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Wale Feat. Tiara Thomas – The Cloud (Video)

one of my favorite tracks off wale’s more about nothing  mixtape….

Jason Kidd – What the Kidd Didd (1994)

kids, if youre gonna beat your wife, head shots only....this is a product of viscious body during the 2nd trimester..

[audio http://ia700602.us.archive.org/7/items/whatthekidddidd/10WhatTheKiddDidd.mp3]

i had no idea this existed but its a gem…..in honor of old man kidd getting back to the nba finals (shouts to french) i had to up this song (that is super west coast, oaktown to be exact) …..this is off of the b-balls’s best kept secret album, featuring cedric ceballos, dana barros, gary payton, dennis scott,  malik sealy (RIP), j.r. rider,  brian shaw, big shaq and other basketball players who have no business getting in the booth…hit the bungee for the tracklist and to download the track and/or the mixtape….

Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPower (Video)

visuals for kendrick’s first single off of #section80 good shit….

Soulja Boy X Rick Ross X DJ Khaled X Plies X Gucci Mane X OJ Da Juiceman X Nicki Minaj X Waka Flocka Flame X Lil’ Wayne – ShawtBusShawty Reloaded

lol awwww man this is sooooo good….so much better than that racks remix

good looks ells…

Rick Ross & Andy Samberg talk ad-libs (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the c.o. turned rapper and the jewish comedian turned rapper talk adlibs


lol the cover says it all…..not only is this song 12+ minutes,  with that simple ass beat, looped over and over and over again…but more than half of these artist are blessed with auto tune! awwww man it honestly doesnt get any worse than that…..if anyone can list the artist as they appear in order as well as which artist were auto tuned and which werent in the next 5 minutes  ill send a thecensus official sweatshirt lol

and we’re still all waiting for that  Tractor Traylor “Snacks on Snacks” RIP tribute remix, performed by oliver miller…..

theres no download  link for this…hearing it once is enough….

Frank Ocean – Acura Integurl (Video)

dont worry, thecensus hasnt gone soft…..one more post for this guy and we’re done (maybe) ….and im not gonna hit every social media network i possibly can promoting the dude either *cough* drewpee and the weeknd*cough*, so you dont have to worry about that either…

this video is the other reason i decided to check his shit out…..this song  isnt on the original nostalgia, ultra mixtape i posted below, but i believe itll be on the re-release coming in the future ….