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Pac Div Feat. Big Sik X Edbone – Savages (Video)

what the fuck is a big sik and edbone?


anyone actually get that project? ive yet to listen to it…

Shawn Chrystopher – biscayne (Prod. Timbaland)


a couple things.

– was never a big fan of shawn chystopher, but good for him, getting a look from timbo is a big deal

– i guess cali rappers are the next fad for over the hill producers to piggy back on, (pharrell: buddy, dre: tde , now shawn chrys: timbo)

– soooooooo timbo wants to get back into hip hop? fuck you nigga….thats why jay blackballed (paws)

– did you just compare him to tupac??????rudywhatever

Hit-Boy – East Vs. West (Video)


thecensus has transformed into thehumz….2 nba post, a meek mill and now a hit-boy post consecutively…off the EXTREMELY mediocre (old school caddy slaps, though) HITstory…..

Jhene Aiko covers Pac’s Keep Ya Head Up (Video)

drewpees mistress covers pac…ill shit

Funk Flex On Tupac

I dont know when this actually happened, but in this video Funk Fliggity speaks pretty openly about his thoughts on Tupac……

Here he goes into further detail on this video….

as you might imagine alootttttttt of niggas are mega cunt hurt about this shit.

A couple things:

– Funk Flex is a punk for saying this shit after he passed. if he felt this way then he should have let his feelings be known publicly from the jump

-with that being said….i agree with him. (my thoughts on tupac). pac took beef to a whole other level. before this, beef was on wax and there were even boundaries on what you could speak on. It was on some competition “whose nicer than who” shit. pac was threatening niggas lives and their families and meaning that shit.

this guy had america’s ear, and instead of being positive or introspective or just fucking entertaining, the nigga was destructive. because of this, uber personal diss tracks like “super ugly” exist. Pac opened the door to selling negative shit .

Tupac V. Bishop (Juice)

I wasn’t a huge fan of Tupac, but I def. recognized his talent as an artist, poet and more importantly an actor. Today was his birthday.

You know how they say “Art imitating reality” ? Well with Pac it was more of “Reality imitating art”. Ever since his movie roles, it seemed like Tupac was turning more and more into Bishop. Unfortunately this is probably what caused him to lose his life. RIP

Tupac (watch this then listen to Hail Mary)

Bishop (watch this then listen to Hail Mary…..make sense?)