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Archive for March, 2012

John Maus – Cop Killer (Video)

look, i do not advocate the killing of anyone, but if this shit happens to inspire you to slay a couple of gutless pigs, by all means be my guest

shouts to drewpee for this ANTHEM.

L.E.$ – Smoke and Ride (Video)

more L.E. Dolla off that menace

T.I. Feat. Travis Porter & Young Dro – Hot Wheels (Official Video)

i think this is off of T.I.’s fuck da city up mixtape…i still never actually sat down and listened to it (sorry rich forever dropped the same week and kind of took over for a while lol)…this shit is ill though…..shout out to drewpee’s new favorite group travis porter…..

Kendrick Lamar Feat. The Game – The City (Video)

yea i know it SAYS that its game’s song, but kendricks last verse begs to differ …..lol

A Day In The Life of ScHoolboy Q (Video)

this is kind of misleading, because it doesnt show the massive amounts of narcotics this guy consumes lol

Fabolous – She Did It (Video)



The Weeknd – Crew Love (Live)

heard this shit in the club the other night….silly, just silly (good)….