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Future Feat. T.I. – Magic (Video)

a blackson favorite, and hip hop’s underwater artist of the year links up with TI for an aquarium anthem for the clubs…..


Rubio talks trash to Kobe about upcoming Olympics

rubio……..you know you done fucked up right?……right?

Carlos Boozer’s son chanting “LETS GO HEAT!” (Video)

most of yall have seen this but for those that havent, enjoy lol ….

a couple things:

1. we know boozer lives in miami, but come on man ! lol if you were his dad, how badly do you beat his ass

2. he couldnt even wear a boozer jersey, he was participating in the heat “blackout” lol *dead*

3. and why does the kid look identical to big baby?

2 Chainz Vs. Dee Vasquez

congrats on def jam’s newest signee…hopefully he got that imprint under def jam he was looking for….

Blake Griffin….yea you know (Video)

 that used to be my teammate …….not better than the mosgov though.

> Blake Griffin. Oh. My. God. (video) - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Lebron jumps over John Lucas III (Video)

this >>>> anything the nhl all star weekend had to offer….


Blu gets called out by fan for lack luster performance (Video)

“While I don’t agree with the fan jumping on stage, I think the dude was right with Blu putting on a weak show. He was wasted, forgetting his lines, mumbling, and literally leaning on the mic stand for balance in the corner the entire show. Such a shame when the dude is obviously so talented, getting that trashed where he can’t put on a decent show. Let’s hope he gets his thing together…”

this shit is just sad man……and i agree with homie who uploaded the video….rushing the stage is not some shit you should be doing, and 9 times outta 10 will prolly get fucked up by some failed college offensive lineman but the dude was actually pretty respectful about the whole situation….he paid for a show and blu sitting in the corner mumbling his lyrics and shit is not whats up…..worst part about it is dude has been doing this shit ALOT lately….

since we’re talking about blu, below the heavens, his much lauded project with exile, came out in 2007 (TWOTHOUSANDSEVEN)…..since then he has yet to release an official mixtape…and if he does release soemthing, its either some weird ass instrumental shit, or unmastered unmixed shit, which has the sound quality of pressing record on your macbook and spitting…..somethings up with dude and he needs to get it together, cause if he continues on this path, he’ll end up just like my boy charles hamilton did…..and thats not a good look

shouts to gatsby

Kobe System Feat. Kanye West (Video)


ScHoolboy Q – NigHtmare On Figg St. (Video)

this dude scHoolboy is just a gutter ass nigga…in this day in age in rap, its refreshing…

LeBron James’ Headband Timeline (Video)

lol shout out to drewpee for the find….

RIP Pastor Troy’s career (Video)

“people who want to pop a cap in you arent going to drive 30 minutes????!!?”

KG wants to know if you’ve ever been in a bar fight (Video)

“you ever been in a bar fight?!?!?!? charles has, ask him”



French Montana signed with Bad Boy instead of G.O.O.D Music because……..

so we all know french is alittle off , right? i mean he slurs his words like hes drunk and talks……..really……..slow lol…

well i found out a few months ago that he was shot in the head (yes…the HEAD), so im like ok ill give this nigga a pass….then i read this article with him on why he decided to sign with diddy and bad boy instead of kanye and g.o.o.d music … go head and guess:

a. bad boy offered more money

b. diddy offered him his own imprint under bad boy

c. french montana doesnt know how to use email

d. being more of a priority at bad boy, than at g.o.o.d music

heres your answer :

“Kanye doesn’t have a phone. If you need to get in contact with Kanye, you have to email him,” said the 27-year-old. “You can’t tell me how to do that. I don’t know how to use an email, so I guess me and you is never gonna talk, and I’ma put my career in your hands? He’s definitely talented and I felt like if I went there, we would have definitely made history.”‘

[via The Angie Martinez Show]

i got nothing …………

Chris Paul – “He tried to touch the top of my head…..pause” (Video)

this was a great game by the way…..cant wait for them to meet again….

those that didnt see what happend check the video below

heres probably how the “conversation” went

paul: yousa a bitch

gasol: *pats paul on the head* yea ok lil nikka

paul: dont fucking touch me *reaches for pau’s head…pause

gasol: da fuck outta here lol *laughing as he pushes paul away like a little kid*


real talk though gasol’s lucky paul didnt go all beltre on his ass lol

heres what happened after the game…

i love the “go to your room lil nigga!” point gasol gave…it was ALMOST believable but lets be real….cp3’s been a goon since wake forest check the evidence below

exactly pau, you aint about that life! lol

shouts to boxden for this

Greatest Crossover EVAR (Video)

how much would you pay to play this guy in a pick up game?

BJ The Chicago Kid – Dream II (Turn The Lights On) [Prod. THC]

over the past couple years, bj the chicago kid has featured on alot of my favorite artist out now (dom kennedy, schoolboy q, ab-soul, kendrick, the artist formally knowns as u-n-i , pac div etc…)…here’s the first single from his solo effort pineapple now and laters

hes got a little d’angelo feel (minus the awful heroine/crack habit), im fucking with it….

they sample alot of will smith quotes (check it out here)….doesnt he comes off as some crazed scientology freak (which he is), without the music in the background?

pay attention drewpee, you could learn something…..

bungee to download…

L.E.$ – Black Hoodie Rap (Video)

or “rob me a nigga rap” whichever you prefer….

l.e.$ still trying to make that late push for the xxl freshman cover (aint gonna happen)….off the upcoming project menace

Joe Budden – No Church In The Wild

“new joe budden” *in little kids voice*

fuck slaughterhouse….we need more of that solo joey….

bungee to download…


Epic Sax Guy (Video)

if anyone knows the whereabouts of this man, please send me his contact info, he will be performing at my wedding, thanks


that is all

A$AP Rocky – Wassup (Video)

really fucking with this visual for this one….off that live.love.a$ap……clams casino on the boards…

oh yea nsfw (but im sure you can tell from that screen shot lol) BANG

drewpee officially is on the asap bandwagon….youre late but when are you ever early? lol

ScHoolboy Q X A$AP Rocky – Brand New Guy (Live)

i fucking love this shit….but i can only listen to it alone….cuz, well as you can see, its straight riot music lol

oh and sHoolboy’s verse is absurd…

Stephen A. Smith goes off on Ny Knicks (ESPN Radio) [Video]

the goat (FUCK YOU BROUSSARD) brings up some great points…

– if they offer you dwight for amare and chandler, do you make that move?

ehhhhh i wouldnt. wait till baron gets back, I think thats the key here, a legit PG. should they be playing this badly even with the PG’s they have no? FUCK NO. but i think thats part of the problem.

– does d’antoni need to go after only 16 games?  

you already know where i stand with this. the new york knickerbockers are a respected franchise. they arent GS, they arent the Clippers or some other goofy small market squad thats been known to be run like a circus….you play in the greatest basketball arena EVAR, yes, EVAR (sorry boston gaaahhhhhden and Inglewood Collesium faithful) so its time to grow up NY front office, a guy who ignores defense (was once fired by one time GM of the phoenix suns, steve kerr because when asked for him to put more of an emphasis on defense, he fucking refused, lol) is not someone whose going to take your franchise to the next level (history shows, hes a classic under achiever, NEVAR been to the NBA finals).

– amare? whats up?

this has less to do with melo than people think. everywhere amare’s been, hes been set up with a quick pass first pg (nash and felton)….as soon as those guys went, his numbers dropped signifigantly. yes melo is taking alot of shots, but he aint taking all of em, theres still more shots to go around, so that you can put up more than 2 shots in a half. and the rebounding issues hes having? yea tyson is a beast, but um if you consider yourself an elite top 5 power forward, a 4 rebound game is fucking pathetic. pouting aint gonna get you no where except shipped outta town, ask lamar how thats going for him?

oh and for those who are in my fantasy league, melo’s on the block….get at me.

ScHoolboy Q Feat. A$AP Rocky – Hands on the Wheel (Video)

rememeber when i posted that hipster ass bitch covering cudi’s “pursuit of happiness”? well here dc’s own bst kept secret samples the cover for a classic driving while intoxo anthem….

off scHoolboy’s really fucking good H&C, cop here

Kobe’s going on another scoring binge

according to tmz (shouts to gatsby):

Vanessa gets the estate the couple was living in, the estate her mom is living in, and she gets the new estate that had been under construction for 2 years and was just completed.  We were told Kobe was moving into the new estate, but that’s not true.  It’s Vanessa’s crib, lock stock and barrel.

mike brown, nows your time to earn that check:

Step 1: get that paper thin playbook of yours

Step 2: ……you know what page to go to (the only one in the damn book)…

Step 3: call said play

Step 4: repeat step 3 for the rest of the season…..