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You all mad at these Hockey Dudes?

So this weekend, apparently, Raffi Torres, NHLer (cracker) on the Phoenix Coyotes, dressed up like Jay Z and painted his skin “Darker” to look more authentic.  He brought his bitch along as well (bad as hell) to dress up as Beyonce, but she fails in comparison.  This has caused some backlash, but honestly, I think this is pretty damn amazing.

Black Face FTW. 


Common – “Blue Sky” Video

First off, I’m extremely happy this guy has gotten rid of the neptunes. I fuck with this shit, and this video is nice. Produced by No ID, off his upcoming album “the Dreamer/the Believer.”

jakes update

bungee to download…

Sir Michael Rocks – “Wassup” Video

This is my favorite shit off Mikey Rock’s latest project “Premeir Politics,”  and since Jakes has forgotten his priorities, and is obviously being raped in the anus by his J.O.B. today, rendering him incapable of dedicating proper time to his REAL job….DrewPee is gonna go on a lil posting spree.

Wassup. Whats Crackin. Whats Happenin? Whats Good?

Nipsey Hussle X Dom Kennedy in the studio (Video)

this should have happened ages ago…….TMC (The Marathon Continues ) drops tomm.

Ab-Soul X ScHoolboy Q X Kendrick Lamar – El Campo (Prod. Tae Beast)

i stumbled upon this studio session a couple of days ago and couldnt find the mp3…but being the blawg gawd that i am, i found that shit….dont ask me waht project this is on because i have no clue…in house tde producer tae beast on the boards..

alot of tde and asap shit today, but i aint mad…

bungee to download…


Kendrick Lamar talks on how he linked up with Drake (Video)

he also talks about what his line up would look like if he was the headliner of a tour (he mentions k.r.i.t…alright drewpee, he’s now mentioned them seperatley (cole X k.r.i.t), now all we need is to get all three of em on a track)

ScHoolboy Q – Oxy Music (Prod. Sounwave)

he released this on his twitter last night….this shit got me all nostalgic and shit…..red….iloveyoubitch

this guy q hasnt missed this quarter….. im going to use this post as an opportunity to catch up on everything he’s released in the past couple months….including the track “there he go” that i put up a while ago….the mp3 i posted was real bad quality (not like me, i know, my apologies), i included a cdq link as well…..

catch up


ASAP Rocky Feat. Seth Narley – Grippin Woodgrain

congrats to asap for inking a major label deal…..is new mixtape livelovea$ap is scheduled to drop on halloween…im fucking with this one…

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DJ Ell – MBA Thursdays: Raw Edition (Is this thing on?)

It’s been a minute since I started by MBA program at Columbia. Graduation is right around the corner. As many of you know, I’ve been Dj’n up here, but not what ya’ll may be thinking. In a 6 hr gig, I may play….45 min of hip hop…and that’s a stretch. So the other day I did a set for the Amsterdam Club in Midtown. My roommate (shouts out to Gyorgy the Hungarian) tries to DJ with me…fail. And I realized that he has been hitting the record button at the beginning of sets for the last month. I walked in the house last night and he was listening to the shit I played from the club.

After an outing at Top Golf last week (shouts to BJackson aka Gin Rummy…get yo tix nig #R2WW), Eni kindly asking me many times and a visit from Jakes and DrewP, I was requested to start sending this type of shit back home. This week’s edition is just over an hour long.

The best from Spain, Amsterdam, London, the States, Italy, and Australia. Jakes, this is that real turn it up in your headphones workout/get shit done/get wasted music. Last shouts to Boogs…only sistah up here rockin with me since the beginning. Happy Bday girl!

i’m not gonna lie, i was skeptical at first…but when i played this shit yesterday afternoon, i was highly dissapointed i couldnt get my don draper on and pour a mug full of vo at my desk…this shit knocks….

shouts to the family cutz dj’s

bungee to download….


Pac Div Feat. Asher Roth – Useless

beats and rhymes….asher had the best verse (nah seriously lol)….off their major label debut EP The DiV dropping nov 8th

bungee to download…


Future – Tony Montana (Video)

drake was supposed to be on the remix/video for this, but ah well….it would have been nice to hear someone who doesnt sound like they have a rack of marbles in their mouth on a this beat….

the video is kinda ill though..lex luger beat i believe, and its a good one

Every Given Sunday Podcast – Episode VIII

we cover a shit ton of topics in this one….shouts to toth.0

This episode features our good friend and Gold’s neighbor, Toth.0 – hailing from Long Island, Toth has lived in D.C. for many years now and can often be found frequenting the K street nightlife staple, Lima. An enthusiast of baseball, Toth.0 works in finance/commercial real estate and is a fellow hip-hop and HBO fan.

He joins us to cover NFL injury reports, the world series, Vince Carter, Stevie Francis, sweater kittens, nudity on HBO and in films, nappy roots, civil liberties and segregation in the United States, Republican Presidential candidates, MVPs in the NFL, black face and racism in European Football (soccer), Shia Labeouf getting beat up, wild animals on the loose in Ohio, PETA, new hip hop, and tons of other great topics.

head on over to everygivensunday to download or stream HERE….also if you havent subscribed to our shit yet, do it and tell yo friends and have those friends tell their mothers, then have those moms call me….


Beyonce Feat. J. Cole – Party (Video)

we finally see a perk to being signed to rocnation, after his album of course…whatever.

2 Chainz – Riot (Video)

t.r.u realigion nov. 1st

Azealia Banks – 212

she’s a 20 year old from harlem (so chris hansen, back the fuck off, she’s legal)……im kinda feeling this one though and will be placed in my “skinny tie” playlist….

go to her website if you wanna get your stalk on HERE

bungee to download…


2 Chainz Feat Bun B & Big K.R.I.T – Pimps (Video)

i was sleeping, but no longer….ATWOCHAINZ!!!!

T.R.U Realigion dropping nov 1st, which is same date as wale’s sophmore set ambition….after hearing  the recent leaks off wale’s shit, im actually anticipating 2 chainz mixtape more than ambition….damn you wale, i thought youd turned the corner

SMR talks about signing to Curren$y’s J.L.R (Video)

After headlining a show in Miami Sunday night with partner in crime Chuck Inglish, I caught up with Mikey Rocks to discuss his brand new deal with Curren$y’s label, Jet Life. We talk about how him & Spitta linked up, his decision to sign with the label, possibly joining The Smokers Club Tour, and more. Mikey also says we’ll probably get a collab project for him & Curren$y soon

im glad spitta decided to beef up his roster a bit….trademark and roddy are cool but this is def a good look….

R2WW – Capone N Noreaga Feat. Foxy Brown – Bang Bang

remember back before beef was actually personal and not a calculated promotion scheme? and when someone would drop a non subliminal diss track itd have the streets (or suburbs) buzzing? this was one of those times,…. foxy took direct aim at lil kim on this one, and held no punches….off one of my personal favorite albums of all time the reunion (which has one of my favorite preemo beats and also the funniest skits, shouts to frank grimes, thugged out militainment and being straight slime)

shouts to being in middle school and having a lil kim “hardcore” poster on one side of your room and a foxy brown “ill na na” poster on the other lol

only gatsby…..

R2WW to download…..


J. Cole – Lost Ones (Video)

this was shot years ago before he was even signed to rocnation….good decision on holding this for the debut, this is def one of the stand out tracks….

Dom Kennedy – When I Come Around (Video)


OK, DrewPee (@DrewPTheNAB, on twitter…tweet the fuck outta me..pause) in this bitch. Mr. Jakes is currently being raped by his employer, and work is getting in the way of his blogging.  Being the good friend I am, I’m here to share Dom Kennedy’s latest video, one of my personal favs off of his “From The Westside With Love – II” album.

Shouts to Gatsby.


Pusha T – What Dreams Are Made Of

pusha spit the exact same bars on funk flex a few weeks ago (check it here)….i actually prefer that version with the classic mc lyte beat than thsi, but to each their own…..

the ric flair tho?

“It’s so hard for me to sit back here in this studio, looking at a guy out here, hollering my name!—When last year I spent more money, on spilled liquor, in bars from one side of this world to the other, than you made! You’re talking to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, whoa! wheelin dealin’, limosuine riding, jet flying son of a gun and im havign a hard time holding these alligators down!”-Ric Flair

boosh to download…


Terius Nash Feat. Big Sean – Ghetto (Video)

terius needs to just do a video for every song off this shit…..


Joe Budden – Why Would I (Prod. Klassix)

NEW JOE BUDDEN *baby voice*

boosh to download….


2 Chainz – Spend It (Video)

there are very few times where im late on shit….this happens to be one of those times….one half of the DTP duo playaz circle teta chico aka tity boi is heating up in atlanta….i heard this dude on dj envy’s show on sirius and he did an in studio performance of this shit and i was sold….hit the bungee to download the remix with TI

drumma boy on the boards….