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Drew P – Kicking The Habit

the much anticipated project from the PK, NY representative is finally here….

Drew P is a NY-based artist who has always found himself surrounded by Hip Hop culture and influence.  From the sounds of jazz to freestyles between school periods, Drew P’s musical talent was always apparent. Mental doubt and adversity often kept his dream on the backburner but years later, college graduated, gainfully employed and frustrated; what was once a hobby has now become something worth grinding for. From the kid who used to hide cassette tapes under the mattress, “Kicking the Habit,” tells the story of a talented rapper/producer attempting to finally break out of his shell, leaving an irreplaceable imprint on the game.

imma go on record and say this is the project of the year….. so far….lol

you know the drill, bungee for the track list and download….


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