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SZA Feat. 50 Cent – Teen Spirit (Remix) [Prod. WondaGurl] (Video)

I’ll be honest, when I saw that TDE signed a female act I just ignored the shit because I assumed she’d be a rapper. My bad TDE I think your earned a better reputation for me to think you’d do some dumb shit like that….I want to say I have a crush on this chick, but she’s black and probably 16. Whoops.

That guy that did “Get Rich Or Die Trying” Feat. Kendrick Lamar – We Up (Video)

more top dawg? more kendrick? why the fuck not?

off of…..nevermind, no one gives a shit


50 Cent Feat. Snoop Dogg X Young Jeezy – Major Distribution (Video)

i wanted nothing to do with this track, until shade 45 got on their brainwash shit and played it every hour on the hour….now i fucks with it lol

50 Cent X Parappa The Rapper on Robot Chicken (Video)

did i have parappa the rapper on playstation? yes….did i beat it? yes….am i ashamed? maybe

50 Cent Feat. Dr. Dre X Alicia Keys – New Day

i didnt like this shit either for whatever reason, but shade45 plays it every fucking hour….the power of persistence

off the 50 cent album that no one gives a fuck about…

bungee to download


50 Cent Feat. ScHoolboy Q – Can I Speak To You (Prod. DJ Pain)



a dream come true for scHoolboy, he gets on a track with one of his hip hop idols …..shits nice…


bungee to download…


Wiz Khalfia Feat. 50 Cent – Telescope (Prod. Harry Fraud)

lol @ that pic…….its kinda weird that this feature is gonna do more for 50 than wiz musically ……. is 50 the ken caminity of rap (i only know of one two people who will get that LOL)

you know the drill