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Party Next Door – Make A Mil


so this is the next artist off of drake’s ovoxo imprint……sounds like a mix between future and the weeknd if you ask me?


2 Chainz – Like Me (Video)


The Weeknd – Twenty Eight (Video)

trilogy went gold a few weeks back….which is insane to me…YOU CAN GET THE SAME FUCKING SONGS OFF THE NET FOR FREE lol…..

oh, nsfw….

The Dream – AK47

so the dream is gonna put that love iv album on hold and re release the 1977 project with a handful of new tracks…..


i swear i should be an a/r or record exec….or both…..i thought that his 1977 was the best rnb project to be released that year (and it wasnt close) but for whatever reason (ill blame the weeknd who came out with house of balloons around the same time), it flew way under the radar…..drewpee and toth.0 were literally the only fuckers who gave this shit its just due…..

maybe the second time around bitches will pay attention, they should…shit is good as hell and his first single is damn good too


Wiz Khalifa Feat. The Weeknd – Remember You (Video)


second single from young khalifa, featuring the worst live performer of all time….o.n.i.f.c drops in december

happy belated birthday to thecensus homie toth.0

The Weeknd Feat. Drake – The Zone (Video)


at least he’s picking the right songs to push with visuals and shit….theres nothing worse than an artist re releasing shit, but picking the weaker tracks……

The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Video)


this is actually the one that their pushing on terrestrial radio…..not a bad choice, i guess glass table girls isnt radio friendly lol