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Project Pat feat. Three Six Mafia – Break Da Law 2001

good ol' gold mouth

“i know this nigga who got punked out after every class
he was a bitch in school and now he tote a gun and badge
put on a uniform and now he think hes super bad
man fuck your vest you still can lay the rest under the grass
i do not give a fuck because you are a officer, ill put you in a cofin sir
you fuckin with a slaughterer….
the police dont serve protect……” – lord infamous

Shout out to FFX counties finest bitches.  im not saying i wish death on you (im a stand up guy)….but i do however, wish comma on you…..

Off of Project Pat’s instant classic Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin’

*im telling you law school is the route, you can fight this for us….lol


you know how i feel about unfinished shit….but i had to do it, the video is ill. the sound quality is absolutely terrible, so either mute the video and play the audio i provide right below (it almost syncs up, ah well) the video or deal with the shitty quality. because its unfinished imma leave this joint tagless, so the net lawyers dont come knocking….

Oh and Ms. Minaj???


Ok, so both of these teams suck, and I normally wouldn’t give a half fuck about anything Kings Vs Grizz Related…

However, when two of the best young players on both squads (OJ Mayo and Tyreke Evans) sink back to back, difficult ass, game clinching shots, (Tyrekes being the winner from 55 feet)…I’m interested…

Enjoy. Oh, and Jakes, I’m officially fuckin with the NBA.

Dom Kennedy – Go Head (A Champions Theme)

thecensus never takes an "L"

To show love to one of the realest fantasy football players to ever do it (me), i had to post this classic dom track. Off that FutureStreet/DrugSounds project.

A few things

-gatby- i told you to fuck with a winner….now look at you…..

-drewpee- “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME……HELLO?!?!?!?!” – Herm Edwards …fuck being competetive, if youre a real nigga youll inspire the rookies and upset the vets….

-commish – it was a good run for you, but at the end of the day, i was clearly the best player in this shit, from week 1 to week 16 , 1st place & most points….

-pimp d – my fantasy football guru….niggas call the sports junkies or watch nfl countdown….i holla at this nigga…

– MCCXXIII-2 – shout out to one of the realest clubs ever….best happy hour of all time (anywhere) and ill fight any nigga that says different….i dedicate this one to you

hit the bungee to download my theme music….


Trap-A-Holics Presents: Juicy J X Lex Luger – Rubba Band Business

I know i know…..this cant possibly be worth the download? just a bunch of “YEA HO! ” over numerous ghetto circus beats, with the patented juicy j army steps in the background,  right?  well, yea you do get alot of that shit, but for whatever reason  this shit is actually pretty fucking good. If you like  Three Six mafia and/or “BMF” and “MC Hammer”, you should def give it a listen. and who says no to new project pat songs? that alone makes this shit worth the hard drive space.

hit the bungee for the tracklis and download….


Gayest Intro Ever. Bar None. (Sorry Fred)


I mean. Could it get any gayer? Fred, you know I feel for your struggles as a Nets fan…(As a Jets fan I dont have much sympathy) but this shit? Incredibly homo.

Illest Intro Ever. Bar None.

Jakes, Idk if you saw this shit prior to the season starting….but this shit is dope as hell.

Not sure if it’s the official intro video…but it should be.

Dom Kennedy X Devi Dev Interview

Dom speaks on the upcoming From the Westside With Love 2 , him doing it big in Africa as well as him possibly getting an XXL Freshman nod (about a year late but whatever).

oh yea….DEVI DEV!!!!!!!


Wiz Khalifa – When U Find

“….The cryin shame is our times changin /And best friends become strangers that’s how it is…”

Real shit…….

Off that Burn After Rolling Mixtape that came out last year….if the beat sounds familiar its cuz Curren$y used the same sample on his Jet Files project.

Khalifa in Bmore few hours…..

Happy Bday JV…..

Bungee to download…


Teena Marie X Rick James – Fire and Desire

Teena Mari passed away yesterday and i felt it only be right to start the day off with a post for her and her nigga Ricky. classic shit…..RIP

Nipsey Hussle – Late Nights and Early Mornings

“Dickie shorts, Bally belt, Boxer briefs…….”

Yea we gonna be on that all night……

Bungee to download….


Breaking News: Andray Blatche and Javale McGee fight outside club!

AB: Hey Javale can i get sip of your personal bottle of rozay? JM: Fuck outta here


Word on the streets (or espn) there was an incident between reigning NBA 2k MVP and Andray Blatche outside the popular nightclub “Shadow Room”.

My guess? Andray took exception to McGee stuntin in his tall tee and bottle of rose’ (with no table).

These niggas stay in the club though, it’s pretty hilarious….

“Now being from DC and being in the clubs every week guess who else I see out every time they are in town…these two fools…I am not surprised one bit that they finally were involved in an altercation outside of a club. What fools…the night before Christmas you are going to be out all hours in DC, and what do these fools expect…lets look at their schedule when they are in the DC area:

Sunday- Stadium (strip club and a dance club…not hating about this one at all)
Monday- Tattoo Bar
Tuesday- Lotus (Yes, my favorite, and yes they clearly pop more bottles than me…but on a Tuesday)
Wednesday- Josephines- probably the hottest party in the DC area.
Thursday- Park- enough said.
Friday/Saturday- Layla Lounge
Is it bad that me, an average guy can tell you where these fool swill be on every night of the week if they are in town? why don’t you fools get into a gym and work on your game…because none of you have improved since last season…”
-pimp d over @ thelastcall blog



Sad shit…. dj humz, even with the c’s loss today they’re a much better option then these clown ass niggas



Joe Budden – Ordinary Love Pt. 1


Budden over some classic Sade? Don’t mind if i do

bungee to download…


Kendrick Lamar speaks on working with Dre (Video)



Rick Ross – Ashes to Ashes (Mixtape)

I’m prolly gonna be bloggin all fucking day cuz im a geek like that and works been killing me for the past couple weeks.

As promised Rozay delivers an early chritmas gift. guest spots from ludcris, wiz khalifa, wale and more….Bungee for tracklist and download…

“merry christmas muthafuckassss” -diddy


J.Cole on State of Hip-Hop (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cole talks about a bunch of shit as well as how he cosigned Kendrick Lamar’s (O)verly (D)edicated as his favorite project of the year BEFORE the Dre cosign…

gatsby i told you….its GOSPEL!


MTV Sucker Free: Curren$y talks Wiz & health tips

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“…I remember one time they asked my homie that…and he answered it….and then the next time i saw him he was doing the shuffle “
Spitta is a fucking clown


Rick Ross Feat. Wiz Khalifa – RetroSuperFuture


Another leaked track off Rozay’s upcoming mixtape Ashes to Ashes which drops tomorrow. Khalifa’s on hook duty here.

bungee to download…


Ski Beatz X STS – Moon Walking (Preview)

Looks like Ski Beatz is going to take another shot at this 24 Hour Karate School. STS (who got his name from an atlanta pimp or it was his atlanta pimp name, one or the other? or both?) from the Money Making Jam Boys adds his vocals, while old hippie ass dame cosigns.

Hey, Ski? let’s try not to fuck this sequel up. The first one had the momentum of a fucking freight train and you managed to whiff on the whole ordeal.

Fly.U and Dom Kennedy Trailer

Ok Ok, I’d like to give a special shout out to Jakes for giving me a mp3 CD back in April of 2010.  On it, there was a whole bunch of joints from Dom, Kendrick, Ross, etc…..  However, two stand out tracks were from Fly Union who are from Ohio (they have a west coast laid-back vibe tho).  One of the two tracks that I play all the time is “Like That” featuring Dom Kennedy.  Ya’ll know if you ride with Gatsby, then you’ll most likely hear this joint in my car……..  Finally, a video for this song!  It’s only a trailer but the whole video should be up in a few weeks…  Hit the first clip to see the trailer, hit the second to listen to the entire song.  BANGER.

Oh and that pic at the top, Her name is Devi Dev.  Do some research, she’s BAD and she does her thing……

You’re welcome

Big K.R.I.T. Feat. Curren$y X Killa Kyleon – Moon & Stars Remix (Video)

Dropped the audio a few days ago…..here go the visuals….

Kanye West feat. Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean – Christmas in Harlem

The first radio rip/unfinished version dropped about a week ago, but you know there was no way that low quality  bullshit was gonna see the light of day on this blog.

Yeezy enlist a whole rack of niggas for this one….even Killa and Jones, who fucking dissed him on a track “Toast” literally a couple months ago…im guessing those Dipset Reunion checks aren’t as big as they thought they’d be….*shrugs*

Bungee to download….


Nipsey Hu$$le – The Marathon (Mixtape)

One of Gatsby’s favorite westcoast artist drops a mixtape for the fans patiently waiting on his debut. He dropped this a couple days ago (Dec. 21st) on the date his debut was originally scheduled to drop. I’m really feeling this shit all the way through, a good mix between original tracks and freestyles.

Bungee for tracklist and download…..


Sorry Eagles fans….This will forever be the best comeback of all time.

#1, the shit was a playoff game

#2, thats all you need to know

I remember watching this shit with my pops, who pulled for the Oilers cuz he used to live in Houston. This shit was ridiculous.