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Kendrick Lamar feat. Schoolboy Q – Michael Jordan (Video)

“Don’t Wuwwy”

More visuals off of Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed (and Dr. approved) O(verly) D(edicated) .

T.I. feat. Drake – Poppin’ Bottles

This picture really captures the essence of the song....dont you think?

What’s this, Clifford? That’s two and a row. Youre gonna fuck around and make me be half interested in your upcoming album No Mercy. Pimp D, this has your name all over it.

Bungee to download


EFG – Fill Me Up (Video)

I have no idea who EFG is but the beat is done by Jonny Juliano, who does a bunch of stuff for Wiz. I’m pretty sure i enjoy this shit, cuz i was just hanging out with jazz. this is some roscoe dash/ travis porter (theyre two separate people i just found out) shit, nothing ground breaking. drewpee another example of when using a quote goes right. Take notes.

Rajon Rondo – Movie Trailer (Video)

Inspiring shit…..But he’s still number 3 on my list.

Let’s see if they make one of these for nick youngs wak ass….

Curren$y – Monte Carlo SS Cruisin’ (Video) X Pilot Talk 2 (Download)

Monte Carlo Ess Ess…

Hit the bungee to download Pilot Talk 2.

Nipsey Hu$$le – Keys To The City

Second single off of slauson ave’s own nipsey’s debut South Central State of Mind. I’m really feeling this one.

Bungee to download….

T.I. Feat. Kanye West Kid CuDi – Welcome to The World

Off of T.I.’s upcoming whatever No Mercy (pun intended). By far the best song T.I. has been apart of since being released from prison and im pretty sure it has alot to do with Yeezy and the CuDi hook. Damn T.I. you done fucked up…..

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Kanye LIVE @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC

Dark Fantasy

I told drewpee about this concert kanye was having in nyc around 4 yesterday. I dont know how long he knew this shit was going down, but he proceeded to tell me that “yea tickets went on sale at around 12 for a hundo a pop….too much, ill pass”.

I proceeded to blast on this nigga’s comment, decisions, lifestyle….anything (my bad was a little emotional) . Long story short if i was dumb enough to live in that shit hole, id reap the one benefit that city has. Amazing shows.

Here’s the set list

Dark Fantasy (with Terena Taylor & Bon Iver)
All of the Lights (interlude)
All of the Lights (with Bon Iver)
Monster (with Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver)
So Appalled (with Pusha T, Cy Hi Da Prynce, Swizz Beatz)
Devil in a New Dress (with Rick Ross)
Runaway (with Pusha T)
Hell of a Life (with Bon Iver)
Blame Game (with John Legend)
Lost in the World (with Bon Iver)
Who Will Survive in America

Christian Dior Denim Flow
Can’t Tell Me Nothing
The Good Life
Rant (About Taylor Swift, Bush, Record Sales etc….)

Yea, def not worth it…..

Hit the bungee for  Rozay’s verse on “Devil in a New Dress” ,  “POWER”,”All the Lights” , “Monster” and that niggas rant to end the show


Jay-Z X Howard Stern Interview


JV was telling me about how good this interview was so i decided to check it out. initially i was a little skeptical given that he thinks howard is the best interviewer in the past 50 years (smh). but i gotta admit, with all the interviews he’s done for his book “Decoded”, this was by far the best .

It’s a little long, but def worth it.

Funk Flex On Tupac

I dont know when this actually happened, but in this video Funk Fliggity speaks pretty openly about his thoughts on Tupac……

Here he goes into further detail on this video….

as you might imagine alootttttttt of niggas are mega cunt hurt about this shit.

A couple things:

– Funk Flex is a punk for saying this shit after he passed. if he felt this way then he should have let his feelings be known publicly from the jump

-with that being said….i agree with him. (my thoughts on tupac). pac took beef to a whole other level. before this, beef was on wax and there were even boundaries on what you could speak on. It was on some competition “whose nicer than who” shit. pac was threatening niggas lives and their families and meaning that shit.

this guy had america’s ear, and instead of being positive or introspective or just fucking entertaining, the nigga was destructive. because of this, uber personal diss tracks like “super ugly” exist. Pac opened the door to selling negative shit .

Mr. McGee, Welcome to my Fantasy Squad (nullus)

This dude has to be one of the most freakishly athletic big men I’ve ever seen. Potential out the ass. 9′ wingspan? Dont mind if I do!

SMH @ 0:21

SMH @ 0:58

Dipset Reunion (Commercial) X Complex Presents: 50 Greatest Dipset Songs

Vodpod videos no longer available. commercial for the upcoming dipset reunion concert in ny….

Also Complex’s 50 greatest diplomats songs…

Pink Range Rovers, outrageous appearances on The O’Reilly Factor, refashioned Ramones logos, and verbal sparring with Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, and Ma$e. In Dipset parlance, their movement was more than music. But beyond the absurdities and laughs the charismatic Harlem collective provided, there were countless great songs—dense, multisyllabic verses that turned brashness and obscenity into memorable art over butchered soul loops punctuated by cymbal crashes and ad-libs (“Ballin’!”). With Black Friday serving as the day that the Diplomats will do their first show together since reuniting, it seems like as good a time as ever to take a retrospective look at a New York City rap clique that was first compared to Wu-Tang Clan—and then became an entity all its own. With an emphasis on joints created by the original four members (Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zeekey), we offer the authoritative Complex list of Dipset’s 50 greatest songs. You mad?
By Ben Detrick


Read the rest here.

Bink! – Devil in a New Dress V. Smokey Robinson – Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Every one and a while  a joint will drop and i’ll have to look up the sample, this is one of those times …drewp you can appreciate shit like this.

When ‘Ye first dropped “Devil in a New Dress”  (produced by Bink!) a couple months ago, i was pretty sure it was going to be my favorite track off of MBDTF. The beat, the hook , ‘ye’s verse, it was just really well done.  The album version added a Ross verse and ill ass guitar riffs making the song that was already one of my favorites of the year even better.

Alot of people think it’s a yeezy produced track because it has that classic soul sample in there.  Bink! (one of your favorite producers youve never heard of) was actually the in house producer for roc-a-fella during the blueprint (“All I Need”, “The Rulers Back”) and the dynasty (“1-900-Hustler”, “You, Me Him Her”) albums along with ‘ye and just blaze , so that might be where the similar styles come from.


100k now gets you one of these…..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fucking Jet Packs, are going to be sold commercially, WITHOUT a License….for 100,000$.

LOL….awww man. I have to say, its about time. Fuck a Rari, it’s Jet Pack time.

Jakes you know you wanna sell ur crib and cop.

Kendrick Lamar – Look Out For Detox

I threw up a link of Kendrick talking about the possibility of working with Dr. Dre. here’s a track he threw out just for the fuck of it. the track starts with audio of Dre speaking on looking forward to working with him. I’ve been telling you this kid is nice. If you’ve been sleeping, shame on you. Go get that O.D.

Bungee to download

UPDATED You Already Know

Jakes update: this update is specifically for gatsby. back when tower records existed (im pretty sure tower records had JV as it’s only customer from 2003-2007 when it finally went out of business) he would actually go on monday night and cop a new album when it dropped at midnight because of this, whenever a favorite artist of his drops an album he’ll actually go out and cop the PHYSICAL  copy of the shit. something about the booklet, nostalgia and opening up christmas gifts before christmas. i really dont know, he’s never given me a real reason for him staying in the stone age.

So hit the bungee for a link to the you know what,  from you know who with added bonus you know whats (2)…..

there will also be a separate link with the actual digital booklet (15 pages).

the highly anticipated you know what, from you know who, dropping you know when can be found after the jump……

I even went the mediafire route to avoid the seemingly unavoidable semetic fuckery that is jewzshare.

And with word that Shyne is now apart of the evil empire i’m even more cautious….

hit the bungee to you know what


NBA’s Disrespectful Dunks

I’m sure by now people have seen Blake Griffin literally sexually assault (he grabs the back of a grown mans head and gives him a faceful of nuts) Timofey Mozgov a rookie, russian, 7 footer who now has to contemplating whether or not it’s worth losing his manhood for those nba millions (answer: it is)

hit the bungee to see monte take off from beyond the dotted line to yam on a nigga.

You’ll notice a common theme here (hint: the victim is another knick player…smh d’antoni can you get these niggas to play even a little bit of defense?)

Kanye West feat. Beyonce X Charlie Wilson X Big Sean – See Me Now

This song has grown on me. Mainly due to Charlie and Big Sean. This is another itunes bonus off Ye’s MDTBF which officially drops this Tuesday….

Bungee to download


Young Chris – Air It Out (Video)

Visuals for a track off of Young Chris’  The Reintroduction which drops tomorrow.

Dude’s flow is crazy…

Lloyd Banks x Ryan Leslie – The Making of “So Forgetful” (Video)

R. Les and Banks in the studio working on a cut from his upcoming album HFM2 dropping next tuesday.


The Greater Than Club : Lazurus Edition

As you can tell from this post, it’s been an incredibly slow day….

Diggy Simmons-Shook Ones Freestyle (Video)

Rick Ross – B.M.F (Live in London)

The UK literally loses it’s mind when rozay performs this shit….

Jakes…I’m goin to hell for this one

This shit go hard as Rock Candy, No homo.