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Archive for December, 2011

Drew P – The Long Week(e)nd

this shit was recorded last night and turned out so good that drew p had to add it to the final kicking the habit  tracklist….the samples from a weeknd track off of echos of silence..

you can download the shit straight off the embedded soundcloud stream or if youre too fucking dumb to figure that out go HERE .

you can also head over to his soundcloud page where you can get all the leaked tracks from his upcoming project….either click the artwork to the right to get there, or go HERE.


Tyga – Lob City

tyga tries to hop on the lob city (clippers) band wagon with a remix to his rack city track,…..this isnt bad, and if i was a clippers fan (A REAL ONE) id def be fucking with it….but im not, and i hope cp3 tears his mcl and acl and never wins shit, so i wont be posting a download link, if you want it you can go get it at some other site.


Weezy’s Sports Corner 12/24/11 – NBA

this is one of seven videos that he has on various topics (college bball, college football, nba, nfl etc….) of course imma post the nba one….its not half bad….he talks to chris paul on the phone (which you can barely hear but fuck it, talks about teams to look out for this season…and even makes his nba finals prediction

lol at the 9 minute mark his comments on bonzi wells had me rolling lol

LoveRance – UP! (Beat The Pussy Up) Feat. 50 Cent X Iamsu! X Skipper P (Video)

speaking of rihanna….! HA im one funny nigga …..i have no idea who loverance is or iamsu! or skipper p is….. but i heard this shit on sirius xm the other day and i was fucking with it…50’s on the remix video (and he murders his verse), but its edited, and you know how i feel about that….if you want the original version (trust you want it, its better) go HERE

Cam’ron Love Rihanna (Video)

speaking of rihanna again…..lol while driving around in his bent…camron expresses his love for a rihanna song…i heard he has one of the most ratchet twitter accounts, i need to follow homie asap.

Rihanna – You Da One (Video)

speaking of rihanna, mute and enjoy, or if you happen to enjoy the song dont mute it, either way theres no denying that its aesthetically pleasing

Rick Ross – Freestyles

with rozay’s album god forgive, i dont being pushed back, ross decided to drop a mixtape during that down time. it hasnt been released yet, but here are few freestyles that im assuming will be on it.

No Church In The Wild Freestyle Feat. Meek Mill


Talk That Talk Remix Feat. Jay-Z


I’m Flexin’ Freestyle