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Drake – Trophies (Prod. Hit-Boy)



more braggart rap shit from drizzy….humz’ favorite producer not named lex luger on the boards..

Drake Feat. Soulja Boy – We Made It




this shit sound like the sequel to “worst beahviour” and “305 to My City”….loving this shit…and oyu know a nigga will ALWAYS cosign kenny power’s drops





Future Feat. Drake X Juicy J – Shit (Remix)



drake finally “responds” to kendrick’s ‘control’ verse….pretty underwhelming shit….but i love this beat….and the ‘tear the club up’ chant NEVER gets old

Drake – Worst Behavior (Video)


my favorite track off of NWTS gets some visuals…those wondering, that’s drakes pops in the beginning and 40 in that ovoxo owl mascot get up….also cameo’s from memphis greats juicy j and project pat

Rick Ross Feat. Future – No Games (Video)


mastermind finally got a release date….december 17th

hey future….way to fuck up that drake tour money by running your mouth about his album….dumbass

Migos – Versace (Video)


theres an inordinate amount of white fake miley cyrus bitches in this video and the cut to some song that if i had to guess is called “hannah montana” ….

i cosign like a motherfucker

this is actually the first time ive heard migos’ verses all the way through

The LOX – Hood Cake (Freestyle)



kiss, louch & p together >>>>>>anything theyve ever done solo…..this is not an exception

Drake Feat. 2 Chainz X Big Sean – All Me (Prod. KeYWane)




for drake’s next single off his upcoming project nothing was the same he gets 2 chainz and yea…big sean? i could have sworn on sean don’s latest mixtape detroit (so cold in the mutha fuckin D) he was taking shots at him on the track “rwt”?

just read the lyrics:


I made a mil before twenty-five, man and I ain’t even no lie
Bitch I ain’t sayin’ that shit to brag neither, I’m sayin’ that to inspire
I’m like, damn boy, fuck you sayin’ boy?
Hatin’ on me, knowin’ that you is a fan boy
When I’m around you call me Cuz like we fam boy?
Rappin’ like me let’s me know that I’m the man boy

hmmmm? well im glad they patched it up….or drake just straight ignored the jabs….




this shit is damn good….been waiting for this one for a minute


Migos Feat. Drake – Versace (Prod. Zaytoven)


this is a zaytoven beat….so im guessing this is some atl shit…..i can do without the non drake verses…..can someone find me a version without these niggas on it?

Drake Feat. Sampha – The Motion




i know some hipster motherfuckers are gonna be pissed at me…but what the fuck is sampha?

Party Next Door Feat. Drake – Over Here




im really looking forward to this guys project dropping on july 1st….

DJ Khaled Feat. Drake X Rick Ross X Lil’ Wayne – No New Friends (Video)

let me make this clear….this is still one of the dumbest songs of all time….

but  that hook is catchy as fuck.

and this old school video is ill

so ill let it slide

shouts to bsb

Party Next Door – Wus Good/Curious


ok now this one sounds like a mix between drake, the weeknd and future….

Party Next Door – Make A Mil


so this is the next artist off of drake’s ovoxo imprint……sounds like a mix between future and the weeknd if you ask me?


J. Cole – Truly Yours 2 (EP)


alright…..i know what youre saying, the first one was a super snooze fest…..well the opening track alone “cole summer” is worth the price of admission here…

“throwin thousands in the strip club with drizzy, difference is I’m throwing four and he’s throwing fifty…”


“up in hova’s office, like he’s the fucking principal…put me in with stargate, that shit was like detention now…..”


shouts to bawse gellar for giving me the heads up on actually giving this shit a chance….im fucking with it heavy

im not gonna say it outloud cuz i dont wanna jinx the homie, but i think this sophomore effort might be what the freshman effort shoul…………..


DJ Khaled Feat. Drake X Rick Ross X Lil’ Wayne – No New Friends (Prod. Boi-1da & Noah “40” Shebib) [Video]

dead@ NO………NEW……..FRIENDS…..please dont let this be the new “YOLO”


i just cant…..

isnt vado a new friend though?????

Drake Feat. James Fauntleroy – Girls Love Beyonce


shouts to the selfie queen….

another dub for aubrey

Drake – 5AM in Toronto (Video)

song > video

shit…..that ca$h money sweatshirt > video lol

shit still knocks though

rudy gay cameo…..he was sick in college

Snoop Dogg Feat. Drake X Cori B – No Guns Allowed (Video)

snoops come a long way from him almost being convicted of murder lol

im still not calling him snoop lion though….

Drake – 5AM In Toronto (Prod. Boi-1da)


The part I love most is they need me more than they hate me
So they never take shots, I got everybody on safety
I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards
You probably wouldn’t lose a single rapper
Niggas make threats, can’t hear ’em over the laughter
Yeah, that’s cause I’m headed to the bank, nigga

oh my……


9AM in Dallas or 5AM in Toronto?

Wale – Street Runner (Video)


he’s not drake….thats for sure



Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake – Poetic Justice (Video)


i ehard they were trying to get janet for the video, but shes too busy fucking with zillionaire arabs…..

Lil Wayne Feat. Future X Drake – Love Me (Good Kush X Alcohol) [Video]

i am not a human being ii