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Terrace Martin speaks on the making of Kendrick Lamar’s “Real” (Video)


the cali producer sits down and explains the making of kendrick’s “real”….

part 2 below, he talks about dre and ali’s contributions to the final product….



Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #1 (Pac Div)

mibbs does an ill ass snoop dogg source awards impression

watch till the end….its worth it

Shawn Chrystopher – biscayne (Prod. Timbaland)


a couple things.

– was never a big fan of shawn chystopher, but good for him, getting a look from timbo is a big deal

– i guess cali rappers are the next fad for over the hill producers to piggy back on, (pharrell: buddy, dre: tde , now shawn chrys: timbo)

– soooooooo timbo wants to get back into hip hop? fuck you nigga….thats why jay blackballed (paws)

– did you just compare him to tupac??????rudywhatever

Kendrick plays good kid m.A.A.d city for Andre 3000 (Video)

maybe this will inspire dre 3k to focus on making music instead of complaining about “sixteen bars not being enough” ….well maybe if you laid off the gillette commercials, youd have more time to record more than 16 bars???

also, check out an interview where kendrick talks about the listening session with andre as well as lofty comparisons to illmatic here


Kendrick Lamar gets passed the torch by westcoast greats (Video)

the next handful post are gonna be dedicated to the homie kendrick lamar, for finally dropping his anticipated major label debut…..i know i already posted this a while ago, but i think its a good place to start……and for those that havent heard it yet….he doesnt disappoint…AT.ALL

i pride myself on being right before anyone else about artist blowing (khalifa, sean, drake etc…) and feel absolulte shame for being wrong (charles hamilton, asher roth…)

but with those five artist i mentioned, they all had a project, or a mini buzz and i checked them out and gave em a co sign…i hit the shit out of the park with the kid kendrick….

i randomly stumbled upon the “she needs me” video, liked it enough to download the kendrick lamar ep and just like that i thought he was hip hop’s new messiah and i was going to tell any and everyone that would listen…

“they said seven tracks, i said fifteeen, call it an ep, they said im trippin”

so congrats to kendrick for proving me so fucking right….if this doesnt verify that thecensus is gospel…i dont know what willll

ya bissshhhhh


Dr. Dre presents Kendrick Lamar ( good kid, m.A.A.d city ) [Trailer]

this is good promo….DAMN GOOD promo but a couple things rubbing me the wrong way…

1. the fuck is snoop at?!?!?!?! we just gonna forget him?

2. drew didnt find kendrick…he  was already an established artist before the interscope deal

3. no mention of tde, ANYWHERE…..he’s a tde artist, that just happens to be distributed by interscope, right???….i dont know how Anthony Tiffith (ceo of top dawg ent.) feels about the spot, but if that was dame dash, you already know he would spazz out (the look on dame’s face at the 2:10 mark is…PRICELESS lol)


Game Feat. Chris Brown X Tyga X Wiz Khalifa X Lil’ Wayne – Celebration (Video)

even though this is a straight jack of the bone thugs classic, im still fucking with this….they also re enact that classic scene from “nuthin but a g thang” where they run up behind a big tittied bitch playing volleyball and expose them knockers

had a nigga like…..


50 Cent Feat. Dr. Dre X Alicia Keys – New Day

i didnt like this shit either for whatever reason, but shade45 plays it every fucking hour….the power of persistence

off the 50 cent album that no one gives a fuck about…

bungee to download


Rick Ross Feat. Dr. Dre X Jay-Z – 3 Kings (Video)

off gfid

shouts to the untouchable maybach empire

Pac Live at Coachella (Video)

th is incredibly trippy lol….im going to have nightmares because of this shit lol

Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (Live)

a dre less recipe and i aint mad at it…

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Played by Dr. Dre) – The Recipe (Woman, Weed & Weather) [Prod. Scoop DeVille]

lol i really wish dr. dre would just hold a press conference, announce that he’s done making music and gonna focus solely on selling overpriced, bass heavy, low quality headphones…..

i mean come on man, he doesnt do the beat (thank gawd) or write his verse (THANK GAWD) so please again, tell me what the hell is he on the song for?

and kendrick i love you (pause) but your ghostwriting needs SERIOUS work…the key to ghostwriting is to make it sound like the person youre writing for…this was not accomplished in the least, in fact it sounds like a verse that youd write for yourself…

that being said, i fucks with it…

wheres the download? well here’s the one major change that comes with tde now being under the interscope/aftermath machine….JEWLUMINATIIIIIIIII!!!!! everywhere ive gone to download this shit has pulled up nothing but “cease and desist ” messages…if you wanna cop you can go to itunes and get it HERE.

Snoop Dogg X Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (Live)

this never gets old….detox coming never…them singaporeans was kinda turned up for the shit too

Dr. Dre X Kendrick Lamar in studio working on #Section80 (Video)

Download “HiiiPower” here, or cop from itunes here……

Pusha T Feat. 50 Cent X Pharrell – Raid (Prod. Neptunes)

memeber when 50 would say no to these tracks for the simple fact that it wasnt g-unit/interscope/shady related? oh how the mighty have fallen.

off of pusha’s fear of god mixtape dropping march 21st

bungee to download…


Complex Presents: The Making of The Game’s “The Documentary”

since game’s upcoming album R.E.D. is never going to see the light of day (no big name rappers or producers are going to save that abortion), i thought id link yall to a really well done article on the making of Jayceon’s best album to date, The Documentary (gatsby tries to argue that Dr.’s Advocate is a better album…….yea i know, its so blatantly wrong that you cant even argue it. like, try arguing with someone that thinks oliver miller is a better basketball player than mike jordan. right? where do you even start? thats exactly how i feel with that topic) . they interview alot of people who had important roles in the album (no 50 or dre, sorry guys).

Here’s a little excerpt…

By 2005, it had literally been over a decade since a new West Coast rapper had made a huge national impact. If Jayceon “The Game” Taylor was going to break the dry spell, he’d need help. Luckily for the Compton Blood with a Yonkers flow and a G-Unit affiliation, he had Dr. Dre beats, 50 Cent hooks, and an Eminem feature for his debut album, The Documentary. In addition, with production from a diverse array of A-list beatmakers like Buckwild, Havoc, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Hi-Tek, and Cool & Dre, the album’s geographical ambiguity only increased its appeal. Game also continued G-Unit’s tradition of making gangsta-ass albums that had big pop smashes with “How We Do” and “Hate It or Love It.”

my thoughts on the game? he’s a MUCH  less talented Jay-Rock, who happend to be at the right place (Interscope) at the right time (GRODT was killing shit) with the right team (G-Unit, Dre, etc…). the product was an exceptional album. I always said on his own he’d fizzle and even though it took a little bit longer than i thought it would, his career is on life support.

*****NOSTALGIA ALERT*** i rememeber hearing “This is How We Do” a good three to four months before it hit the radio (shouts to bcburke and mirc) on my way to class, in drewpee’s accord and even drewpee (who at the time, swore new york was making a comeback….yea they never did. did they?) knew this shit was a mega hit.

Here’s the link : Complex Presents: The Making of The Game’s “The Documentary”

Dr.s Advocate? really gatsby?

Nipsey Hu$$le – BootlegKev Interview

Very interesting interview with Nip Hussle if you can get past Bootleg Kev’s incessant dick sucking.

Couple things:

– Fuck dre? i actually feel him on this but for other reasons. the dude is old, flabby and washed up like larry holmes. no one is checking for his music anymore, and the shit that he drops is incredibly underwhelming. is the dre cosign a good look (which he acknowledges kendrick)? of course, but musically, he’s no longer relevant.

– gatbsy, this is for you. So nip hussle, who has more commerical appeal and a bigger following then any other upcoming west coast artist (yes, more then dom and currently more than kendrick, but no for long), is having trouble getting released on a major lable, and opts to go the independent route. and you really think pac div is going to get a major release? lol. come on man. what i say is gospel.

Kendrick Lamar speaks on working with Dre (Video)



Kendrick Lamar – Look Out For Detox (Video)

One of drewpee’s favorite freestyles getsme visuals….

Download track here.

Shouts to TDE

Kendrick Lamar feat. Schoolboy Q – Michael Jordan (Video)

“Don’t Wuwwy”

More visuals off of Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed (and Dr. approved) O(verly) D(edicated) .

The Dr. Who Cried Detox (Video)

Usually these C.J.’s videos aren’t funny at all. But I kinda like this one.

Spotted at Itsthereal.com