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KG wants to know if you’ve ever been in a bar fight (Video)

“you ever been in a bar fight?!?!?!? charles has, ask him”



Ainge wants to rewrite history……

I’m sure many of you guys saw the quote from danny ainge a couple days ago about the status of the big three and whether he’d be willing to trade them or not this season….if not , here’s a couple quotes….

“I sat with Red (Auerbach) during a Christmas party (in the 1990s). Red was talking to Larry, Kevin, and myself and there was a lot of trade discussion at the time, and Red actually shared some of the trade discussions. And I told Red what are you doing? Why are you waiting?

“He had a chance to trade Larry (to Indiana) for Chuck Person and Herb Williams and (Steve) Stipanovich and he had a chance to trade Kevin (to Dallas) for Detlef Schrempf and Sam Perkins. I was like, ‘are you kidding?’ I mean, I feel that way now. If I were presented with those kind of deals for our aging veterans, it’s a done deal to continue the success.”

he then goes on to say how it’s a different era, and teams arent giving up much for aging stars anymore, which is why he hasnt pulled the trigger yet etc…..

i agree with danny completely, if the c’s dont pick up the pace, and continue on this middle of the pack shit through februrary, it may be time to look at trade options to better the c’s future.

what i dont agree with is how he’s acting like there were’nt extenuating circumstances surrounded by the c’s 20 + years of irrelevance. Red actually did a pretty damn good job to keep the c’s relevant post the original big three (bird, mcale, parish).

Lets analyze three major moves that were made by the late great red:

1. len bias (of UMD) was drafted with a top 3 pick in 1989. a potential perennial all-star, a cant miss type of player.

2. reggie lewis was drafted in the first round in 1987, and was a talent that finally reached his full potential in his 5th season, when he scored his first all star appearance.

3. rick fox was drafted in 1991 in the first round and was an incredibly solid player all around always just missing all star teams. (on a championship team, he’s an excellent 3rd to 4th option, see lakers in early 2000’s )

here’s how those three moves for the future turned out:

1. len bias died of cardiac arrest the NIGHT he was drafted, after trying cocain (which is a helluva druge) for the very first time.

2. in 1993, one year removed from his first all star appearance, reggie lewis, collapsed during a team shoot around and died of cardiac arrest.

3. in 1997 after going through another year of losing, rick said enough is enough and hit the free agent market, landing in LA where he would marry vanessa williams, and start for 3 nba championship teams (Lakers 2000-2002)

……..so those scoring at home thats 2 dead all stars and 1 gone to free agency.

yes, teams lose players to free agency all the time, but i can almost guarantee if reggie and len were there, rick would have thought twice about going to LA.

and what compensation were we given for the DEATH of two major players? you guessed it, nothing. while back in 1984, the league felt so bad for the cleveland cavs and their awful front office decisions, that they just GAVE them an extra draft pick…..LOL.

so no danny, red didnt fuck us, LUCK fucked us.

we’ll see if the c’s get any better this season (i think they will) but if they dont, im very interested to see what danny can pull off wto jump start this rebuilding project. if last year is any indication of what he’s capable of, it doesnt look good . (ILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR LAST YEAR, DANNY, FUCK YOU, FUCK  YOU!)

Not So Fast……

those counting out last year’s nba champs and last years eastern conference champs should remember one thing…..

and to also never underestimate the damage a running sucker punch can do to ones face……(i couldnt help it)

shouts to american u, ali gold and toth.o

Charlie V’s V. R. Hollins (Video)

hey….at least he didnt take it to twitter?

whats that kg?

“You are cancerous to your team and our league”

Cleveland Cavalier’s 2.0?


back when lebron said he was going to “bring his talents to south beach” along with bosh and wade, to create a new big three in the nba, as a celtic’s fan i was worried. not panick mode worried, but i raised an eyebrow for sure.

then they stumbled out the gate and people wanted spoelstra’s head on a fucking platter (silly media, you really think that they wanted pat “drill fucking sergeant” riley to run those wind sprint filled practices?)….i sat back and watched and did my best not to overreact like all the media outlets were…but what was just a couple missteps early in the season has turned into a trend…they are looking more and more like cleveland cavs 2.0…


Waka Flocka – Bill Russell (Prod. Prince N Purps)

this shit goes hard…..regardless of the lyrical ineptness (the video shows this) that is waka flocka flame…..and you know i love celtic references…

Shout out to Jazz an original B.G. for the video


The Truth Yams All Over The D League Raptors

Hey Dj Humz, you know what’s sad, with John Wall’s knees, he’ll probably never be able to get up like that again.


Breaking News: Andray Blatche and Javale McGee fight outside club!

AB: Hey Javale can i get sip of your personal bottle of rozay? JM: Fuck outta here


Word on the streets (or espn) there was an incident between reigning NBA 2k MVP and Andray Blatche outside the popular nightclub “Shadow Room”.

My guess? Andray took exception to McGee stuntin in his tall tee and bottle of rose’ (with no table).

These niggas stay in the club though, it’s pretty hilarious….

“Now being from DC and being in the clubs every week guess who else I see out every time they are in town…these two fools…I am not surprised one bit that they finally were involved in an altercation outside of a club. What fools…the night before Christmas you are going to be out all hours in DC, and what do these fools expect…lets look at their schedule when they are in the DC area:

Sunday- Stadium (strip club and a dance club…not hating about this one at all)
Monday- Tattoo Bar
Tuesday- Lotus (Yes, my favorite, and yes they clearly pop more bottles than me…but on a Tuesday)
Wednesday- Josephines- probably the hottest party in the DC area.
Thursday- Park- enough said.
Friday/Saturday- Layla Lounge
Is it bad that me, an average guy can tell you where these fool swill be on every night of the week if they are in town? why don’t you fools get into a gym and work on your game…because none of you have improved since last season…”
-pimp d over @ thelastcall blog



Sad shit…. dj humz, even with the c’s loss today they’re a much better option then these clown ass niggas



The Truth- Game Winner Against Knicks

I scoffed at the idea of this being a rivalry (because its not) but this game was a lot of fun to watch, and the energy at the garden was great (not that lets suck off lebron when he comes to town so we can woo him to our deplorable team, energy)

> Paul Pierce the truth!! Game winning shot over Amare - they aint no rivary!! - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Thank you Ali Gold for witnessing greatness...its been my pleasure


As for the jogging shit? Well he’s been practicing that since preaseason lol


The Many Faces of Delonte…

In 2007 the celtics had their worst year in franchise history. there were very few bright spots but Delonte  West was one of them and he quickly became a team and fan favorite. Since being traded, he’s gotten into a little bit of trouble, but now he’s back in boston where he belongs. To celebrate his return, i’m gonna go through the many faces of delonte (no bi polar).

-News Correspondent

Planes , trains and automobiles……you betta have my donuts!


-NBA heart-throb (pause)

-The Terminator (story here)

Bungee for more faces….


Delonte West – “Do Somethin’ About It” (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


lol none of the league wants a piece of the C’s….


Paul Pierce Hits Preseason Game Winner


Celtics Hard in the Paint Halloween Style (Video)

This shit is funny as hell….It get’s a little homo there for a second, I’m not naming names but is that you Glen?

less than a month away….

Rick Ross feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – Super High (Remix)


Man I’m feelin this shit……

I think I’m Paul Pierce….I think I’m Rondo…




Celtics V. Lakers NBA Finals 2010 Preview

If this doesn’t get you geeked up, check your pulse… cuz youre probably dead….



This shit always makes me laugh……..

Vince Carter choking ? uuuuuuhhhh DONT MIND IF I DO!!!


I hope you Magic fans who thought Vince was the answer with the departure of Lee and Hedo learn the ills of relying on a certified bitch nigga.

Real Niggas Do Real Things

With Sheldon Williams unable to suit up due to back spasms, Scalabreezy had to get in uniform for game 2. Hopefully game 3 we see the epic match up that all of the C.J. Nation has been waiting for!

Shouts to Drewpee for the awful photoshop job…..

Big Beeeetch *Gorilla Zoe*

BTW he knocked down the free throws…

Danny Ainge Great GM

Here a clip of Danny Ainge (Celtics GM) doing everything possible to help his team win Game 2 Monday night in Cleveland (First seat to the right of the basket in the grey suit). Gotta love it. His first act as a GM, was him getting rid of my favorite player Antoine Walker for Raef LaFrentz and a bag of Fritos. After that he’s been nothing short of spectacular, always trying to improve the team, be it through the draft or trades.

Antoine Walker

Jakes….this is for you…LOL