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John Maus – Cop Killer (Video)

look, i do not advocate the killing of anyone, but if this shit happens to inspire you to slay a couple of gutless pigs, by all means be my guest

shouts to drewpee for this ANTHEM.

L.E.$ – Smoke and Ride (Video)

more L.E. Dolla off that menace

T.I. Feat. Travis Porter & Young Dro – Hot Wheels (Official Video)

i think this is off of T.I.’s fuck da city up mixtape…i still never actually sat down and listened to it (sorry rich forever dropped the same week and kind of took over for a while lol)…this shit is ill though…..shout out to drewpee’s new favorite group travis porter…..

Kendrick Lamar Feat. The Game – The City (Video)

yea i know it SAYS that its game’s song, but kendricks last verse begs to differ …..lol

A Day In The Life of ScHoolboy Q (Video)

this is kind of misleading, because it doesnt show the massive amounts of narcotics this guy consumes lol

Fabolous – She Did It (Video)



The Weeknd – Crew Love (Live)

heard this shit in the club the other night….silly, just silly (good)….

Rich Hil Feat. Dom Kennedy – It Ain’t Nuthin’ (Video)

this is for the dom feature….rich hil (whose the son of tommy hilfiger, no joke…..karmas a bitch huh pops????) isnt awful, his voice is just unbearable….

A$AP Rocky’s Spotify Event @ SXSW (Video)

gold, im still deciding whether or not im going to this dc concert…him and scHoolboy q? this shit looks reckless, i may be too old for that lol

for those scoring at home the video shows him performing “pretty flacko” (download HERE), “big spender” (still waiting on that cdq!) and “peso”

Nipsey Hussle – Run A Lap (Video)

neighborhood nip on crenshaw….off that tmc

Bosh So Hard (Video)

they say he’s Jurassic….cuz he looks like a raptor….

Big K.R.I.T – I Got This

new krit, NOT on 4EVANADAY

bungee to download

Ryan Leslie making of “5 Minute Freshen Up” (Video)

i always love these videos more than the actual song……if you wanna see the official video for this song (its not as good of course) go HERE

im not sure how “real” rles inviting a fan to the studio is, but that bitch is bad as hell and i dont blame him for it lol

for those asking where the les is more album is……

His ‘Les is More’ is a “visual album.” He’s dropping a track each month with a video until he actually releases the entire EP later this year. This particular video is just a teaser, he has been putting out actual videos over the past couple of months though. – @Megan_Shea12

Rick Ross – Swear to Gawd (Video)

im pretty sure many people have been killed where he shot this video…..gutter

theres a sneak peak to “party heart” at the end…..which i still dont know what the fuck is?

Skip Grizzly – Light Up (Freestyle) [Video]



Woman gets it poppin at a Clippers game (Video)


Black Hippy talks the joint venture with them and Interscope/Aftermath (Video)

*dead* at the temptations cover lol

Wiz Khalifa – Brainstrom (Video)

off that taylor allderdice mixtape….if you aint got it yet, youre probably a gay hipster or something…..

Blake Griffin airballs two free throws in a row (Video)

couple points….

1. the fact that the announcers werent even phased by the first airball, puts blake griffin’s free throw shooting in perspective…my gawd….


Woldstarhiphop Hoe (Video) [NSFW]

click to watch the video...WARNING NSFW!

so my homie blackson hits up “the dawgs” whatsapp group with a worldstar link…..i have no idea what it is, but i was assuming something ridiculous, well ridiculous would be an understatement when describing this shit….and for those that think its safe to open at work, when i clicked the link on my iphone, thats the error that i got lol….so wait till you get home and watch, because it is indeed a must fucking watch lol

click the screen shot above to watch the video….

L.E.$ – No Love (Video)

one of my favorite tracks off menace gets some visuals….

Polyester The Saint – Real Deal P (Mixtape)

one half of dom’s go to producers (L.A.U.S.D) drops his third mixtape real deal p….what to expect? extremely dope beats and comical rhymes lol aka great drinking music

boosh for the tracklist and download…

Sheek Louch X Ghostface Killah – Barry


a d block wu tang collaboration over a classic barry white sample….

ill say this about barry white, as overrated as he was as a recording artist, he was equally underrated as a producer, mane this smooth shit, STILL gets me.

bungee to download


2 Chainz – Like Me

titty 2 chainz hops over a weeknd sample…..

boosh to download….