoolboy, he gets on a track with one of his hip hop idols …..shits nice…


bungee to download…


Wiz Khalfia Feat. 50 Cent – Telescope (Prod. Harry Fraud)

lol @ that pic…….its kinda weird that this feature is gonna do more for 50 than wiz musically ……. is 50 the ken caminity of rap (i only know of one two people who will get that LOL)

you know the drill


50 Cent does not know what a Grapefruit is (Video)

“why isnt this drink purple”

50 to perform GRODT in its entirety @ SXSW

i said it once ill say it again….fuck you texas

go http://www.shadyrecords.com/sxsw/ for more details…..make sure your volume’s on too…..GREAT song…



50 Cent Feat. Tony Yayo – I Just Wanna (Video)

so when this shit came out, shade45 was literally playing this every other hour (i almost hate shade45 more than terrestrial radio….ALMOST….but im saying, no one wants to hear old d12, obie trice or proof songs do we? )…well eventually i ended up liking it, fuck you sirius lol……..off 50’s new mixtape (“50 has a new mixtape?” is what drewpee asked when i told him the other day lol”  power 10

Loverance Feat. Young Jeezy X T.I. – Up! (Remix)

this joint got me getting my orchestra conductor on (shouts to blackson) anyone out there nice with manipulating mp3’s wanna add 50’s verse and cut out loverance’s verse? (thats fucked up right? it is loverance’s song and all…..)

bungee to download….

LoveRance – UP! (Beat The Pussy Up) Feat. 50 Cent X Iamsu! X Skipper P (Video)

speaking of rihanna….! HA im one funny nigga …..i have no idea who loverance is or iamsu! or skipper p is….. but i heard this shit on sirius xm the other day and i was fucking with it…50’s on the remix video (and he murders his verse), but its edited, and you know how i feel about that….if you want the original version (trust you want it, its better) go HERE

Wale – Go On (Prod. Walu) [Video]

this songs ok, but im really fucking with the visuals…..word out of the mmg camp is that young buck is now apart of the untouchable maybach empire….that would have been a great move in early 2010….ah well…i wonder how much he owes 50 for getting out of his contract?



50 Cent takes a little jab at Cole and Jay (Video)

the interview sucks real talk….skip ahead to the 10:50 mark to hear what fif thinks of cole….

we see what you did there….

Ray J vs. Fab

i have no idea what happened, but someone (ray j) think’s their pac….last time some rapper was involved in an altercation after a high profile boxing fight in vegas what happend? yea….you can get shot like pac too….

i dont know how deep ray j’s “goons” run, but i personally saw fab rolling with an army, and that was when he was in miami, not new york…im just sayin….

Jadakiss is a fucking pussy….

so one of the tracks i initially overlooked as being a standout off  the carter iv (one of the main reasons i dont like to review an album after only a couple listens) is a joint featuring drake and jada….its one of the few times on the album that wayne spits with any sense of urgency…in it he addresses the line that got baby all bent out of shape :

I’m like really half a billi n*gga…really you got baby money…. keep it real with n*ggas…. n*ggas aint got my lady money” – Jigga “H.A.M”

here’s wayne’s response:

Talkin’ bout baby money….I got ya baby money….Kidnap yo bitch….get that ‘how much you love yo lady’ money – Wayne “I’m Good”

this actually doesnt come to a surprise to many people becase wayne basically said he was going to respond to it in an interview with sway

the surprising part is jada getting so shook in his boots that jigga might put him in the “guilty by association” category for being on the track that literally only a couple hours after the album leaks, jada is ducking and running for cover lol….

whats that 50?

skip…..get your boy

Game – Hoodmorning (No Typo): Candy Coronas (Mixtape)

i was gonna just let this come and go without giving a shit, but i looked at the tracklist, and it damn near looks like an album…..

i havent listened yet but imma post of the strength of the tracklist/features/producers alone (dont make me regret this shit nigga)

heres some hard (shit) off the mixtape…..

“The Town”

sounds like 50 wrote that hook, and you know im fucking with those G-Town/AI shout outs………

hit the boosh for the tracklist and donwload links….


DMX Praying (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i still listen to this guy almost every other day (on my work out playlist…. a whole lot of  late 90’s early 2000’s east coast shit ) and he’s the reason that i got heavy into hip hop (diddy opened the door, of course)….i know i shouldnt make fun of his situation cuz he’s really mentally ill, but i lack the compassion of a normal human being (shouts to 50)….


If this was……’04

both lloyd banks and 50, released a couple “street” singles a few weeks ago…didnt know that did you? how the mighty have fallen…. both of these are produced by some up and  coming (pause) producer, cardiak….the shits not bad, but its not really that good either….50’s best hit in the last few years has been Chelsea Handler and Banks couldnt release an album even with the momentum that psuedo hit “beemer, benz, bentley” had……but if this was ’04???????

Banks – Check Me Out

50 – Outlaw


’04 to download….

shouts to LD, bezad “the angry” , and my aunt carol and any other g – unit stans out there….



Pusha T Feat. 50 Cent X Pharrell – Raid (Prod. Neptunes)

memeber when 50 would say no to these tracks for the simple fact that it wasnt g-unit/interscope/shady related? oh how the mighty have fallen.

off of pusha’s fear of god mixtape dropping march 21st

bungee to download…


Complex Presents: The Making of The Game’s “The Documentary”

since game’s upcoming album R.E.D. is never going to see the light of day (no big name rappers or producers are going to save that abortion), i thought id link yall to a really well done article on the making of Jayceon’s best album to date, The Documentary (gatsby tries to argue that Dr.’s Advocate is a better album…….yea i know, its so blatantly wrong that you cant even argue it. like, try arguing with someone that thinks oliver miller is a better basketball player than mike jordan. right? where do you even start? thats exactly how i feel with that topic) . they interview alot of people who had important roles in the album (no 50 or dre, sorry guys).

Here’s a little excerpt…

By 2005, it had literally been over a decade since a new West Coast rapper had made a huge national impact. If Jayceon “The Game” Taylor was going to break the dry spell, he’d need help. Luckily for the Compton Blood with a Yonkers flow and a G-Unit affiliation, he had Dr. Dre beats, 50 Cent hooks, and an Eminem feature for his debut album, The Documentary. In addition, with production from a diverse array of A-list beatmakers like Buckwild, Havoc, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Hi-Tek, and Cool & Dre, the album’s geographical ambiguity only increased its appeal. Game also continued G-Unit’s tradition of making gangsta-ass albums that had big pop smashes with “How We Do” and “Hate It or Love It.”

my thoughts on the game? he’s a MUCH  less talented Jay-Rock, who happend to be at the right place (Interscope) at the right time (GRODT was killing shit) with the right team (G-Unit, Dre, etc…). the product was an exceptional album. I always said on his own he’d fizzle and even though it took a little bit longer than i thought it would, his career is on life support.

*****NOSTALGIA ALERT*** i rememeber hearing “This is How We Do” a good three to four months before it hit the radio (shouts to bcburke and mirc) on my way to class, in drewpee’s accord and even drewpee (who at the time, swore new york was making a comeback….yea they never did. did they?) knew this shit was a mega hit.

Here’s the link : Complex Presents: The Making of The Game’s “The Documentary”

Dr.s Advocate? really gatsby?

Soulja Boy Feat. 50 Cent – Mean Mug (Video)

My goodness this is awful…Doesn’t this shit make you cringe?

Damn homie, in ’03 you was the man homie, fuck happened to you?

I think it’s safe to say currently Banks >>>>>>>>>>>50

E-40 feat. Too Short & 50 Cent – Bitch (Remix)

I’m super late on this one, but whatever. I love the original but 50 really does take this shit to another level….

shouts to drewpee for doing his fucking best to make me hate this shit….. bungee to download

Updated with NODJ CDQ Version


Young Buck – When the Rain Stop (Video)

Off his upcoming project The Rehab out TODAY. I don’t think there’s a person out there (besides 50), that doesn’t want to see this guy succeed after all the ridiculous fuckery that’s gone on with him in the past couple years.