"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"


Artists Favorite Organized Noise Tracks (Video)

most underrated producers in hip hop? dont believe me? check out the mixtape below…..


Jet World Order 2 (Trailer)

late november release….

This is SportsCenter – John Clayton (Video)


cant wait for sunday…..

Jordan Brand Commercial: This is where it starts (Video)


im fucking with everything in this video EXCEPT the end…..no disrespect but on what planet is a china man gonna out jump a nigga for an alley pop?


just saying…..


oh yea….g towwwwwwwwwwwwwn *big sean voice*

Chuck Inglish breaks down “Party Heart” beat off ‘Rich Forever’ (Video)

can someone plesase tell me what the fuck a party heart is please?


Kobe System Feat. Kanye West (Video)


Tim Tebow…..it ends…(Video)

what many could only describe as a religious crusade (no jihad), has FINALLY come to an end……unfortunately cbs has asked for him to come on as a guest analyst for the afc championship game.


i know floyd…..i know…..

Heather Cox quotes Rick Ross (Video)

nbc would never allow that……lol

espn>>>>>> jsut saying…

Pac Div – Flexin’ (Video)

this is an add for those phiten bands (do those things work?) but it features melo, bosh, eric gordon, and d williams….im fucking with the vid….

hit the bungee if you want to download the audio…


Terius Nash – 1977 (Commercial)

if you aint got it….go get it….


Shishavac (Commercial)

i NEED this….

shouts to ells….

Kendrick Lamar – Fuck Your Ethnicity (Video)

footage from kendricks sold out show at SOB’s in NY….

Rachel Starr promotes sneaker shields (Video)

lol gold this is for you….and its suitable for work too!

Ryan Leslie Making “Fly Together” (Video)

it should be a rule he gives all his good beats to fabolous….red cafe has no idea what to do with this shit…..

Kenny Powers – K-Swiss CEO (Video)

“whats up dawg….i killed you”

U-N-I – Kings Keep Marching February 15th

This is actually supposed to be a commercial for those Land of The King snapback hats that Hella Tight (urban wear) make. It also gives a little snippet (i fucking hate snippets) of the title track to U-N-I’s upcoming project Kings Keep Marching.

Westcoast up and comers >>>>>>>

Dipset Reunion (Commercial) X Complex Presents: 50 Greatest Dipset Songs

Vodpod videos no longer available. commercial for the upcoming dipset reunion concert in ny….

Also Complex’s 50 greatest diplomats songs…

Pink Range Rovers, outrageous appearances on The O’Reilly Factor, refashioned Ramones logos, and verbal sparring with Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, and Ma$e. In Dipset parlance, their movement was more than music. But beyond the absurdities and laughs the charismatic Harlem collective provided, there were countless great songs—dense, multisyllabic verses that turned brashness and obscenity into memorable art over butchered soul loops punctuated by cymbal crashes and ad-libs (“Ballin’!”). With Black Friday serving as the day that the Diplomats will do their first show together since reuniting, it seems like as good a time as ever to take a retrospective look at a New York City rap clique that was first compared to Wu-Tang Clan—and then became an entity all its own. With an emphasis on joints created by the original four members (Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zeekey), we offer the authoritative Complex list of Dipset’s 50 greatest songs. You mad?
By Ben Detrick


Read the rest here.

Pilot Talk 2 Trailer (Video)

[VIMEO vimeo.com/16232474]


Lebron James – “Rise”

This is clearly for the haters……

Rick Ross X Nike Boom

Hit the bungee for the Rozay BOOM gif.


Since We’re On Our Boston Shit….

That’s right…..

“Bat! Bat!” Vol. 2 – RIP Lil Flip’s Career (Video)

This…..Shit…..Is……Sad.  The funeral starts at the 2:40 mark. How do you go from “I Can Do That” to that shit?

RIP to one of the the first people to put the Houston music scene on the map nationally…..

Nipsey Hu$$le – Change Tomorrow (Commercial X Video)

New video/commercial from Neighborhood Nip.

Steps to be like Nip:

Step 1. Grab some Conjure Cognac

Step 2. Get your gear at Slauson Ave.

Step 3. Be the next hottest nigga with your cellphone watch ala’ James Bond.  (bet you this awful shit blows)

Incredibly blatant attempt at marketing, but I have a feeling it’ll work.

Ciroc Star

In celebration of my bro, Pimp D, going down to Radford for “Quadfest” (Annual shitshow), with all of his “Diddy Bopulars”, I’m posting the Ciroc Star video (feat. Chester French, Jadakiss and of course Diddy).

After the jump check  a public service announcement on drinking Ciroc responsibly (I’m sure these will be totally ignored this weekend)…Enjoy my nigga.