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Gucci Mane Feat. Future – Fuck The World (Prod. Mike Will)


this is old as hell and on gucci’s recently released mixtape….i just started liking it, thanks to shade 45’s incessant playing of it….featuring a partially submerged future (shouts to bawse gellar)

Gucci Mane X 2 Chainz – OK With Me (Prod. Mike Will)

[audio http://ia700803.us.archive.org/23/items/okaywithme/GucciMane-OkayWithMeF.2Chainzprod.MikeWill.mp3]

gucci somewhat redeems himself  with this one….after doing a whole fucking mix tape with v-nasty he’s gonna need to do a lot more than this, to get out of the dog house

bungee to download


Ludacris Feat. Gucci Mane – Shake X Fries (Video)

i put this song on nicki minaj status…….mute and enjoy…oh yea NSFW

gucci mane just got released from jail (i know again??!?!? he’s starting to be come like dmx lol) …but he also  just released a mixtape WITH v-nasty (yes, kreayshawns home girl who drops the n bomb more than the klan)….so he should be thrown right back in for that alone….like….NOW


Juicy J Talks Recent Collabo Albums (Video)

thecensus comeback artist of the year talks about the recent collabo albums that have been released in ’11…..

i havent listened to the ferrari boyz album yet…anyone wanna let me know if its worth the download?

Gucci Mane Feat. Future – Stevie Wonder (Video)

lol this shit bangs….see what you started rozay?

shouts to O

Soulja Boy X Rick Ross X DJ Khaled X Plies X Gucci Mane X OJ Da Juiceman X Nicki Minaj X Waka Flocka Flame X Lil’ Wayne – ShawtBusShawty Reloaded

lol awwww man this is sooooo good….so much better than that racks remix

good looks ells…

Gucci Mane Feat. Wiz Khalifa – 2 Timez (Prod. Drumma Boy)

this is not as bad as i first thought itd be…..and yes im blogging on the weekends.

bungee to download….


Fashawn Feat. J. Cole – Not For The Radio (Prod. J.Cole)

this guy was actually on last years xxl freshmen 10 list…..ive never heard a song from him until now (its official gatsby)….my thoughts?

1. i wouldnt have listened to the shit if i didnt see it was featuring and produced by cole.

2. not only is the artwork from his upcoming mixtape Higher Learning Vol. 2 (there was a vol. 1????)  a straight rip off from Chip Tha Ripper’s The Cleveland Show (excellent mixtape by the way) but fashawn looks nothing like bart simpson, we all know gucci mane is the look alike.

3. nothing special, would have been a better track if cole woulda just kept the shit for himself….

gatsby…who likes this nigga again?

bungee to download if you want….


Kendrick Lamar ft. Gucci Mane – Vanity Slaves Pt. 2

before you even write this song of, Gucci is only on the hook, relax…..for those that havent heard Part 1 check it out here. have no idea what project this is off of, but if this is any indication of whats to come, im def. looking forward to the shit….

those that know me know that my ensemble includes hoodies, jordan shorts and aldo flip flops….im alot of things, vanity slave is not one of them, shit goes regardless….

bungee to download….


Kendrick Lamar Signing (Video)

this is the same spot that they threw Ab-Souls listening party for Long Term 2. Kendrick previews two J. Cole collabos and one track he did with Gucci Mane (before you get all ‘this aint real hip hop on me’, watch the video and listen the song sounds kinda ill)

cameos from the whole black hippy crew, bj the chicago kid, sounwave  (tde in house producer), dj dave  and javonte (does the hook on “she needs me“)

Bow Wow X Soulja Boy – Get Money

I dont know why, but im feeling this song. i also liked “marco polo” as well though????

dont know how old this is, but soulja straight jacks gucci manes flow and oj the juicemans adlibs

joint had me like….

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Face Tattoo: 6 Theories Why

the past couple of days have  been really slow so the next few post are probably gonna make you scratch your head but fuck it….

dj humz sent this over to me and it made me chuckle for sure….

To celebrate being released from a mental hospital, Gucci Mane got a giant face tattoo of a three-scoop ice cream cone with lightning bolts shooting out of it and the word “Brrr.” But why?

To be clear, the above sentence is not parody: Gucci Mane had himself declared mentally incompetent after being arrested driving on the wrong side of the road. He went to the loony bin, then got out, and he’ll be back in court at the end of January.

To read the rest of the fairly amusing article head over here >>

humz, I know you hate meltdown (no pun intended lol) stories but this is clearly going to be one of them…

dead @ the “BRRR”

Gucci Mane (feat. Sean Garrett & Yo Gotti) – Late

its actually scary how much he resembles this nigga

heard this shit for the first time on friday….shit kinda goes….this must have been recorded pre drugged out gucci, because i can actually understand most of what he’s saying (he still sounds like he’s got a cold though…”UGGGHHHHHH”)

shouts to ells

hit the bungee to download.

Young Dro feat. T.I. and Gucci Mane – Freeze Me (Video)

Did Gucci just dig in his nose? Yes he did.

And right now? Young Dro>>>> T.I. (damn homey…in the east towers you was the man homie)

TheCensus ’10 – Top Producers

As promised, well two days later than promised, it’s Wednesday, and I’ve got another best of ’10 list for y’all. This time, I’m focusing on the top producers in 2010, in no particular order. Enjoy.

For those that missed the earlier installments of TheCensus ’10 you can check over there on the right >>>>>>>

Ski Beatz

I don’t know why/how he did it, but this dude took like a 10 year hiatus from the rap game. With Dame providing the venue (DD172) and artist (Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Curren$y etc…) Ski has resurrected his career. Even though Pilot Talk 2 was somewhat of a hiccup, I think he can keep the ball rolling. Really though, anyone that can get Mos Def back in the booth rapping has got to be doing something right.

Sour Hour Marathon – Smoke Dza (George Kush Da Button)


Life Under The Scope – Curren$y (Pilot Talk) – I made sure to upload the original version of this song, not the one that had to be altered due to sample clearance issues.


Nothing But Us – Curren$y X Smoke Dza (24 Hour Fail Karate School) – the original for this is infinitely better then the sample clearance version.


Hit the bungee to see the rest of the list (if youre not interested in the list hit the bungee anyway for pictures of amberrrrrrr)….


TheCensus ’10 – Top Five Remixes

5. Deuces (feat.  Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross & Andre 3000) – The internet went nuts when they saw the Andre 3K verse, but in my opinion ‘Ye had the best verse.


4. Window Seat (feat. Rick Ross) – This also was one of my top five videos. Rozay’s verse is superb.


Bungee for the rest of the list….


Rick Ross ft. Gucci Mane – MC Hammer (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cameos from King Hammer, Diddy and unfortunately Gucci’s semi retarded ass….


Soulja Boy X OJ X Gucci X Waka Flocka – ShawtBusShawty

I could have sworn I had posted this shit a couple weeks ago, but apparently i didnt (probably during one of those weeks where work was getting in the way of my blog game).

There’s too many things to name in this shit so I’m just gonna let the video speak for itself.

I’m pretty sure the guy in the intro is supposed to be that guy from the song “Lil Buddy” off the Can’t Ban the Snowman Mixtape….

UPDATE: I forgot all about this, but is it safe to say that whoever wrote ShawtBusShawty could rap circles around yungjewman? and would is it even be fucking close?

shouts to ells for the heads up….

Gucci Mane – Zone 6

Title track off the upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama….More shouts to Jazz.