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The LOX – Hood Cake (Freestyle)



kiss, louch & p together >>>>>>anything theyve ever done solo…..this is not an exception

Jay Z – Picasso Baby (Video)


ehhhhhhhhhhh…….hov being “creative”

Travi$ Scott & Kanye West – New Slaves (Live)


love the energy….somethings youll  never see jigga do for any of his rocnation artists…

Jay-Z’s Life + Times – Welcome To The Future

not reall;y sure what this is…but its entertaining so fuck it….

The Dream Feat. Jay-Z – High Art


next single from terius featuring jigga man.

J. Cole – Truly Yours 2 (EP)


alright…..i know what youre saying, the first one was a super snooze fest…..well the opening track alone “cole summer” is worth the price of admission here…

“throwin thousands in the strip club with drizzy, difference is I’m throwing four and he’s throwing fifty…”


“up in hova’s office, like he’s the fucking principal…put me in with stargate, that shit was like detention now…..”


shouts to bawse gellar for giving me the heads up on actually giving this shit a chance….im fucking with it heavy

im not gonna say it outloud cuz i dont wanna jinx the homie, but i think this sophomore effort might be what the freshman effort shoul…………..


Jay-Z Feat. Timbaland X Swizz Beatz – Open Letter



lol @ the bitch quoting the lyrics in that deadpan voice…..

+1 white house

….i actually like the beat, for real, but this jigga “i know obama” shit?  is just annoying….stay with the “im so rich” raps, those never get old….thanks hov